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The world commemorates International Human Rights Day on December 10. This date was chosen by the General Assembly of the United Nations as a day of adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
18:06, 10 December 2015

Then this document was as a response of the newly created United Nations to regimes of atrocities during the World War II. First of it’s about the results of the Nuremberg trials over the survived leaders of Nazi Germany, which revealed and formalized many crimes against the person of the state previously on unseen scale.

The main idea of ​​the document is that all human beings are born with equal basic rights, regardless of their differences, whichever these differences are. Then the decision was motivated mainly by discovered facts of genocide (the very concept also received legal status in 1948 and was recognized as an international crime). Today, such large-scale manifestations of violations of basic human rights are not observed, but the disorders occur commonly on smaller and often less visible scale. Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is a basic element of the legislation in most countries, including Ukraine.

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Shortly before today's date, Ukraine has one more - the Day of People with Disabilities. About how the Ukrainian state and society relate to these people, from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada told a disabled of the group II, Chendarova Angelina, who grew up in an orphanage.

"They did not want, perhaps, to show us to society. I first saw Santa Claus when I was 9 years old. On all events because of the fact that I am disabled, we were given seats behind the staff and I have not seen Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden. Holidays were not for me ".

She also talked about the fact that children with disabilities in the Ukrainian system don’t see anything apart from children's home and they want to study in a normal school with normal children.

"Мені б дуже хотілося, щоб у людей з обмеженими можливостями не забирали майбутнє й не розбивали дитячі мрії. Адже ми та...

Posted by Адміністрація Президента України on 9 декабря 2015 г.

How the life in Ukraine is for people with disabilities can easily imagine anyone who has raised children and was forced to move to your town or village with a pram. All the same have to overcome people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system on a daily basis, but for them it is at times difficult. Because of that they try not to leave the house as much as possible and, as a result are unnoticed to the public. So there is a surprise of Ukrainian tourists, who visit Western Europe, where a large number of disabled people in the streets is striking. So it is often made incorrect conclusion that there are many people with disabilities in Europe, unlike in Ukraine. In fact, there are not just hiding in their homes thanks to properly organized public space so can live a full life. In Ukraine, they are often continued to be ignored, remembering only on date or election.

"...We are the wildly xenophobic society. Such a tradition the Soviet era has laid on us. When the others must always be isolated because they are different. The Soviet Union was a country of alike people. Both physically and mentally and physiologically. This is the fact of metastases of Soviet Union on the video. I sincerely believe that we can cross this " - said the chief editor of Ievropeyska pravda Sergei Sidorenko.

A striking example of this could be a completed in the current year, the reconstruction of the Postal Square in Kiev. Twice opened by mayor Klitschko an updated area, the authorities have promised to make it up to the needs of people with disabilities. Indeed, in the square there are ramps for the movement of a wheelchair. However, they are made in such a way that the unaided person in a wheelchair can’t overcome without help.

With closed eyes

A new factor for Ukraine in the issue of human rights has become a lasting almost two years the war in the east. It has led to the emergence of more than one million internally displaced persons were forced to leave their homes in the occupied territories or in the combat zone. About how the state protects these people we can talk basing on the volume of financial support provided to them in the amount of minimum social benefits. Those whose total family’s income does not exceed the subsistence level may claim for more. How can a family survive with this level of income it is easy to check into any grocery store, and having studied the price tags.

Another controversial point is actual deprivation of these people the right to vote in local elections this year, which has become a cause for criticism of Ukraine by human rights organizations and the EU. Debatable as the right of people not living in a certain area, choose the local authority itself causes rejection. However, the state simply has deprived these people of the right to vote, hitting their political rights on a territorial basis without giving any compensation.

As on the island

In a separate article, we can recall the current position of the Ukrainian citizens remained in annexed by Russia the Crimea. There is every reason for believing that they are subjected to persecution on political and ethnic grounds. The most obvious is becoming the example of Crimean Tatars, against which opened criminal cases, and sometimes people just disappear.

Not better situation with the Ukrainians. Everything connected with Ukraine on the peninsula is being lived out. Starting from the widespread replacement of symbolism and even road signs made in the Ukrainian language, and ending with the closure of schools with Ukrainian language of instruction, or transfer them to the Russian language.

About the fact what the Ukrainian government is taking to protect these citizens it’s know almost nothing. It’s unknown also about the actions aimed at the protection of detained or convicted by the authorities of the Russian Federation citizens of Ukraine. Such as Nadezhda Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov and others. While we hear only that officials demand their release at international meetings. It is obvious that such a tactic fails.

Restructuring of lawlessness

The most obvious illustration of the human rights situation in Ukraine could become the country's budget for next year. It provides the Government of 7.5 billion USD for the payment of the decisions of international courts against the state Ukraine. It is including the European Court of Human Rights. Not the first year Ukraine has been a leader in the number of lawsuits against the state by its citizens among the European countries. However, the most eloquent fact is not even in the amount of payments on the decisions of the courts, and that the government only promises to fulfill them. And then he prescribes the possibility of "restructuring payments of debts is established on the basis of the order of the government". What does this mean in practice? That the first state breaks someone's rights, and then this citizen loses all possible trials, and then doesn’t pay compensation. Indeed, in this year's budget for the same purpose have been provided the same 7.5 billion USD. Also with the restructuring.

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