Release of hostages and taking control over buildings: Kyiv policemen preparing to liberate Donbas

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

The joint detachment of the city policemen during field exercises showed the practical skills necessary to work as part of the police mission in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas
22:56, 7 May 2018

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Kyiv police officers, investigators, security officers, precinct officers and workers of other services at the training ground worked to free hostages, taking control of buildings and premises. Also, showed the movement with armored vehicles, the deployment of mobile roadblocks and tactical medicine. Why do policemen who perform very different law enforcement tasks (looking for murderers, drug and arms dealers, investigating thefts and robberies) was picking up machine guns and learning to storm buildings, the correspondent found out?

112 Agency

"This combined detachment is not a military unit, they should not conduct a line battle and carry out offensive operations. The task of this unit is to work with people in the liberated territories, conduct inspections, do what they do every day here. Now we give them military skills that will become an addition to their professional skills during police missions," said the head of the Kyiv police, Andriy Kryshchenko, who is present at the exercises.

Such a detachment in the police of Kyiv exists since 2016. During the regular exercises, which are held three to four times a year, the detachment's officers got acquainted with each other, found a common language and know what to do and how to do it within the framework of the tasks set. But the current situation in the country is changing, and with it the tasks of the detachment too: "We understand that in the near future we will have to clean up the temporarily occupied territory within the framework of the police mission, that's why we are preparing," said Viktor Nechytailo, deputy head of the Kyiv police. At the same time, one of the tasks remains the territorial defense of Kyiv - defense, retention of administrative buildings and other structures.

A senior police officer of the Svyatoshynsky police department, Captain Maxym Sokol, has served in the Interior Ministry since 2012. He does not have any combat experience in the Donbas conflict area, so he went on to the combined detachment: "I did not serve in the Donbas district, I volunteered to join the combined detachment to improve my professional skills, handling of weapons and ammunition. The work in Donbas is our immediate task for the future. I hope that in the near future we will begin to fulfill this task. The personnel of the detachment is ready for this interest at 80%.”

The Kyiv regiment members work as instructors at the combined detachment of police officers. This is a volunteer unit created in 2014. The regiment "Kyiv" has been serving in the Donbas region for 4 years already, and they have something to tell and show to the police: "They have great combat experience, which cannot be replaced by any training which they are now transferring to our employees," says Kryshchenko.

Vyacheslav Loschenko, callsign "Arab", serves in the regiment "Kyiv" from the moment of its foundation. The businessman took up arms when he realized that the conflicts of the beginning of 2014 would not end, and his daughter and wife needed to be defended, besides, he did not want to let the enemy go further: "Our combat experience is big, we worked in Slavyansk, Mykolaivka, Marinka. Now we serve in Avdiivka, we constantly rotate - someone is performing tasks in Donbas area, someone in Kyiv, such exercises are held regularly - anti-terror, cleaning up the territory, and they are very necessary."

"Many of those with whom we started the battle path were disappointed and left, but first of all, there is a large percentage of those who want to return, and secondly, we are not what we were in 2014-2015. Our professionalism is growing every month, and we are really ready to clean up the occupied territories. "We have a lot of practice," says Loshchenko.

"About 70% of the staff of the Kyiv police unit can take part in the police mission, in the regiment" Kyiv "- it is 90% of the staff." Personally, I am ready to liberate Donbas at the forefront," says Kryshchenko.


Earlier, Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov repeatedly said that the police are preparing for the de-occupation of Donbas: "The units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are preparing for the de-occupation of Donbas. Today we are considering several options for developing the scenario in the east: we understand that the liberation of the territory of Donbas and the restoration of control over the eastern border will be a police operation involving the peacekeeping forces, not the military. The Interior Ministry's forces - the police and the guard - are preparing for this option."

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