Poroshenko: why Russia brings down Ukraine’s economy?

Author : Petro Poroshenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Russia’s economic aggression is one of the main reasons for the rapid decline in living standards – Ukraine’s President
13:50, 7 September 2016

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Ukraine's President Poroshenko
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Ukraine should be active in inviting investments and looking for markets for Ukrainian goods. In addition to military intervention, Russia carries out, of course, and economic aggression against our country. At the beginning of the decade, almost a third of Ukrainian exports went to the Russian market. Kremlin’s attack began even before Maidan events. There were limitations that led to 15% fall of Ukrainian exports to Russia yet in 2013. In 2015, exports to Russia fell by half. This is not the bottom, the decline continues, and now, minus 34% in the first half.

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Russia's share in Ukrainian exports is now 9%, followed by a tendency to fall. And those who like to speculate on the issue someone earns on trade with Russia during the war, should see the final figure. In recent years, the volume of our exports to Russia fell by 5 times.

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Perhaps they thought that they would be able to put Ukraine on her knees, the unemployment and impoverishment would increase dramatically. But it did not happen and would not ever happen. We find the new markets, and perhaps it is strategically good that our dependence on the Russian market has drastically reduced, political blackmail and imperial pressure has stopped.

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But we must understand that the violent closure of the Russian market has become an economic shock for Ukraine; according to some estimates, we have lost dozens of $ 15 billion. We have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. And this economic aggression is one of the main reasons for the rapid decline in living standards.

Tell me please, why Russia did it? Russia began this policy in order to disrupt the signing of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Then it has set a more ambitious goal: “suffocate” Ukraine’s economy, hit its finance, reduce its defensibility, deepen the social crisis, increase the tension in the society, and warm up dissatisfaction with the authorities.

Many dream of the early elections, which should eliminate the so-called “Kyiv regime.” Unfortunately, there are people in Ukrainian politics who are willing to consciously follow this scenario. There are those who give themselves to be used blindly. And there are, which they say: "God, forgive them for they know not what they do."

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