"Samopomich" faction declared self-dissolution: What actually happened?

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"Samopomich" in the Kyiv City Council declared self-dissolution because of the corruption schemes of its members
10:59, 12 September 2018

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There is no longer "Samopomich" faction in Kyiv City Council. Today's announcement was an interim result of the scandal that has lasted for several days.

"The deputies had a choice: either to condemn the corruption scam of their colleague, revealed by the inner-party investigation or to choose a mutual guarantee. Unfortunately, such self-dissolution is probably the only way out," the party’s press-service claimed. This is about the former head of the city council faction, Serhiy Husovsky, and three other deputies who were expelled from the party the day before.

"Samopomich" is a political party registered on December 29, 2012. The leader of the party is Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy. It  identifies with the ideology of "Christian morality and common sense."

"Samopomich" faction has 22 deputies in the Kyiv City Council.

Serhiy Husovsky is a deputy of the city council, a famous entrepreneur-restaurateur. Was a candidate for the post of mayor of Kyiv in the 2015 elections.

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The exclusion of Husovsky, Rudenko, Kharsuk, and Vasylchuk

Who is Roman Marchenko?

Information on the expulsion from the party of four members of "Samopomich" faction in the Kyiv City Council appeared on September 7. The official formulation of the party was as follows:

"These deputies supported the decision of the Kyiv City Council to allocate to the relatives of their counterpart Roman Marchenko land plots in the city of Kyiv, which had previously been illegally seized by them. The total area of all the seized sites is more than 1.4 hectares. Despite numerous comments from society and the party, Roman Marchenko has used his deputy mandate to implement probably corrupt schemes with land plots in Kyiv."

That is, we are talking about specific votes regarding a single party member. By the way, about a one-party man. Roman Marchenko is a lawyer and co-founder of the well-known law firm "Ilyashev & Partners".

Roman Marchenko

"Samopomich" published the results of the internal investigation regarding Marchenko and his likely corrupt schemes, promising to transfer all the materials to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and other law enforcement agencies.

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According to the investigation, Marchenko and his family allegedly seized 12 land plots in Kyiv with a total area of about 1.4 hectares (including on the shoreline of Vytovets Lake). In addition, some areas are in the use of the Marchenko family without any legal basis, and the income from real estate transactions is missing in the declaration.

"Samopomich" notes that the law firm "Ilyashev and Partners" is actively working in occupied Crimea and the territory of Russia.

The investigation has revealed that a group of deputies headed by Husovsky were allegedly familiar with the situation since 2017 but had not taken any action.

Serhiy Husovsky called the party's decision a reprisal "with an unwanted Kyiv team."

Serhiy Husovsky

"In recent months, we have repeatedly discussed with the leader of the party the principles of our work, devotion to transparent democratic approaches, but party dictates have won common sense," he wrote on Facebook. Husovsky promised, "to prove the absurdity of accusations towards team members in public and in court."

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He also announced, "a new force without populists."

Roman Marchenko on Facebook:

"This excuse, which was elected in the inner-party struggle with Husovsky, is a manipulation. The land plot has been in use since the 80s when plots were allocated from the lands of the Bortnychi plant. The privatization procedure began in 2006 and lasts for already 12 years old. Over the years the buildings on the site have been updated and completed several times. We have passed all the stages of the privatization process."

The end

Dissolution of the faction and some results

The disposition is as follows:

"Samopomich" has “decided” on everything. The investigation contains a large number of words a-la "these data can testify" and "probably", but in general the general information is clear. Now the party is going to hand over the investigation materials to the law enforcement.

Husovsky calls the incident a reprisal and promises to prove his case, including in court.

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Roman Marchenko calls the accusations "manipulation" for the sake of the struggle against Husovsky. By the way, he wrote a statement about the addition of the mandate even more than a year ago. So far, it was not satisfied. Deputy from "Samopomoch" Olha Balytska, said in comments for "Ukrainian Truth" that "He (Marchenko, - Ed.) has written this statement voluntarily."

"Samopomich" faction in Kyiv City Council has announced a self-dissolution. Serhiy Husovsky announced the creation of a new political force.

Instead of "Samopomich" faction, a deputy group will be created.

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