Results of work Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada in 2017

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In 2017, Verkhovna Rada has adopted four reforms that provoked crucial changes in the life of Ukrainians
14:29, 29 December 2017

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In 2017, Verkhovna Rada adopted four reforms that provoked crucial changes in the life of Ukrainians. As well there are other resonant decisions - about protecting animals from cruel treatment and punishment for improper parking.

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Some topics were touched by the deputies, but without good results. For example, they gave a start to the removal of parliamentary immunity, although the final results should not be expected in the near future. The first reading was supported by notorious bill on Donbas reintegration. In the first reading, they supported the draft of Electoral Code of Ukraine.

Presidential bill on the Anti-Corruption Court was finally registered in the parliament. But this is not the result of 2017, but a hope of 2018.

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Some of the issues were totally omitted. First of all, we were talking about the composition of the Central Election Commission, the Accounting Chamber, the head of the National Bank, and the NABU auditor.

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Since September 1, 2018, the first-graders would attend schools for 12 years, and they would be educated in the Ukrainian language. After finishing a high school, qualification exam will be conducted in a form of External testing.

From the beginning of 2018, salaries of teachers would rise to $390.

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The language of education law has provoked a real avalanche of outrage abroad. The law presupposes that all school graduates speak the state language, including representatives of national minorities and indigenous peoples. If earlier in Ukraine there were schools with learning subjects in the language of national minorities, now the document leaves an opportunity to create such classes in Ukrainian-language schools only.

Hungary said that it stopped supporting Ukraine in the international arena and required a review of the EU Association with Ukraine. Romania expressed concern and supported the position of Hungary.

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In October 2017, pensions were raised by $7 (seven) and by $35. At the same time, the required length of worked years was increased. To retire at the age 60 years in 2018, you will need to have 25 years of work experience, in 63 years - from 15 to 25 years, at 65 years - at least 15 years. These are the periods of work with official registration when a person has paid contributions to the Pension Fund. The required length of service will be increased to 35 years in 2028.

And in the near future, they promise to pass a bill on increasing pensions to servicemen, and also to create a concept for a funded pension system.

Changes in the Economic, Civil Procedure, Code of Administrative Proceedings and other laws within the framework of the judicial reform were implemented on October 3rd; 234 deputies voted in favor of those laws.

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In December, when the new Supreme Court began to operate, the norms of procedural codes that regulate its work came into force. This court became a single cassation instance in Ukraine.

The rules on the terms of a pre-trial investigation will come into force in March 2018: the countdown will start from the date of entering the data into the Single Register of Pre-Trial Investigations, not the moment of notification of suspicion, as it was before. In a case of a criminal offense, one will be imprisoned for 6 months, for a crime of medium gravity - a year, for a serious or especially serious crime - a year and a half.

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A launch of electronic legal proceedings is planned for the 2019 year. It is an electronic platform, which was recommended to be created before the end of 2018, and all the norms of the procedural codes on the electronic system of legal proceedings will begin to operate three months after the official announcement that the site is ready.

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The medical reform in the cities involves allocating 5% of GDP to servicing people, although it allows the existence of only 20% of paid services and only by the end of 2024. The minimum salary of a doctor will be tied to the average salary in the country over the past year. In 2017, the average salary of doctors is $ 263. Nevertheless, the deputies supported the decision to entrust the central executive body to manage money for medicine, but they are not going to create a new one. They talked about the transfer of such functions to one of the existing ministries.

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Villages are promised medical stations with the possibility to perform tests and have supplies of medicaments. Physicians who are ready to go to the remote places might be provided with housing and cars. And telemedicine: the bill assumes qualitative Internet in the villages; a secure electronic platform for collecting and storing patient data; the ability of physicians to communicate and consult online.

Since October this year, nation-wide TV channels must broadcast 75% of the time in Ukrainian language, local - 60%. Channels for indigenous peoples can broadcast 75% of the time in "indigenous languages of Ukraine", but at least 30% of airtime should be in the state language, including information and analytical and entertainment programs.

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From the beginning of August 2017 mockery of animals, beatings, keeping animals in poor conditions - an excuse for a fine from $ 120 to $ 182. A fine for cruel treatment of several animals can be up to $300 or entail an administrative arrest up to 15 days.

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In addition, they introduced criminal responsibility for feuds and public appeals to him. Punishment is an arrest up to six months or restriction of freedom to 3 years.

Verkhovna Rada abolished the so-called "Savchenko’s law". From the end of June 2017, stay in a jail is counted in the basic term as before - "one day as one day," and not "one day as two days."

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Those who were wounded on the Maidan during the Revolution will receive benefits and social guarantees just as those who participated in the fighting. Such people will be issued with the certificates "The victim of the Revolution of Dignity".

The document will come into force on February 24, 2018.

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Since November 15th, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, appoints the heads of the regional and regional state administrations on the proposal of the Cabinet and also dismisses people from the above positions. All the elective competitions are canceled.

The deputies passed a bill on videotaping violations when stopping, parking and parking cars. The inspectors and representatives of a local self-government will be fined. Fines are 20 times higher than the cost of parking in not permitted place.

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