Russia: refugees must wait for restoration of the Syrian statehood

Author : Nikolay Epple

Source : 112 Ukraine

What experience of migrants does Russia offer to the Western countries
20:34, 20 October 2015

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Accusing the Western countries in illegal invasion to Middle East and inhumane treatment of refugees, Russia does not try to help migrants on its own territory.

The Russian position is definite: "Refugees are definitely in need of compassion and support", Vladimir Putin said at the UN, "But fundamental solving this problem is possible only by restoring the destroyed state." Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said at a meeting of the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union that the humanitarian crisis in Syria is the result of "short-sighted policies of some countries, illicit interference in the affairs of sovereign states." As for the refugees, Matvienko chided Western countries in choosing the strategy of "all sorts of restrictions and obstacles" and urged to take into account Russia's experience with migrants.

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The Russian experience is not too inspiring. The procedure for obtaining refugee status in Russia artificially complicated, the Federal Migration Service prefers to provide temporary shelter (for 12 months), which saves on their device in a new country. According to the FMS, there are about 12 000 Syrian citizens in Russia, the majority of them arrived a long time ago and received a status of temporary asylum or a temporary residence permit, or stood on the migratory account. During eight months of 2015, 7102 Syrian citizen entered Russia, and 7162 emigrated. Mostly, they try to get Europe, for example, about this Norwegian authorities complain.

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According to the Committee "Civic Assistance", 333 Syrians came to Russia from the beginning of the year, none got the refugee status.

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Well known is the story of a family who lived one and a half months in transit area of Sheremetyevo airport. They were refused for asylum because of crossing the border with fake passports - even though the Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed their authenticity at the request of the "Civic Assistance".

The report "Russia as a country of asylum" prepared by the human rights defenders implies that in 2010 -2014 the proportion of foreigners granted refugee status amounted to 2-9% of the number of applicants.

There is no clear logic, says Svetlana Gannushkina, head of the committee. If Russia decides to take part in the fighting in Syria, so the situation there is really terrible and Russia should also take part in the program of assistance to refugees. On the international Refugee Convention, such assistance should automatically be provided to refugees from countries where they are at risk.

As long as there is no political will to change the attitude towards refugees. The latter have only to appeal against the refusal to grant the status and to international courts. Last week, the ECHR ordered Russia to pay compensation to three citizens of Palestine and Syria. Having been refused for refugee status in the past year, they were detained for illegal stay in the country. Syrians - in violation of the Convention - faced deportation to their homeland.

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