Reaction of the figurants to 'hit list' of 47 Ukrainian bloggers and journalists

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The notorious list of 47 was written make-do-and-mend, the spelling of some surnames was wrong, they were not listed in alphabetical order, with birth dates instead of addresses, and the "victims" were randomly selected
17:05, 7 June 2018

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The notorious list of 47 was written make-do-and-mend, the spelling of some  surnames was wrong, they were not listed in alphabetical order, with birth dates instead of addresses, the "victims" were randomly selected, and moreover, the name of Arkadiy Babchenko, whose attempted homicide was brilliantly prevented by Ukraine’s Security Service, was not even mentioned on the list. Social media have immediately noticed a number of discrepancies in the so-called "list of 47" potential victims of Russian special services.

The list was published by "". According to the media’s sources in the Security Service, "a document" allegedly appeared on May 21, it was handed by the suspect in the organization of the murder of Babchenko Borys Herman to his supervisor from counterintelligence – Dmytro (officially, the authorities deny this). He himself allegedly received the list from his Moscow acquaintance, a representative of Putin's personal fund, Pyvovarnyk.

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The existence of such a list became known as early as June 1 - then Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that thanks to the imitation of Babchenko's murder, the investigation has got this "list of 47", the defendants were promised to provide security.

The Security Service of Ukraine insists that it did not give journalists a list of possible victims.

Among these 47 names, there are former Russian opposition journalists Matviy Ganapolsky, Eugene Kiseliov, Kateryna Sergatskova, Ivan Yakovyna, Aider Muzhdabaev. Ukrainian journalists Vitaliy Portnikov, Danylo Yanevsky, Roman Skrypin, Yuri Makarov, Roman Chaika, Yulia Mostova, Sergei Rakhmanin, Sonia Koshkina, Olena Prytula, Mariana Pyetsukh were also there. Among the other well-known Ukrainian writers are Yuriy Andrukhovich, Yuriy Vynnychuk, Vasyl Shklyar, Otar Dovzhenko, Larysa Nitsoy. There are also little-known names in it.

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Some of the defendants have already been interrogated in the Security Service and openly told about it.

In particular, former Russian journalists, now TV presenters on the Ukrainian television channel "Priamyi" Matviy Ganapolsky and Eugene Kiseliov, were interrogated on June 1. And although they signed a document on non-disclosure, they did share some information. "We need to be careful, because those who organized the attempt on Babchenko will try to carry out the revenge," said Ganapolsky. "I do not know all the names on this list, but I never had any doubts that my name is there," Kiseliov claimed.

Bogdan Butkevych, the host of the show on the Espresso TV channel, who offered exterminate at least some 1,5 million “unnecessary” Donbas residents, also visited the SBU. He wrote, "it was not scary."

Сhildren's writer Larysa Nitsoy, famous for throwing money at shop assistant for speaking Russian and accusing Jews of organizing Holodomor and Babyn Yar ethnic cleansing campaign in Ukraine, was also taken for interrogation. According to her, she left the institution, because the SBU employees tried to question her in Russian.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno in an exclusive commentary to "112 Ukraine" channel confirmed that she learned about the list from the Security Service. "I think all the people who are on this list (at least I) have been informed by the Security Service, we signed statements about non-disclosure of information," she noted.


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Journalist of Ukrainian Week, blogger Denys Kazansky has not been questioned yet.

"I'm not particularly impressed with the list, for me it is not news. Since 2014, I have been listed in numerous lists. I am used to it," he said in a commentary to 112 Ukraine channel, noting that he is not going to ask for protection.

Writer Yuriy Vynnychuk stated his belief in the authenticity of the list. He believes that the authorities have no purpose "to take control" of the listed people, for most of them are already loyal to them.

Journalist Roman Skrypin believes that this is not the list of 47, but 47 million people; and he advised not to catch up with panic.

The former journalist of Hromadske, Kateryna Sergatskova, wrote on Facebook: "Are there any interpreters of the list here? Who should I apply to? Or is Baba Vanga still alive?"

The journalist, the author of articles on Ukrainska Pravda Mariana Pyetsukh noted that she "does not understand what she has forgotten in that list," and has the feeling that "it was created using Google's method."

Some of the list participants expressed doubts about its authenticity.

Political emigrant Olexandr Volodarsky called the list "fake". "It seems that it was created by some Manchuk," he said, adding that he learned about the list from the media. He takes it critically, and the SBU has not got in touch with him.

A similar opinion was voiced by the participant of "Autonomous Resistance" Denys Matsola.

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The international observer of the Novoye Vremya newspaper, journalist Ivan Yakovyna, who moved to Ukraine from the Russian Federation, commented to 112 Ukraine channel that the look of the "document" does not inspire confidence, it was even printed with different fonts. "Looking at it, I have big doubts that it was created somewhere in the cellars of the Lubyanka," he claimed. In his opinion, many of these names are not even known in Russia.

Former Russian FSB officer Ilya Bogdanov, who after the war in Donbas joined Ukrainian side, (now the owner of the cafe) remembered how the Russian secret services wanted to kill him in 2015 and 2016.

The editor-in-chief of RBC-Ukraine Serhiy Shcherbyna is surprised why the name of Babchenko is not mentioned on the list.

The journalist of the publication "Focus" Milan Lelich believes that the list was being prepared for a without efforts. At the same time he jokes that since he did not see his name there, it is time to leave the profession.

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But the editor-in-chief of InformNapalm, Roman Burko, several days ago urged not to upset all those who did not get on the list of 47 and advised to write a dirty phrase about Russian President Vladimir Putin in each post.

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