People's Procuratorate: Raiders grab agricultural enterprises in Ukraine

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Activities of dangerous raider group, which is not afraid of law enforcement bodies, have intensified in Ukraine
13:12, 7 June 2017

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Contradictions around the agricultural enterprise "Yaryna", situated in Poltava, have been lasting for more than a year. In 2015, it has suddenly changed the participants. Previously, the owners led by Oleksiy Bobko have lost their share. The company had about a thousand hectares of land. Most of them are shares of residents of the village of Oleksiyivka. Such a sudden change of "power" forced the local to terminate the contracts with "Yaryna". However, new owners, counting on a long-term perspective, hired a contractor to cultivate the land and brought the equipment. It was at this time that the active phase of the confrontation began. Residents of the village did not want to give the land to the unknown owners, because they tried to snatch a piece from it.

The previous owner Oleksiy Bobko told the "People's Procuratorate" that he did not intend to sell his share, and the re-registration took place without his knowledge.

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It is interesting that in March 2015 the police of the Hrebinkivsky district initiated proceedings on the fact of documents forgery. Now the investigation is at the stage of pre-trial investigation and without suspects. That is, the law enforcers did nothing in this case, except its opening for more than a year ago.

According to fictitious documents, the company first was reregistered to a local official Anatoly Vykhor, who headed the Party of Regions in Hrebinkivsky district, and afterwards Gennady Sydorenko appeared in the register. A person with the same name was an assistant to the People's Deputy of the sixth convocation, Ivan Sidelnik ("Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko") and was a member of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations. 

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In a telephone conversation, aforementioned Sydorenko pretended to hear about the company "Yaryna" for the first time. He missaid that he had an interest in the preliminary investigation of the "People's Procuratorate" about the seizure of “Bogodukhivsky” and "Dovirya." According to this man, a link to the program was shared with him by his friends. It should be noted that the journalists did not liken these two stories, which occurred with an interval of one year, in the preparation of the previous material. However, such a revelation of Mr. Sydorenko gave grounds to assume that these raider captures could be carried out with the same hands.

Sydorenko himself had been one of the founders of “Yaryna.” Soon he was replaced by a certain Vyacheslav Sotnychenko. Also with the Kirovograd residence permit. But he did not appear in the register for a long time.

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The enterprise was finally rewritten to another local ex-official Vasyl Pesnya, the deputy of the already mentioned Vykhor, when he headed Hrebinkivsky district state administration. For all this time, Pesnya was the director, and then became the sole founder.

While the law enforcers were stamping in one place, a year later the next capture took place. Already mentioned "Bogoduhivsky" and "Dovirya." Two agricultural firms were headed by the deceased Serhiy Zinchenko. According to his daughter Olexandra, he passed away through continuous threats to his family.

On the petition of lawyers of Olexandra Zinchenko May 17, 2016 District Administrative Court of Kyiv prohibited registrars to make any changes to the registration data regarding the agricultural enterprise "Bogoduhivsky".

A few weeks after the decree was issued, the court submitted a petition from the new owners of the "Bogoduhivsky" enterprise, requesting to repeal the prohibitions, argumenting this by the fact that the company's servicing bank asks for information about the actual owner.

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The letter from the bank is dated almost three months before the start of the legal proceedings. The financial institution asked to disclose the actual owner of the foreign company Amtek Holding LTD, which at that time was the beneficiary of "Bogoduhivsky" (within 7 days).

The term of the bank letter has long expired, and the judge still took it into account and issued a new resolution, which fully satisfied the petition filed by the new owners. That is, they made a decision absolutely opposite to the previous one, which he himself accepted. And thus all bans were canceled before making changes to the register.

The new owners of the enterprise immediately took advantage of this decision was, but instead of revealing the beneficiary of the overseas company, they introduced a new one. That is the Ukrainian company "Demeter" and Nina Zyablykova as beneficiary.

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Both in "Bogoduhivsky" and in "Dovirya," the agro group "Demeter" appeared., in the face of Nina Zyablykova (controlling interest). But the documents are feature for another name - Vyacheslav Sotnychenko, who has 10% of the authorized capital.

So, the capture of "Yaryna" in the Poltava region, "Bogoduhivsky" and "Dovirya" in Cherkasy were led by the same people. That is, people from the "Demeter Agro Group."

"Demeter's Agro Group" has already been drawn into scandals. According to "Our Money" agency, the company illegally leased state land for cultivation from SE "Ukraine’s Horse Breeding" under questionable contracts. At the same time, the fee for such a lease went to the pockets of individuals, not the state.

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