Sergei Parajanov: You want a spark? I`ll give you a spark!

Author : Mariya Kapinos

Source : 112 Ukraine

This man had a very hard life. He was arrested twice and happened to be on the edge of glory in USSR. He had chances to be the luckiest man ever but his first wife died of stupid revenge. He was… Sergei Parajanov
10:33, 20 December 2015

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Not so many people know about Sergei Parajanov, although he won main Award of Boston Academy for best foreign film (1965) was friends with French director Lui Aragon and Mayakovski’s mistrees Lilya Brik.

Sergey Parajanov was born iv a very hard time, in 1924 in Tbilisi (Georgia). In 1945 he entered the directing program at State Institute of Cinematography.In 1952 he started to work at the Alexander Dovzhenko Film Studio in Kiev as a film-director.

Story №1: Three-storey quests

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Once he invited complete strangers from the streets to celebrate his birthday. About 100 people came. There were not so much place in his apartment so he took carpets from his house (he had a lot of those) and dropped it on the floor between floors. That`s how he celebrated his birthday: walking between floors and making toasts on every floor of three-storey building with complete strangers.

Story №2 Tragic loss

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His first wife`s name was Nigyar. She was Tatar, but from Moldova. She married Parajanov without permission of her parents. When they found out about the wedding they asked of a young student a very big “kalim” (money he had to give up to get an official permission). Parajanov came to his father, but he refused to help.

So Nityar was killed by her relatives.

To honor the memory of his wife in his films he relied on Moldovan themes a lot.

Story №3

Parajanov was arrested twice because of false accusation in Ukraine (1974-1978) and Tbilisi (1982). During his presence in the prison he had to work.

Once a commander saw Parajanow, cleaning floor with brim. He said to the prisoner: “You are working without spark”.

In return Sergei lit the brim with matches and started to sweep the room with the flaming brim in his hands. Then he said to the commander: “You wanted a spark. I`ll give you a spark” 

There was a huge gap between a poetic cinema, a brilliant representative of which Parajanov was, and especially Parajanov’s cinema-language and the official Soviet Art. 

Sergei Parajanov died in 1990 in Yerevan.

At the end of his life he didn`t make films. He wasn`t allowed to work in the profession. Instead of that he started to make collages. He would say: "I was not allowed to make movies so I started to make collages. Collage is a compressed film". 

The memory of his films still lives in hearts of Ukrainians. And “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” (1964) appears to be National pride.

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