Problems on border: How Ukrainians are met in Belarus

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Cases of detention of Ukrainian citizens in Belarus have become more frequent. And if the State Security Committee of this country continues its actions, our Foreign Ministry will soon have to publish a statement: "We recommend Ukrainians to refrain from traveling." We decided to recall Ukrainians who had problems with Belarusian border guards or the KGB
20:18, 21 November 2017

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One of the biggest scandal was connected with the ban on entry into Belarus of the first Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine vice-speaker Iryna Gerashchenko. In April 2016 it became known that Gerashchenko is in the "list of persons whose entry into Belarus is prohibited or undesirable on the initiative of the competent authorities of Russia." In fact, Minsk banned her entry immediately after a corresponding decision in the Russian Federation.

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At the same time, Gerashchenko regularly visited Minsk as a participant in the negotiation process on Donbas issue. After the protest note of official Kyiv, the Belarusian side allowed her temporary entry, and then completely excluded her from the blacklist.

Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan also had problems with Belarusian law enforcers. In February 2017, he was taken from the hotel to the police station, where he spent the whole night.

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Practically, the situation repeated the same with Gerashchenko. Serhiy Zhadan has been banned of entering the Russian Federation since 2015, and accordingly, such measures have been taken in Minsk. According to Zhadan, he was questioned about terrorism and in the end they put a stamp on the prohibition of entry for an indefinite period. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sent a note to Minsk, and the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Pavlo Klimkin, discussed the situation with his colleague from Belarus Vladimir Makey. As a result, on the same day, Belarus abolished the poet's ban on entry.

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In March, a journalist the Novoye Vremya magazine, Kristina Berdinskikh, was detained in Minsk. She, together with a group of Belarusian and French journalists, was detained in the office, where the relatives of the arrested during the protest against "parasitism" decree brought products for detainees. After "clarifying the circumstances" in the police station, she was released together with her foreign colleagues.

Less fortunate is the 19-year-old Ukrainian, Pavlo Gryb, who has been detained in Russia since August. This guy went on a date with a girl to Belarusian Gomel and found himself in a Russian detention center. He was followed for a long time by the FSB of the Russian Federation.


Gryb later told the lawyer that he had been removed from Gomel by unknown people and handed over to others unknown, and about a couple of days in the Smolensk region of the Russian Federation, a protocol of detention was drawn up. At the same time, initially neither representatives of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry nor a lawyer were allowed to visit him.

In Russia, he is accused of allegedly inciting his acquaintance to undermine an improvised explosive device during the solemn event at school in Sochi.

Pavlo Gryb suffers from portal hypertension - increased pressure, which can lead to internal bleeding. However, Ukrainian doctors are not allowed to visit him.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Belarus, Ihor Kizim, noted that he had not received an answer to the question whether the Belarusian special services had any relation to detaining the guy.

Serious accusations were put forward by Belarus to Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sharoyko. Ukrainian Radio correspondent was accused of espionage by KGB. They say that he allegedly worked undercover and is an employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


He is charged with creating an "agent network" among the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, who, for money, carried out assignments to collect reconnaissance information in the military-political sphere. Colleagues of the journalist say that the detention may be related to his professional activities.

In addition, the adviser of Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus Igor Skvortsov was named curator of the journalist. He was declared persona non grata.

To the hands of the KGB also got the director of one Ukrainian enterprise. In mid-November, the head of the Ukrainian plant Olexander Skiba came to the Belarusian capital to negotiate with OJSC "Minsk Tractor Plant", with which he concluded an agreement on the supply of products. However, his visit turned into a detention. Skiba told his wife that he had been detained by the KGB officers in Belarus. Our embassy is trying to find out the reasons for the detention of the Ukrainian, but neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus nor the KGB provided information. There are unconfirmed reports that the director of the Ukrainian plant is charged with giving a bribe. However, the Belarusian side, as in all previous cases, is in no hurry to respond.

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