UEFA 2018: Prices for hotel rooms in Kyiv increase hundred times before Champions League finals

Author : Andrey Kokotiukha

Source : 112 Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko jokingly expressed his readiness to settle several guests at his home
11:47, 9 May 2018

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This is shocking - Kyiv hotels have raised prices by a hundred, and some of them - even over a hundred times. But this will last only for a few days, during the holding of the Champions League final in Kyiv. So if the football fans, guests of the Ukrainian capital, mostly foreigners, come to the finals on May 26, they will be offered rooms for 3000 euros, and often for even more. In UAH it sounds fantastic - 100 thousand. But on June 2 the same room can be booked for 550 UAH (about 17 euros).

Over the past few days, this topic has been actively discussed in the news and social networks. It even reached the head of state, and Petro Poroshenko jokingly expressed his readiness to see several guests at his home. The people of Kyiv, with all seriousness, write about this in Facebook. Drawing a conclusion - private business does not see the borders, it wants to receive year’s profit in one day, and in general, greed becomes our national feature, striking out the praised hospitality.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declares a significant excitement in Kyiv on the eve of UEFA Champions League men's and women's final matches. He said this during a meeting with the UEFA Executive Director Martin Cullen.

Poroshenko stressed that many guests will come to Kyiv, some of them he intends to settle at home.

"We have a huge number of calls - our partners, friends of Ukraine, from all over the world, not only from Europe. Today I cannot find free rooms in the hotel. I want to say that I will settle some guests at home, in fact, we have such a level of excitement. Indeed, it is pleasant that on this day Kyiv becomes the capital of the world, the capital that hosts the most festive event in the world, "the president said.

A group of Kyivans, who were unpleasantly surprised by the sharp increase in prices for rented accommodation during the final match of the Champions League, launched an initiative for the free placement of football fans. The initiative was called Kyiv Free Couch and information about it distributed via Facebook.

"Since Kyiv hotels are booked for May 26, and many football fans are looking for where to stay after the final game, the locals are ready to settle them for free ... Welcome to Kyiv and have a good time!" says the group's information page.

The group itself is closed for security reasons. However, the main rules for hosts and guests are published in free access. Kyivans are asked to indicate how many people they are ready to settle and fans of which of the finalists they want to see. And the guests of the capital are invited to conduct all negotiations with the owners of the apartment they like in personal correspondence. All ads can be seen only after the community moderators approve the application for membership.

In fact, this story is typical not only for the hotels, but for any business in Ukraine. Therefore, prices inflated a hundred times "before the event" are not something atypical. For that matter, try to rent a hotel in London on the eve of the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and actress Megan Markle. Do not be lazy and ask how much cost the rooms overlooking the street, during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Great events really provoke a certain increase in prices everywhere. However, Ukraine is really unique here because of an unprecedented proportion. Soon the prices will descend to an acceptable level and even adjusted, depending on the arrangements with regular customers, for example, organizations that rent premises for the meetings.

The problem has two sides. On the one hand, our private business has no systematic development, but reacts primarily to favorable situations. That is, it turned out that businessmen do not have so much seasonal as situational opportunities to earn. You can complain about the inability of Ukrainian business to develop horizontally. But there is a second side: systemic pressure of the state on those who consider themselves middle class. Taxes, checks, assaults, kickbacks, bribes - this information we read in the news every day. One gets the impression that business and the state persistently and consistently interfere with each other and work for mutual destruction.

However, the easiest is to blame the state in such case. The mentioned problem, unfortunately, is permanent. And let's be frank: most of private business has managed to adapt. However, what our business does not know is how to work in a competitive environment. That is, to compete not by overstating prices, but by creating good conditions. There is no struggle of creative ideas in an environment that calls itself a creative class.

A vivid example is the Ukrainian publishing business. Publishers complain about Ukrainians who do not buy or buy a little. Consequently, nothing is done for the goods to go to the buyer every day, and not twice a year. I pay attention once more: everywhere the new books come out quarterly, and only in Ukraine they are planned twice a year: for the Knyzhkovyi Arsenal in Kyiv and the Forum of Publishers in Lviv. Together these events last 9 days. This means that only nine days a year publishers can actively sell their goods, because the buyer comes. Talks about the prices of the manufacturer - fake, because usually at such events, book prices are overstated. Later, they are put up for sale cheaper, but there are no more buyers.

Similar situation we can observe in any segment. Ukraine has not been able to form a single market, except for the cigarette and alcoholic beverages market. The prices, service and ease of getting goods or services should be encouraged every day. Otherwise, soon the client will leave.

Over 50,000 fans are expected to come for the 2018 UEFA Champions League finals that will take place in Kyiv on May 26. Ukraine’s Interior Deputy Minister Serhiy Yarovy said this, according to the press service of the ministry.

“At the end of May Ukraine will accept, without exaggeration, one of the most grand-scale international events of the year – finals of UEFA Champions League. These matches will be held in the capital on Dynamo stadium named after Lobanovsky on May 24 for the women’s’ finals and on Olimpiysky stadium for the men’s finals on May 26,” Yarovy said.

The First Deputy Minister noted that the majority of fans would come to Ukraine disorderly. Except for the fans who will visit the Olimpiysky stadium, football org-men do not exclude that 5,000 supporters of each team will come to the capital without tickets to support them on the territory of the Champions Festival or the so-called fan-zone.

He stressed that except the police, around 3,000 National Guard officers will ensure public order in the city during the matches.

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