Powerlessness of “occupational psychiatry” in Crimea: Umerov’s case

Author : Serhiy Stelmakh

Source : 112 Ukraine

Along with Magnitsky Act, the Kremlin risks to get "Umerov’s list"
13:36, 12 September 2016

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Ilmi Umerov
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Occupants released Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis (in Crimea), from a psychiatric clinic, where he was forcefully placed three weeks ago, by the respective decision of the "court." The struggle for his freedom continues. Security officers just could not declare one of the Crimean Tatar politician to be mentally ill, as well as they could not just isolate him because of his poor health. This is a tactical retreat of Russian security forces, which have unsuccessfully tried to use methods to combat "extremism" against indigenous people, as it used to be in the Caucasian republics.

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Russian punitive systems is trying to use its experience gained in the North Caucasus against the Crimean Tatars. Muslims are subjected to he mass searches, illegal detentions, arrests, and tortures. The algorithm of such "criminal cases" is worked out to automaticity: a search on a tip from an informant or based on other "operational data," the removal of allegedly banned religious literature, the opening of a criminal case under article "terrorism" or "extremism." Russian laws regarding criminal procedure were written on the instructions of former Soviet security officers and other security officials. As a consequence, anything might be called "extremism."

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As an example, violence against supporters of the Crimean "Hizb-ut-Tahrir" religious-political organization rife with examples of fabulous idiocy. People were called "terrorists," the law enforcers initiated criminal cases, and even managed to find their weapons and explosives. Some sent provocateurs collected the "evidence" by recording conversations. Most likely, the young people were discussing one of the main theoretical issues - building a global Islamic state. Russian "law enforcement officers" believe that the conversation about the history of Islam and the Muslim caliphate is something criminal.

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In terms of occupation, Ilmi Umer also made a "thoughtcrime," stating that Crimea is Ukrainian territory. In the case, the security officers faced a difficult situation. Here the North Caucasus techniques would be pointless, since his work as Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis was public and assumed only non-violent methods of struggle. Occupants had to experiment, using the achievements of the Soviet punitive psychiatry. They have adopted the methods of the 70s of the last century, putting themselves fools. It is possible that Ilmi Umerov had to be released from hospital as doctors, despite being loyal to the occupiers, decided to sabotage the process. The diagnosis of "sluggish schizophrenia" does not exist, and the psychiatrists had no other options. As a result, they had to admit that the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis is mentally sane. Once again, the public is convinced that Russian "authorities" can act only within a given scenario. Any deviations lead to system crashes.

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The occupants did not expect such a strong reaction of the international community and especially the US government that demanded the release Ilmi Umerov. “The US concerned by the detention of Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov. The Russian government should release him,” as stated by the State Department.

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Ilmi Umerov suffers from different diseases, including Parkinson's disease and diabetes. August 11, during the "trial" he suffered a hypertensive crisis. The politician was hospitalized because of preinfarction. If security officers isolate him, a general deterioration will occur. Along with Magnitsky Act, Kremlin risks to get" Umerov’s list." This option is not fiction, as Russian "law enforcement officers" place the victim into custody only to be tortured and beat out the testimony.

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Now the Russian side is trying to put the situation as if the confinement in a psychiatric hospital was initiated by the investigators. The massacre of the Crimean Tatars is coordinated at the highest level. Most likely, the decision to put Ilmi Umerov into the clinic was taken by FSB superior’s level. Unfortunately, the Crimean Tatars have won only situational victory.

Judging by the dynamics of the process, it is likely that Umerov’s case will end with suspended sentence. Thus, invaders to switch to the other victims. Given the failure of an attempt to declare Umerov insane and the case of the "Ukrainian saboteurs," Russian officials will have to create new reasons for the massacre of rebellious Crimean Tatars. In Chechnya and Dagestan, security officers have gained impressive experience in "creating" the alleged terrorist groups. Then, they conducted "counter-terrorist" operation under the television cameras and killed several “terrorists.” Please note that they rarely showed alive “terrorist,” only corpses. Everything is logical: a person can change her testimony in court, and a dead body will not do it ever.

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