Reconfiguring Ukrainian budget: salaries of the MPs increased

Author : Ihor Rymskyi

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Spending on public sector wages and pensions, as compared with the present draft budget, had not changed
15:11, 24 October 2016

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Verkhovna Rada is preparing to make a decisive step towards the adoption of the state budget for the next year. Already on Thursday parliamentarians to adopt the document in the first reading at once, taking into account the proposals of People's Deputies themselves.

Budget from the air

As is known, the government presented a draft budget for 2017 assumed that the Treasury will receive only from such a non-standard source as special confiscation, 10 billion hryvnia, which is more than twenty times higher than in the current year. In this attempt to increase revenues continued. For example, the leader of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko proposes to increase budget revenues by 11.7 billion hryvnia at the expense of sale of 4G licenses, although at least the necessary legislative basis for competition on these frequencies no. Another non-standard offer - to take into account in the budget revenue 29.5 billion hryvnia, which is supposed to be confiscated from corrupted officials.

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The leader of the "Opposition bloc" Yuriy Boyko also found new sources of income - is UAH 2 billion from legalization of amber production, despite the fact that the relevant bill only passed in the first reading. Even up to 7 billion hryvnia MPs plan to attract in the budget from the rent on the legal production of amber.

There is a traditional source of income connected with revenues from privatization, which is also traditionally from year to year is not executed, and remains, in fact, a hidden deficit. This year, the Government and Parliament expect to gain from the sale of state assets about 17 billion hryvnia. At the same time, the project has disappeared provision on behalf of the government within two weeks to determine the list of objects to be privatized.

Increase of prosecutors’ salaries and bonus to deputies

Financial budget priority belongs to the law enforcers. Pursuant to the NSDC decision it was decided to entrust the Government planned to reallocate budget expenditures in order to ensure funding for the defense of not less than 129.5 billion hryvnia, of which 64 billion are expected to be the budget of the Defense Ministry. It should be noted that this indicator is the Ministry of Defense budget in comparison with the current year will not increase. The other security officials were more fortunate. In particular, it is planned to further increase spending on wages Prosecutor General's Office and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in the amount of about 534 million hryvnia. On salaries of employees of the Security Service, MPs propose to instruct the government to seek an additional 480.3 million hryvnia. Additional funds for this purpose was not found, not only for the Ministry of Defense and for the Interior Ministry.

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It is worth mentioning that according to a report on the implementation of the budget in 2016, seven months to the state this year, received 78 thousand. Hryvnia of funds that can not talk about any financial support at all. Despite this, members of the Cabinet and promised to allocate to farmers from this source, about 3 billion hryvnia.

"Due to the elimination of the shadow land market rent and increase the land tax can be further fill the budget at 60 billion hryvnia, and at least 3 years to forget to change the taxation of farmers", - said one of the participants in the negotiations. He noted that the IMF insists on the abolition of special regimes for farmers, our interlocutor said that the IMF no one was seriously talking about it.


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"Wishlist" have become more modest

Total number of "wishlisters" in the draft budget compared to previous years has decreased. Although initially, according to Prime Minister Groisman, the parliamentarians proposed to increase the expenditure side, without providing additional income to more than 900 billion hryvnia.

At the same time, according to unofficial information, majoritarian MPs who support the first reading of the draft budget for 2017, promised a bonus. "Approved fund to support such deputies in the amount of 1 billion hryvnia," say close to the leadership of the country's resources. For the rest of people's choices added bonus might be an increase in wages. In this during a meeting of the Budget Committee on Wednesday hinted MP from the BPP faction Oleksiy Mushak. It is worth noting that the MPs are planning to further increase the cost of the apparatus of the Parliament on more than 100 million hryvnia, and the costs to provide for payment of their labor by 65 million hryvnia. Also part of the deputies managed to fit in a protected means of the budget for the repair of roads in their districts. And some even 7 million hryvnia at the annual arts festival. This budget committee rejected the allocation of 5 million hryvnia in support of Petrykivka painting.

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Not only the deputies

The so-called bonus receive the judges of the Constitutional Court, which is only for the overhaul of premises plan to allocate 10.5 million hryvnia.

But spending on public sector wages and pensions, as compared with the present draft budget has not changed. Proposals to increase by 1.5-2 times the minimum social standards were unanimously rejected.

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Articles for saving, compared to an embodiment in September, virtually unchanged. So, among the proposals - reduction in social grants expenditure needy. Also, the potential for saving articles - international service costs, housing costs for the National Police, as well as part of the social benefits, the financing is going to shift on the shoulders of local budgets. However, it is no secret that the funds for all of the above and as provided for by no means always.

In any case, the main battle for the budget is yet to come, and, according to sources in Parliament and close to the Presidential Administration, there is hope that the document will be adopted as a whole by 9 December.

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