Prosecutor General resignes and calls MPs bastards with brain diarrhea

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Fragments of speech of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to Ukrainian deputies in Parliament during hearing on a high-profile murder
21:40, 7 November 2018

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Yuriy Lutsenko:

We live in a distorted informational atmosphere. Today, Putin, who attacked the country and killed thousands of soldiers and civilians, is not to blame for the war, but people point at Poroshenko and all those in power because people are eager for this power.

Today, Yanukovych, who robbed the country and fled to Moscow, is not blamed, but those who took two billion from him and brought it to the budget. Today they are blaming not those who killed Hanzdiuk and who were detained by the National Police, but those who, according to the investigator, do not indicate the contractor; they need to seize power. This is all a struggle for power. On these TVairs.

Therefore, I am submitting my resignation to the President of Ukraine today so that there would be no doubt that one clings to power. And you, the parliament, should consider this question. Please do it this week. I will do my work. Everything that I promised Kateryna Handziuk in the hospital will be done.

But I cannot allow diarchy in the country, when the law-enforcement system is destroyed without evidence, even for the solved crimes. As the head of the law enforcement system, I am resigning today. And it is up to you, will Mustafa Nayem lead the investigation and name the perpetrators from the TV screen or, perhaps, the law enforcement agencies that are criminally responsible for this will do it.

Yegor Sobolev:

In fact, the Attorney General and the Minister of the Interior say that a public activist, a journalist, a caring person must die, and then your death will be investigated well. To a certain level. Many people would survive, many people would not be crippled if from the very beginning, from the first attacks, which began during Euromaidan, and never stopped, but are increasing to this day, they find performers, and most importantly the contractors. Many people would not be afraid.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the head of the National Police, the prosecutor general – don’t they understand what it is that impunity pushes people for the attacks? Impunity of customers and their protection from the police, heads of prosecutors in the field. Does anyone in this room really think that without consent or an agreement with the leadership of the local power structures, someone will look for executors, pay them money, and ask to attack this or that person? How long will this go on?

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Such people should be behind the bars, and the next such persons would know that if they plan something against another citizen, they would be jailed. For the murder, for organizing the murder. But this does not happen. There are dozens of attacks against activists across the country. They rally near the Presidential Administration, they come to the deputies, they say to the whole world - please protect us. We are scared. Our police, our Prosecutor General’s Office do not investigate crimes.

I have a letter from an activist from Odesa, Serhiy Sternenko, who survived three armed attacks. He writes: “Ask, please, when I point to the organizer of the last attack, when I point to the perpetrators of the attacks on me, why they are not even detained? Why should I go to the court to ask the investigator to take investigative actions?” We are talking about this, so you were summoned to the parliament. We have only one request: in order for the investigation to be real and independent, Yuriy Lutsenko, Arsen Avakov must resign together.

Yuriy Lutsenko:

... Dear people's deputies, the same situation took place the last year, when a gang of bastards tried to highlight the murder of lawyer Nozdrovska and shed here a sea of false tears that the investigation was doing nothing, and when the accused in the murder went to court, no one of these bastards - this and that - even go to the court hearing. Nobody cares! And today, the National Front party is engaged in the funeral of Handziuk, not these figures who collect their bloody dividends on this. And if the former chairman of the committee, who was supposed to lead the entire anti-corruption policy, still does not understand the difference between procedural guidance and the investigation, which has been absent for a year in the Prosecutor’s Office, then this is not the chairman of the committee, but simply a minor who has brain diarrhea here, right in the hall...

... There is a lot of information on this crime and on similar ones. I would like to give you the following information. Last week, in the town of Uman, the husband of a woman who was 8 months pregnant regularly beat her at night. She ran away and rented an apartment. The scoundrels doused her with acid. After that, she fled to the Vinnytsia region to a shelter for victims of family violence, two masked men penetrated at night and a woman, who was already 9 months pregnant, was attacked with a knife. And we are also investigating this matter. And the National Police detained the performers and is now following the trail of the customer.

There are about 3 million rifled weapons in our country. 1,241 homicide for obvious reasons. And when people's deputies here in the hall or on television say that I killed them, I personally react to it. I actually sit day and night in that damned chair and do everything for activists, for pacifists, for deputies, for the opposition, for the authorities, for the pensioner and the millionaires to ensure law and justice.

I ask those who cannot help, please, at least do not interfere! You cannot turn the incomplete investigation into the analysis of the parliament rostrum. This is madness. The first turn took place yesterday, it means that we have already reduced the chances of finding the assassin's paymaster by 30%. Today, this hype continues. We are told that the prosecutor’s office does not investigate, but covers the crime. Who covered whom and where? No one cares about it.

In the Handziuk case, criminal production was registered from the first second. At her insistence, there were two productions, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service. The performers are established, the organizer is established, we stand half a step away from the customer, but here “benefactors” appear who, because of the leak, want to say that they revealed something.

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Listen, you need to stop that lies, you cannot live in a country that accuses those who do something. If you can do better, go to my place, but stop throwing mud at Lutsenko, and the entire law enforcement system that works in these conditions - 3 million weapons, your legs are completely bound by your laws. You adopted laws with which it is impossible even to establish acid without a court decision ...

Mustafa Nayem:

Dear colleagues, I would like, first, to address you on behalf of many activists, journalists, who are now in the country awaiting the creation of this Temporary Investigative Commission (TIC). I want to say that we initiated the creation of this TIC two weeks ago. At that time, Kateryna Handziuk was still alive, and we then demanded the creation of TIC not only for her but 150 other activists and journalists who had been beaten in recent years. None of the factions responded. The factions that control power, law enforcement agencies – Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc and National Front - did not respond. And only when Kateryna died did those tantrums begin.

The Prosecutor General, who is now running away, is running away not because he does not want to work, but because he is going to run for the post. Because he does not want to claim this responsibility. And so, when he says that "either he or we," then we are better. Better we will investigate these cases, and prove, show who exactly is to blame and who ordered this. It is this general prosecutor, this minister of Internal Affairs, it is this National Police that allow small pocket armies of Kernes and Trukhanov to exist in our country. They are the ones who beat the people - don't you know that? You do not know that people in Odesa are beaten by the people of Trukhanov? What is his pocket army? It’s the Municipal Guard, which was given a license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to carry out security activities. This is the same Trukhanov, who wanted to make the "Odesa People's Republic". And his people are attacking, beating people, dousing activists in the regions with acid. And we tell them in reply that this is a hooliganism. And this hooliganism happens all over the country.

If this commission is created, and Mr. Lutsenko really resigns ... Because this is a false statement - this is not a statement. Do you know what the resigning procedure is? It is necessary to submit a document and it must be submitted by the president. And it was just hype. If we create a commission and he resigns, then we are on the right way. And the TIC should work and show: are the murders and beatings of activists really being investigated, or is it an imitation.

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