Public transport in the world: Air gondolas, charges per minute and comfort

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Convenience, practicality, originality, reliability. I would like to say these words speaking on Kyiv public transport, but so far we can only talk about foreign examples. Let's look at public transport in various cities of the world
23:21, 31 July 2018

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Probably, it will be wrong to say that Ukrainian (especially Kyiv) public transport is the worst because probably there are still examples in the world when the situation is even worse.

And yet, in comparison with many foreign examples, Ukrainian public transport remains in serious loss.

It's not just about the situation as a whole, but also about the problem of quality solutions, and (no less importantly) about good marketing work.

So let’s see some specific examples.

Venice, Italy

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The experience of Venice, judging by the latest events, in the near future may well come in handy for Kyiv (and indeed for the whole of Ukraine, in general).

As you know, Venice is famous for its water canals, which, in fact, are the ways for residents and tourists who looked to see the area. And the transport, by the way, is not only on the famous gondolas.

In modern Venice, the Vaporetto is extremely popular. It is an effective and very fast analog of a river tram.

Vaporetto operates on the principle of buses and go around the clock, but their high speed contributes to the destruction of the historic buildings of the ancient Italian city.

Vancouver, Canada

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In Vancouver, a so-called light metro system called SkyTrain was created. Its goal is to reduce ground traffic in the city.

SkyTrain is a fully automated high-speed monorail line that passes through several urban areas.

Tickets are sold in automatic terminals at the entrances of stations. A feature of SkyTrain is the lack of turnstiles. The only control measure is a random check of the presence of tickets by the inspectors.

Warsaw, Poland

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Tickets for public transport in Warsaw can be purchased for a certain number of minutes (20 minutes, for example), and for several days or months.

It is interesting that tickets are sold at public transport stops - the driver will not be able to sell them.

Almost all buses are air-conditioned.

Also popular is a mobile application that provides everyone with a detailed description of their planned trip.

Vilnius, Lithuania

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In the capital of Lithuania, the cost of tickets often depends on the days. In particular, it will be cheaper to buy long-term tickets, if you do not use them at the weekend.

Again, there is a handy mobile application that allows you to get detailed information about your planned trip.

When checking tickets at stops people do not leave the transport until they pass the check.

Medellin, Colombia

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The Colombian city has a complex relief and an interesting feature - the so-called air gondolas.

This type of transport connects remote areas of the city with each other and shortens the travel time.

Frankfurt, Germany

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In Frankfurt, when you purchase a ticket for public transport, you pay for the final destination.

The ticket is valid until the end of the day, if you left the transport earlier, you can continue the journey to the final destination free of charge.

In this case, the ticket implies transfers from one type of transport to another.

Berlin, Germany

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There are two companies in the city: BVG, which includes a bus, tram, metro and water connections, as well as Deutsche Bahn, which includes a city train and regional trains.

Here it is worthwhile to stop a little bit more in detail on BVG. To be more precise, in their advertisements, which fame has long passed the scale of Germany.

Just look:

Free public transport

Against the background of the next rise in the price of public transport in Kyiv, this wording sounds extremely unexpected, but the idea of free public transport is still popular. And it is becoming more popular.

Recently, it became known that Estonia conducted an experiment, making free travel on intercity buses.

From cities that practice free travel, it is possible to single out English Manchester, where free buses run connecting key destinations such as railway stations, parking lots, shopping areas and business centers.

In American Miami, there is so-called Metromover - free self-guided trains from small wagons. The system consists of 21 stations and covers the business center of the city (Downtown Miami), the districts of Brickell, Park West and Omni. At the Government Center and Brickell stations, you can use an ordinary subway - already not for free.

And what about Ukraine?

Look at this:


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