“Putin is a nit:” Savchenko’s most scandalous statements

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We decided to recall Savchenko’s most vivid quotes on the occasion of the six months jubilee of her return to Ukraine
15:01, 28 October 2016

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Ukraine’s MP Nadia Savchenko unexpectedly arrived in Moscow, which caused admiration and a barrage of criticism. Savchenko always differed among MPs by her statements and her actions. decided to recall her vivid quotes, as it has marked six months since Savchenko’s return to Ukraine.

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In May 2016, when Savchenko finally got off the plane, she surprised all behavior. She cried and begged him not to touch her.

I have spent two years behind the bars, please respect my personal space. I am talking loudly enough, so everyone can hear. For two years I have been in prison. I am not used to people. I would be sharp. I am free!

And she was really sharp. Savchenko during a speech at the Presidential Administration:

Ukraine has the right to live, despite someone’s rotten soul and bad head; and we would live. Because we are Ukrainians, we are the people, we are the nation.

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Two days after the return she gave a big press conference, during which she said that if the Ukrainians want her to be a president, she is ready to be a president.

If or when I become a President of Ukraine, or if it is needed to become a President of Ukraine, I will be the president. I do not believe that people have learned not to vote for the free packages of buckwheat.

People's Deputy says a lot about garnets. She said she was sorry when she was captured, she did not have a grenade.

I like the lawyers, they did not spare my feelings. As Mykola said, "You should not get caught." All right. Had I a grenade, I would not be caught, damn, I had no grenade.

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If Savchenko met with the Russian GRU militants Eugene Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov, then he said they used the following:

If we met with them when we were passed, I would have told them that you were in the same grinder, I understand, but once you come to my land with the weapon to kill my people, I would kill you with my hands.

Savchenko also said about how she sees Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I give some label-names for every person. And often this label corresponds with the person. There is such a world – nit. There is a louse, and there is a nit. I believe Putin is a nit.

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In summer, she proposed to introduce a parade for MPs.

I would do as the military, in a disciplinary way. They come, line up, and count. Nobody goes away, just lined up and counted.

RIA Novosti

People's Deputy has become the "enemy" after some of the invitation to negotiate directly with the leaders of the militants.

The President is only one. Therefore Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky can be positioned, if so considered by the authority, as the MPs from the "LPR/DPR." As an MP, I am willing to talk to them.

Savchenko starved during her detention in the Russian Federation. She declared a hunger strike when being in Ukraine.

When I was starving, I watched programs about food. I always liked to watch the picture. I studied the recipes, I have memorized them, because your memory is better when your stomach is empty.

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People's Deputy criticized the government very much. And even used profanity.

And you bastards, would not last forever, and for the most politicized in the history of humanity war you would answer in the same way as for the Maidan. And for the fact that your business in Russia continues to operate during the war, no one chocolate factory was not replaced by a military one.

During the same press conference, she said: "Let the power of the Kremlin go into a mare’s crack."

On criticism, Savchenko replied as follows:

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Those deputies, who do not know what captivity is, and those who call me an agent of Kremlin, use to say that my life in prison was easy. I would gladly share my sentence with them.

Antiterrorist operation in the Donbas she called "a mess."

This rhetoric is very dangerous, about the martial law. We need to end up with this mess, which was named ATO, as quickly as possible, without any further war.

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Savchenko commented on the outcome of the negotiations in "Norman format", which took place last week.

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After these talks Poroshenko should just apologize to Viktor Fedorovich, invite him back to the Ukraine and to give up his seat. Because, unfortunately, our diplomacy is currently weaker...

People's Deputy is fairly relaxed about the criticism, and for the past six months she has not changed its rhetoric.

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I would not be  surprised if after being convicted by Russia yesterday, today I would be convicted by Ukraine. I would just deal with all the challenges and filth, and will prove once again that I have got the Hero of Ukraine award not in vain.

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