Personal friend of Obama: history of Poroshenko's visits to the U.S.

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Ukraine's President is undertaking his third visit to the U.S.
10:49, 31 March 2016

March 30, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko  began his four-day visit to the United States. This is the third trip to the Head of State to the United States. Let us remember what happened in the previous two.

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Applause from the Congress

The first trip overseas Poroshenko carried out on September 17-18, 2014. In Washington, he talked with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, and gave a speech in Congress.

During the meeting, Obama promised to influence the international community to provide assistance to Ukraine and said that Poroshenko is in his place and is his personal friend. They discussed cooperation between Ukraine and NATO, and the United States have stated that the status of Ukraine is much higher than is the main ally of the Alliance.

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One of the main issues of the trip was to agree whether the supply of defensive weapons Ukraine. US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the eve of the visit of Poroshenko has approved the draft law "Act supporting freedom in Ukraine in 2014". The bill also said about granting Ukraine 350 million dollars as a military aid, as well as expansion of sanctions against Russia. Obama has long pondered whether to approve the document, but still put his signature, in December 2014. Washington has repeatedly stressed that the document is advisory in nature and does not provide immediate new sanctions and beginning of lethal weapons supplies to Ukraine, however, allows the president to do so if necessary.

At a joint meeting of Congress Chambers Poroshenko was met with applause. During his speech, he expressed confidence that the US will help to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and said that Ukraine is ready to reach out to the Russian world.

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Following the visit, the parties agreed on the allocation of new humanitarian aid to the eastern regions of Ukraine in the amount of $ 7 million and $ 46 million to the aid of the military and border guards of Ukraine in addition to the 70 million to assist in the security field.

Poroshenko won the prestigious Global Citizen Award from the Atlantic Council of the USA "for the activities for the benefit of a free and democratic Ukraine and contribution to the development of a free and peaceful Europe."

Speech at UN General Assembly

Second Poroshenko's visit to the United States also took place in September, but already in 2015, in the framework of the UN General Assembly. The President talked with the leaders of Britain, Germany and France, they met with Obama. In total, during his visit to the US Poroshenko took part in 30 events and has spent more than 10 bilateral meetings. At the invitation of President of the United States he attended the Summit of peacemaking, as well as the event "Global Initiative," of Bill Clinton.

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Most of the noise caused a speech Poroshenko from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly. He accused Russia of aggression against Ukraine, the outbreak of war and financing terrorists. The head of state called the Russian President Vladimir Putin "a liar." Poroshenko reproached UN in the lack of effective tools to bring the aggressor country to justice.

During Poroshenko’s speech, Russian delegation left the hall, and when came the speech of Vladimir Putin, the delegation of Ukraine came out of the hall. In addition, some of the delegates in the hall unfurled Ukrainian flag brought from Ilovaysk (eastern Ukraine).

The report on the settlement of the crisis

March 30 - April 2, 2016 Poroshenko to make third working visit to the United States. He will participate in the summit on nuclear security issues at the invitation of US President Barack Obama in Washington.

In addition, the head of state will hold talks with the leadership of the United States, as well as bilateral meetings with heads of state and government who will attend the summit.

There is a rumor that Poroshenko is going to present to Americans the new prime minister, because without the formation of a new government, US will not give Ukraine credit guarantees. This is a total of about $ 3 billion, which Ukraine will get, providing retirement of Prosecutor General Shokin and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. 

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