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Author : Polina Davydova

Source : 112 Ukraine

On the eve of Guinness Book of Records anniversary let's recall the most memorable achievements of Ukraine and Ukrainians
22:00, 25 August 2016

On August 27 the most popular book of records - Guinness World Records - marks its 61st anniversary.

An annual guide that reveals information about the outstanding achievements of people and animals, unique natural phenomena, outstanding achievements of show business, media and culture was first published in 1955 by request of the Irish brewing company "Guinness", from which it got its name. The idea was to create for visitors of the Irish and British pubs the authoritative source to resolve their disputes concerning the recordness of a particular phenomenon. The popularity of the book increased rapidly, and now people all over the world know about it.

About 50 entries in the book of records relate to Ukraine, mostly there are sports and industrial achievements. But along with them there are some peculiar and original Ukrainian records in the most unexpected areas.

Ukrainians really have something to be proud of. For example, this nation is considered first in the world to domesticate a horse. Evidence from Ukraine indicates that horses may have been ridden earlier than 4000 BC.

Many records of our country in the Guinness book associated with the world's largest and unique aircraft Mriya of Ukrainian production. The world's largest wingspan of the aircraft - 88.4 meters, the largest take-off weight - 600 tons (in 2001 it was adjusted to 640 tons), the heaviest monolithic thing transported by air - in 2009, "Mriya" has transported the generator for power plants weighing 187.6 tons. And that's not all the records of the aircraft.

Another reason for pride and for attention to Ukrainians all over the world - Ukrainian athletes. Pole vaulter Serhiy Bubka surprised the world - during his career has set 35 world records. He set 17 outdoor and 18 indoor world records, and he remains the current record-holder in both disciplines. Now he is a chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, and holds the record for the high jump with a pole in the open air - 6.14 meters.

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Larissa Latynina still has no equal by quantity of Olympic medals among women. She received 14 medals,  and 9 of them are golden. More medals got only US swimmer Michael Phelps. Another Ukrainian woman athlete Inessa Kravets still holds the record in the triple jump, which she set in 1995, jumping by 15.5 meters.

Also Ukrainian Serhiy Karjakin became the youngest international chess grandmaster - at the age of 12 years and 212 days, as recorded in the Book in 2002.

In addition, our compatriots are doing well in the "non-sports" marathons. The first is “Longest singing marathon by multiple singers”  The music showcased by all the singers involved was a broad and eclectic mix of genres appealing to the wide ranging audience who were tuned in during the live broadcasts, perfectly highlighted the fantastic musical talents emerging from the region. From rock, to heavy metal, to pop, to folk, to alternative and the Balkan Beat style.

Altogether over 350 bands took part in the marathon concert and well over 1,800 solo singers and musicians performed during the five-day long singathon, with strict guidelines adhered to throughout as verified by the many witnesses. The purpose of this record was to unite the nation, celebrate the rich, vibrant Ukrainian culture and to also showcase the wide array of world class musical talents. 'Songs to Unite' was the title given to the event and the record of 110 hrs 0 mins and 15 seconds was set.

"The longest reading marathon” took place in Ostroh Academy. Starting from February 27, 2014, students and teachers continually recited poems of Taras Shevchenko. This unique event was timed to the 200th anniversary of Great Kobzar. Therefore, for 456 hours, fixed on a chronometer, about three thousand participants have re-read "Kobzar" 45 times, which means they have declaimed 11 250 poems.

Along with success there are also sad, and even tragic records. Chornobyl tragedy is recognized the worst nuclear disaster in the world. On April 26, 1986 at 1.23 a.m. local time the accident occurred on the fourth power unit of the nuclear power plant, resulted in an official Soviet death toll of 31 people. No systematic records were kept of subsequent deaths, but over 1.7 million people were exposed to radiation.

Вespite the fact that there are not so many achievements of Ukrainians in the book of records comparing to other countries - about fifty, but our people continue to write their names in the history of global achievements. We wish them success and to set only positive records!

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