Police refom has failed in Ukraine

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

One of the main problems of the new patrolmen is shortage of employees
18:55, 2 November 2017

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The patrol police is a symbol of the Ministry of Interior affairs reform. This entirely new unit is embodying the law and is aimed at helping citizens. So it all started a few years ago. The level of trust in new cops was high. There were, of course, some claims. The new police officers were often involved into car accidents, and wrote the protocols for a long time. But everyone believed that the guys need some time to learn. Complaints about the work of the patrols became more and more frequent, the claims were becoming more serious, and as a result, the patrol officers began to irritate with frank lack of action. Perhaps, such disappointment came as a result of euphoria and inflated expectations. Perhaps the system does not break down as quickly as we would like, or maybe this work is not for everyone.

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Patrol officers cannot fine a car, they can apply measures only against the driver himself. It turns out that the driver of the parked car is still to be found. And also - the vehicle might belong to another person. That is, to fine for an incorrect parking, you need to wait for the driver-violator, and he must still be the owner of this car. Of course, the car can be evacuated, but in practice, the patrol vehicle is evacuated only when the car really interferes with the passage, for example, a tram. Witnesses are needed for evacuation, but it is usually very difficult to find them. The patrols do not have the authority to evacuate all in a row.

State Automobile Inspection coped well with everything. It was a specialized unit to combat precisely those who violated the rules of the road. And the patrolmen have a low level of knowledge of the rules of the road, of the knowledge of the procedures for filling in the protocols on violation of traffic rules. They do not understand how to properly draft resolutions and protocols.

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80% of calls at night are associated with alcohol. And patrolmen often just talk to the drunk person and go away.

Patrolmen do not have enough skills to work in difficult situations, they do not know what to respond to the provocative actions, especially knocking out the door. The operation for the release of hostages is a complex of events, including negotiations, assault, neutralization of the perpetrator by snipers, etc. A specialist, but not a patrolman, must deal with such a complicated situation.

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One of the main problems of patrolmen is the shortage of employees. Because of the shortage, the service is replenished by former employees of State Automobile Inspection. In general terms, we can say that the entrance barrier has decreased.

The new police were not ready for the harsh reality. These are aggressive working conditions on the street, and problems with management, colleagues, and officials. And the new police showed their complete inability to work in this aggressive environment.

70% of new policemen resigned because they were not ready for realities. They are not tired, they just are not suitable for work in the police. The reformers chose people unsuitable for work. Not bad, namely unsuitable. There is nothing surprising in the fact that former militia would returning, because these people are accustomed to such work.

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If we draw an analogy, we will see that in terms of lower salaries, logistical support and worse working conditions, "former" militiamen produced better results than the new policemen. And most of them were retired.

And you cannot seduce modern policemen with "high" salaries of 300-400 USD or with relatively normal working conditions. Two years after the "reform", most of them resigned.

The reform has completely failed.

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