Restless May Day: Demonstrations in Ukraine and abroad

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Despite the attempts of some far-right protesters to enflame a conflict, large fights and brawls in Ukraine were avoided
11:48, 3 May 2017

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Labor Day in Ukraine was held in a generally calm atmosphere, but there were verbal skirmishes, jostles, and conflicts. Fortunately, there were no injured people, the police managed to prevent the aggression of the opposing sides.

In Kharkiv, during the May Day procession, there was a conflict between the participant and the far-right Ukrainian activist. During the procession from the Constitution Square to the memorable sign in honor of the first Kharkiv May Day, one of the far-right activists broke the poster, in response to which the man hit him on the head.


StudMedia Kharkov

May Day, Kharkiv, 2017

This 46-year-old man was taken by police officers, who held a preventive conversation with him. In addition, in Kharkiv, members of Olexander Klymenko's party "Successful Country" planned to hold their rally, but at 10:25 on Lopanska embankment an unknown man ran up to the organizer of the march Dmytro Udachin and dashed something in the face. The police who arrived at the scene interviewed the victim and called for an ambulance.

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In Dnipro, there was a quarreling between demonstrators from the party of socialists and independent trade unions. When the convoy of trade unions stopped on the square near the city council to listen to the speech of one of the organizers, people with the flags of the socialists came up to it. Trade union protesters tried to give the Socialists cards, but men of sports appearance forbade it. A jostle began, but the police quickly dispersed it.



May Day, Dnipro, 2017

In Kherson, two events took place: at 09:30 a rally was held on the square near the regional drama theater, in which more than 100 people took part. Another rally took place in the Glory Park. The event was attended by about 300 people.

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During the first event, an attempt was made to select the red flag from the protesters. The police immediately stopped the conflict on the spot.

During the second event, there was a verbal conflict, which turned into several clashes. They were localized by police officers. Now two persons have applied to the Kherson police department with applications for bodily injuries. Preliminary legal qualification - Art. 125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Intentional slight bodily injury"). Several citizens were taken to the police.

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Also, the police received information that unknown people smashed windows and threw smoke bombs at the office of the political party. None of the citizens were damaged. Preliminary legal qualification - Art. 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Hooliganism").

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In Vinnytsa, during the May Day rally, a clash arose: young people wearing masks of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi organization "C14" broke into the crowd of elderly people who came to the rally, and tried to take away their red flags with the inscriptions "Union of Left Forces" and "Socialists". Conflict situation was stopped by the police, who forced the far-right activists to leave the territory of the rally. Fortunately, no one was injured. This event was included to the Journal of Unified Registration of Citizens' Applications and Communications.



Vinnytsa, May 1, 2017

In Kyiv, the May Day marches passed without incidents. The rallies were held near the People's Friendship Arch and on the European Square.

May Day Abroad

In Istanbul, the May Day demonstrations turned into clashes with the police. The police cordoned off Taksim Square, which is a symbolic place for the left forces of Turkey, and also used bullets with paint to stop the demonstrators. Several dozen people were detained.



Detentions in Istanbul on May 1, 2017

In Minsk, the opposition held an action demanding the release of its leader, Nikolai Statkevich. The procession was unauthorized, it began from the October Square and ended near the Red Church. In the resolution they demanded to stop repressions, to rehabilitate all those convicted for protests; to abolish the decree on "parasites", road tax, payments from working pensioners and raising the retirement age; facilitate registration of the unemployed, increase unemployment benefits. Among the requirements were also cancellation of unscheduled inspections and interference of officials in the activities of enterprises, ensuring the independence of courts and protecting the rights of investors, as well as ensuring early preliminaries of fair elections at all levels under international control.


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In St. Petersburg, there were few rallies: the opposition rallied on the Champ de Mars, about 2-3 thousand people gathered there. There are information about the detainees: seven people were taken to the 28th police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Central District, 11 people - to the 43rd police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Petrogradsky district.

In Paris, police and participants in the May Day demonstrations clashed. About 150 people in hoods wedged into the procession, which went from the Republic Square to the Square of the Nation, and threw the Molotov cocktails into the police. Two policemen were wounded.


Préfecture de police‏

Clashes in Paris on May 1, 2017

In Moscow, the participants of the May Day procession were detained: vegans, participants from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the "Left Bloc" Vladimir Zhuravlev. Zhuravlev said that they were detained because someone in the column of vegans allegedly unfurled a rainbow flag. It is also reported that among the detainees are four minors.

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