Plane crash near Smolensk: new facts

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Re-investigation of the crash of the presidential Tu-154 near Smolensk continues, and new details of the crash are unveiled
12:30, 14 September 2016

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Smolensk tragedy

In 2011, according to the official version, the main cause of the accident was the mistake of the pilots.

In February 2016, Poland regained the investigation, reaching the conclusion that the earlier investigation did not meet international standards. It was a commission to determine the causes of accidents, which included 21 people. The Defense Ministry believes that it was an attempt to eliminate Polish leadership.

The wreckages of Tu-154 are still in Russia. According to Russian law, they must be available to Russian investigators to complete the investigation. Russia promises to return them to Poland after the completion of the investigation.

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New recordings from the cockpit

April 12, Poland issued a 40-minute audio recording from the cockpit and decoding of their negotiations. The record is a combination of three tracks from the microphones of the first and second pilots and the devices installed in cabin.

According to the record, the pilots did not pay attention to the warnings of bad weather, joked about the weather conditions and did not change the course. 16 minutes before the accident pilots were warned by the colleagues at the Yak-40, which landed before them.

The pilots of the plane were constantly distracted by the outsiders who had free access to the cabin.

Hiding documents

Speaking to the Polish Sejm on May 11, the head of the Defense Ministry of Poland Antoni Macierewicz said that the former government of Poland hid "the real causes and course of events."

Macierewicz stressed that the government is “hiding key documents,” including the last stages of flight. The minister said the Military Intelligence Service and Counterintelligence did not carried out any analysis of information about the crash, in fact, they even concealed and falsified the data. According to him, were "dozens of certificates were fake."

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Russian trace

In September, the head of a commission of air incidents inquiry Vaclav Berchynsky said that new audio recording was added to the case. According to him, the recording shows that managers gave the crew the wrong information about the distance to the start of the band. The Commission considers that this could affect attempt to land the plane and crash.

Minister Macierewicz said that this record argues that "the purpose and actions of Russian authorities in Moscow was a plane crash of President Kaczynski and the entire delegation on board."


Prosecutors found many errors in the medical records of the remains of victims of the disaster. According to them, this applies to 90% of the bodies of the victims. In this regard, it was decided to exhume the bodies.

Prosecutors said that all bodies to be exhumed, except those "whose remains have been examined during the investigation." According to unofficial information, at least four families are informed about it.

The exact time of the exhumation is still unknown. Exhumation might be conducted after prosecutors review of the file. These are about thousands of acts, many electronic documents, hundreds of audio and video materials.

On Thursday, 15 September, committee members plan to hold a press conference to talk about the details of the investigation.

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