Poroshenko's press conference “Challenges – 2018:" Key points

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Ukraine's president spoke on next Ukraine's elections, trip to the Maldives, and Ukraine's hostages
23:30, 28 February 2018

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On Euro-Atlantic integration and NATO standards

My team is currently discussing a proposal to "anchor" the European and Euro-Atlantic integration in the Constitution... These amendments enjoy broad support within the society... The amendments to the Basic Law could become a kind of insurance against any surprises and an imperative for all political forces for the next years.

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Even during the war, we must accept the appointment of the civilian Minister of Defense, share the positions of the commander-in-chief and the chief of the General Staff, make a number of major reforms to translate the country into NATO standards and implement the norms in the strategic defense bulletin.

On the growth rates

I keep getting the feeling that we have not done everything that we could... It is obvious that the rates are unacceptable and insufficient to provide a symbolic but tangible increase in salaries ...

Unfortunately, most Ukrainians do not feel a positive effect from many reforms, because the lives of Ukrainians have not improved significantly. The level of life, especially devastated by the war and economic aggression, is just starting its recovery, and the pace is too slow. As the president, I am not satisfied with it. But many facts mean that changes are noticed, that the changes are recognized and appreciated by the world.

On the trip to the Maldives

I want to firmly emphasize that I crossed the border using my name and my passport, and it has been accordingly registered by the border guards... I have paid for the plane and the hotel from my bank account in a Ukrainian bank.

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Not a single hryvnia from the state budget was spent on this. All the funds were declared, I have paid all the taxes.

At the beginning of January (during the trip to the Maldives, - Ed.) I have not entrusted my duties (the president and the supreme commander-in-chief, - Ed.) to anyone.

On his participation in the elections and life after the elections

I will definitely participate in the presidential elections 100% as a voter... I emphasize that after the elections I will definitely live in Ukraine.

I have not lost any electoral program in my life.

I am definitely not going to participate in the parliamentary elections.

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On hostages

I can say that by the end of this week, we will bring home two more of our hostages. We have already negotiated on a place and date; I believe that our deal will not fail.

On early elections

The Parliament is doing everything… I do not conduct any negotiations, if the parliament instead of dealing with (the laws) would be busy with the elections, it will lead to this.

Undoubtedly, I will do everything possible to ensure effective coordination of the activities of the president, the government, the parliamentary coalition, and the parliament.

On the transfer of ships from Crimea

We are ready to receive ships from Crimea only together with Crimea. I am sure that this is a unanimous position of both the Ukrainian authorities and the Ukrainian society.

On the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our armed forces must be strengthened to such an extent that they are not only capable of defense but also capable of liberating the occupied territories. This is our unconditional right, and it must be provided with sufficient military capabilities.

On peacekeepers and the situation in Donbas

Peacekeepers are an important component of restoring the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of our state.

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The issue of peacekeepers is very complex... We do not have an absolutely safe component for the implementation of any processes in the East.

The presence of peacekeepers is not just a matter of separation of the parties, it is unacceptable for us, peacekeepers must act throughout the occupied territory. The first thing it will lead to is that Russia will have to withdraw its occupation forces because the world will see them and it just could not explain it. Second, peacekeepers will be able to disarm illegal armed groups. Third, peacekeepers can take control of an uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border and stop the infiltration of Russian troops and weapons into the occupied territory. Fourth, Ukraine will be able to resume its humanitarian missions, because the occupied part of the territory has faced a humanitarian catastrophe. And the fifth is that the aggressor country or neighbors cannot participate in the peacekeeping operation.

I will do everything to introduce peacekeepers as quickly as possible because for today this is the only option that can stop the killing of Ukrainians and restore Ukrainian sovereignty in occupied Donbas.

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On the middle class

We must take this and other steps to get the middle class on its feet again, which was attacked by all the challenges of the recent years. And unlike the richest class, this middle class did not have big reserves that would allow it to survive during the hard times. In contrast to the poorest, they were circumvented by subsidies, and it turns out that the middle has suffered the most.

On the supply of weapons

Unfortunately, I cannot report the details of the talks, but the first delivery of this weapon should take place in few weeks.

We are talking about a number of supplies, starting with anti-sniper complexes... We are also talking about the means of electronic combat, air defense and many other types of weapons.

On the Crimean Tatar Autonomy

I have not seen the proposals of the working group, they should be approved by the Constitutional Commission. Immediately after our meeting, I would ask the Constitutional Commission to hold a public discussion on the working group proposals. As soon as the final version is negotiated on the question about national, national-cultural autonomy, as I promised, I will initiate the amendments to the Constitution before the parliament.

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On his life

I do not want to discuss my life now, but trust me, it is not that sweet... I can say that when I have won the elections, my income was much higher than now. I am the only president who follows this dynamic.

On the war of "all against all"

They want to bring depression and discouragement to the Ukrainian society, and not only within the country. Social networking applications, fake news, programs are a component part.

On relations with Poland

Our relations are developing very dynamically.

Trust me, we do not need anyone to tell us what Ukrainian heroes should we honor or dishonor. Let us handle this for ourselves. We do not advise Poland which heroes should they respect or not.

On the murder of journalist Sheremet

I am not God, and I do not know who has killed Pavlo Sheremet, but I feel the same pain as you do.

Unfortunately, journalists are dying. Recently a journalist in Slovakia was killed, and this also hurts everyone.

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On Saakashvili and his readmission

I do not think that he is now a happy man, but this is his own business.

Readmission issues were conducted flawlessly from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation, from the point of view of Ukraine's international obligations, and from the point of view of the rule of law.

On Medvedchuk

I emphasize that I will work with anyone who can effectively return at least one Ukrainian hostage home... I must admit that the most effective figure here is Viktor Medvedchuk because the decision on the release is taken directly by Putin.

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On Changing Electoral Legislation

I would definitely deal with changes in electoral legislation, I emphasize this.

I am sure that we should sharply increase the responsibility for buying votes, and I will ask the parliament to increase the transparency of the electoral process, increase the responsibility for falsifying the elections in the polling stations.

On deoligarchization

Deoligarhization is the deprivation of the oligarchs of the political power in the country.

Some oligarchic media are capping the president, I am not afraid of it.

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