Reaction of politicians and media to Trump and Putin meeting

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Russians are satisfied, and the US politicians and media voiced some harsh epithets
23:42, 18 July 2018

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Putin's poodle, traitor, a little wet noodle. These are the epithets, which, following the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, were given to US President Donald Trump.

Both the media (not only American ones), and politicians were not particularly shy to use these terms. Two things are especially interesting.

Trump (albeit cautiously) was criticized even by a few closest supporters. In the criticism of the US president, the Democratic and Republican parties have united (and this phenomenon is really infrequent).

In Russia, media are satisfied and are already talking about a "historical moment".

Now about all this in more detail.

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Demonstrative cover, well, and the inscription: "Open treason."

The New York Post

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The Washington Post

The publication stated the "diplomatic triumph" of Putin, accentuating that Trump "refused to support" the collective conclusion "of the US intelligence services that Russia intervened in the presidential elections of 2016".

Kauppalehti (Finland)

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Here we shouldn’t even translate the title, perhaps it’s not worth it.

HBL (Sweden)

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The Swedish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet published a photo of smiling Putin next to Trump with the title: "Trump was my favorite."

Daily Mirror (UK)

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The British tabloid called Trump "Putin’s poodle" and summed up that Trump "branded a traitor."

Daily Express (UK)

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The Daily Express published a reversal with the inscription: "A nod and a wink ... and cold war ends."

Russian newspaper

Here everything is radically different. A lot of joint photos, news about compliments between Trump and Putin and hints on the prospects for further relations.

The reaction of politicians to the meeting between Trump and Putin

The head of the Senate minority Chuck Schumer on Twitter:

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"In the entire history of our country, the Americans have never seen the US president support the adversary the way Donald Trump supported President Putin."

The position of Trump, he called " thoughtless, dangerous, and weak."

" A single, ominous question now hangs over the White House: what could possibly cause Trump to put the interests of Russia over those of the United States?"  he added.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden on Facebook urged Congress to "speak out to make it clear that we believe in democracy over dictatorship, that we support our allies and not those who seek to weaken us, and that we will defend our freedom when it is attacked. "

Director of the CIA under President Barack Obama, John Brennan wrote on Twitter about the "treason of Trump":

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" Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you??? ".

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Arizona senator John McCain called the press conference following the meeting "a miserable rout" and "one of the most shameful statements of the American president in his memory."

"The damage done by the president's naivete, selfishness, false equivalence and sympathy for autocrats, is hard to calculate, but it is clear that the Helsinki summit was a tragic mistake ... None of the previous presidents have ever humiliated himself so much before a tyrant," the senator said in a statement. .

Arizona senator Jeff Fleck:

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"I never thought that I would see the day when our American president would appear on the stage with the Russian president and blame the United States for Russian aggression."

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Senator from the state of South Carolina Lindsey Graham on Twitter called the event "a bad day for the US":

"This response of President Trump will be perceived by Russia as a sign of weakness and creates much more problems than it solves."

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Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse called Trump's comments that both sides are responsible for the deterioration of relations, "strange and bad":

"America wants good relations with the Russian people, but Vladimir Putin and his thugs are responsible for Soviet-style aggression. When the president plays these games with moral equivalence, he gives Putin a propaganda victory, which he desperately needs. "

The Senator from Massachusetts (she is often called Trump's likely rival in the next presidential election) Elizabeth Warren:

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" Russia interfered in our elections & attacked our democracy. Putin must be held accountable – not rewarded. Disgraceful. "

Senator from the state of Virginia Mark Warner:

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"It's a real shame that the president took Putin's side, not his own intelligence, and blamed the US for the Russian attack on our democracy."

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich:

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"President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki about our intelligence and Putin, which is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected immediately."

Opponent of Donald Trump at the last presidential election Hillary Clinton:

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"Question to President Trump, while he meets with Putin:" Do you know what team you're playing for? ".

California ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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"President Trump, I just watched your press conference with President Putin, and it looked shameful. You stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little fan boy," he said. "I was asking myself when you are going to ask him for an autograph or for a selfie or something like that.”

Russian politicians reacted differently.

Head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

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"It's really a historic moment; we discussed almost all the topics and did not avoid the most acute issues. The most important thing was that we managed to bring together our positions on Syria. These are statements of the US President that Russia and America can interact to solve the humanitarian situation there. It’s already a very good basis for further cooperation. "

Member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov:

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"Of course, in Syria, we have a great potential for cooperation with America. Of course, in the humanitarian sphere, Russia is still carrying the load alone, if the United States joins it, they refuse to divide terrorists into" bad "and" good "ones, this is welcome. Most importantly, I hope, we were able to convince Donald Trump: Russia in Syria is just taking care of its security and is doing its utmost to prevent the spread of the terrorist threat towards Europe and our country. "

Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Council of Federation Konstantin Kosachev:

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"I have no doubt that Trump acted yesterday in accordance with his convictions and sincerely. When he spoke about his willingness to sacrifice his own political reputation for peace and security, it seemed to me real. Another thing is that in this position he is severely limited in his actions by the US Congress. "

Meanwhile in Ukraine

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President Petro Poroshenko said that Trump "did not surrender any position regarding Ukraine and Crimea."

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