Recertification of police: How was it, and what's next?

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While the situation is not balanced, cleaning of police ranks will be continued in manual mode. "We should make a profession of police officer popular ", - said Khatia Dekanoidze
20:06, 5 October 2016

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In Ukraine, the recertification of law enforcement officers is over. It proceeded across the country for more than nine months.

The process of re-certification began in December 2015 as part of police reform. The task of re-certification was cleaning the system from corrupt and dishonest police officers. In early October, the head of National police Khatia Dekanoidze announced the end of the process.

The results of recertification in numbers

During the first 9 months of recertification process more than 80 000 employees of law enforcement bodies were involved in it. 5 257 law enforcement officers on the results of certification have been dismissed. Among the senior management team 26% have not passed certification, among the mid-level - 14%. 4 500 police officers were recommended for promotion, 4 800 were recommended for demotion.

According to National police data, about 300 employees, under the guise of "sick leaves", so far have not passed recertification, "but sooner or later, this process they will pass."

Dekanoidze stressed that the recertification was only the first step in cleansing the ranks of law enforcement. "Attestation passed those employees who have moved from the militia to the police, and those employees who were recruited by competition, including in the patrol police," - she said.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Khatia Dekanoidze, Head of the National police

Also, according to Dekanoidze, many law enforcement officers resigned, knowing that they will not pass the tests and the polygraph successfully. As a result, today we have a shortage in National police of about 20 000 people, of which the police officers - 18 000 people and civil servants – 1 500.

The process of recertification

Recertification process took place in several stages: computer tests on logic and knowledge of the law, a polygraph test and interview. The commission conducted the interviews, included law enforcement officers, public figures and journalists. Ukrainian citizens could also help: online form was available at the official Interior Ministry resources by filling in which everyone can talk about their experiences with one or another police officer.

What is the result?

Some law enforcement officers, who have been dismissed after re-certification, want to appeal against the Commission's decision in the courts. "Unfortunately, there are the courts, that restore them on posts, and there are courts, which accept our arguments. We fulfill all decisions of the courts, we will return them. But most importantly, these people, who have already been dismissed – they are closely watched: in terms of corruption, in terms of human rights, in terms of performance. Each of them is registered ... The trials continue. If we lose, then we’ll submitan appeal, then cassation ", - says Dekanoidze.

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At the same time, the head of National police aware that today it would be a bit premature to claim about the clean police ranks across the country, "I have no illusions that in our ranks there are people who did not deserve it. Was the recertification process perfect? Unfortunately, our country is not perfect, and the police, and community organizations, and all these people, who were sitting in the committees, they did not come from another galaxy. This is reality. Re-certification was the first step, and the cleansing process will continue. Each employee will know that there are people who are inviolable. "

What's next?

And then the process of cleansing police officers’ ranks will continue as follows:

- will be published lists of those who have undergone certification. And if "the representatives of non-governmental organizations, journalists and citizens have questions about one or another police officer, National police promise to answer to each question";

- will continue its active work an Internal Security Department, which, in fact, is working to identify corrupt policemen;

In addition, vacancies in the police will be filled on a competitive basis. Now it is proceeding the selection of investigators and district policemen.

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Dekanoidze hopes that every policeman who has passed recertification would have the normal salary (about 10 000 UAH (400 USD) for investigators and operatives), equipment, "normal working places and motivation to really protect the rule of law ... to serve and protect as Ukrainian people want them to.”

While the situation with the staff is not balanced, the cleaning will be continued in manual mode. "We should make a profession of police officer popular ", - said the head of the National police.

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