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We have gathered the most memorable moments of eighteen months biography of the former Odesa governor Saakashvili
09:51, 8 November 2016

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Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili said today about his resignation. At an emergency press briefing, he said that "the forces of regression attack more and more progressively" and Odesa region is seized by the corrupters with the support of the authorities. Georgian reformer promised to "begin a new stage of struggle", but in a new role. We decided to recall the most notable moments in the career of Saakashvili as a governor.

Repair of Odesa-Reni highway

Repair route began in March 2016. Saakashvili, who came to see the start of work, said that for these purposes will be allocated about 1 billion 100 thousand hryvnia, which should be enough to restore all the damaged sections of the road for a year. In June 2016, Saakashvili dissatisfied with the lack of the promised money, moved his office to the tent at the 32nd kilometer of the route.

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In the past three months, 56 km of two-lane highway were repaired, but at least 134 km highway should be repaired. Avtodor reported that as of October 7, it has received just 650 million UAH from the planned 1 billion 100 million UAH on the implementation of the planned project.

The reconstruction of Odesa Airport

In September, Saakashvili announced the repair of the runway at the airport of Odesa, which, according to him, reminiscent of plowed field. He said that the work will begin in October and would be completed by the summer of 2017. Head of State Administration actively promoted the launch of new flights to Tallinn, Prague and Munich, as well as ultra-low flight Kyiv-Odesa, just for 500 UAH.

Reducing number of officials

July 23, 2015 Saakashvili almost halved the staff of the Odesa Regional State Administration. He issued a decree, which established the structure and number of subdivisions of Regional State Administration and the boundary size of their staff. Of the 27 structural units 13 were left, many departments have been merged.

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Now in State Administration employs 401 employee, whereas before there were 780.

However, the ex-head of the region said that 40 employees are enough.

Customs experiment

One of the main promises of the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili immediately after his appointment, was the organization of customs work by world standards. Former Georgian President offered his own custom restructuring plan and lobbied for the position of department head of his deputy Julia Marushevska. A pilot project was launched, in which the excess receipts at customs shared in the proportion of 50 to 50, with 50% of those were sent to the local budget, directly allocated to road construction and maintenance.

Saakashvili constantly criticized the head of fiscal services Roman Nasirov and urged to dismiss him for "corruption and blocking reforms."

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Marushevska already declared that remains on the post of the head of the Odesa customs.

Demolition of the fences on the beaches

Saakashvili during the inspection of the Odessa beach in August 2015

One of the first initiatives of Saakashvili as governor was the demolition of fences on the beaches of Odesa. He was personally present during the demolition of the fence for many years blocked the way to the beach.

After some time, Saakashvili said that the authorities unhappy, because the demolition of fences was made without a court order

However, for all the inhabitants of Odesa he opened two central beaches, which were previously reserved for State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and Security Service.

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Conflict with Avakov and Yatsenyuk

Meanwhile there was a conflict between the governor of Odesa region Mikheil Saakashvili and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov during a meeting of the National Council in which Avakov doused Saakashvili with water. Scandal included the then Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who called the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration "guest artist".

Anti-corruption forums

In December, Saakashvili announced the creation of the movement "For cleansing of Ukraine" and organized a series of anti-corruption forum in different cities. They were visited by many young politicians, a new wave of officials, businessmen and public figures. Sociologists have reported 10-15% of voters are ready to support this motion in the case of elections. But then the change of government in the country, Saakashvili has found a common language with Vladimir Groisman, but everyone forgot about the party.

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In June, former associates of the governor of Odesa, headed by the People's Deputy Sergei Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayem created their own political force "Democratic Alliance".

New Year in the ATO zone

Saakashvili met the New 2016 at the forefront in the area of anti-terrorist operation (ATO).

Saakashvili's visit to the front line created doubtful reviews from the security forces, it was reported that the photographs disclosed the position of the Ukrainian military and the Interior Ministry even launched an investigation. Later it became clear that the investigation is not carried out.

"Nut mafia"

Thanks to Saakashvili, the term "nut mafia" has become a popular in Ukraine. At one of the anti-corruption forum, he said that private producers almost cannot get the license for the export of Ukrainian nuts.

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Saakashvili even demonstratively broke the warehouse so-called "nut Mafia" consisting, according to him, from the Interior Ministry and prosecutor's office staff. Odesa governor came to the premiere Groisman, who promised to make a decision that completely put an end to the so-called "nut mafia".

Bicycles from the governor

In June 2016, Primorsky District Court of Odesa authorized the destruction of 11.4 thousand bicycles, smuggled from China to Ukraine. Saakashvili decided that the good does not need to go to waste, and promised to give bicycles to children from low-income families and children fighters ATO. However, it turned out that it is not so simple: the court ruled that the criminal case continues, the fact of illicit origin and the importation of bicycles is not proven, and RSA has the right to engage in the sale of confiscated property.

Saakashvili still gave bicycles to the children, they were not confiscated, but transferred to a local merchant.

Struggle for the "Eurovision"

Another failed project of Saakashvili was the struggle for the "Eurovision-2017" in Odesa. He said that the stadium "Chernomorets" can be an ideal place, he has promised to finish the terminal at the airport and run charter flights.

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After the competition Kyiv was chosen as the host city, Saakashvili said that this decision - "another example of prior negotiations, lies and the total absence of state thinking."

Private administrative services center

Introduced in October 2015, the object became the "calling card" of Saakashvili's team. It was supposed to be the center of administrative services of the new format, where Ukrainians would be able to quickly and without bribes get the whole list of administrative services provided by the judicial authorities and the local authorities. Center worked for a year and now it is now closed.

Today, Saakashvili has published a "farewell" video on the official YouTube channel, which lists the achievements of Georgian reformer.

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