Lament for MP Shukhevych: fight, impeachment, and hand of Moscow

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Political prisoner and hero of Ukraine Yuriy Shukhevych has been subjected to a cynical provocation - Lyashko
11:44, 16 November 2016

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During the session of the parliament, faction "Fatherland" of Yulia Tymoshenko refused to exercise the right of speech and handed it to Shukhevych. 83-year-old lawmaker came to the podium, but the radical leader Oleg Lyashko MP ran up and did not let him speak.

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Lyashko urged Shukhevych not to speak and said that this is manipulation.

"Yuri Romanovich, do not let the split faction of the Radical Party ... I told you that I will come to you after my presentation," said Lyashko what Shukhevych replied: "You did not come."

The leader of the radicals long enough asked MP not to speak and not to let themselves be used in "political manipulation". Then the speaker asked the Council to declare Andrew Parubiya break.

The politician also addressed Tymoshenko: "What are you doing, Yulia, it's not fair."

Later, the Speaker stated about the break. People's Deputy from "Fatherland" Vadim Ivchenko said that Shukhevych had turned to their faction to take the word. Because the faction did not wish to exercise their right to speech, it was transferred to the deputy of the Radical Party.

After the break Shukhevych spoke from the parliamentary rostrum. He said that in Verhkovna Rada there are "the agents of our neighbor."

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"The reforms are not implemented, corruption is not only not declining, but growing. It is. You see nothing being done in Minsk... And nobody in Parliament does not want to say that authority gave negotiators in Minsk wants to say about the secret agreements, as they are, we should know that ... signed more than a year is a bill on the special status of the occupied territories, but we say it is not. There ATO and that says it all, is preparing a law on elections. no, not the election, but you know the law may lie down will be ready. We prepare for the elections ... we sit, we merge, we must know what is happening," he said.

According to him, it is necessary to create a special commission that will deal with investigation of all this and that on the basis of Commission decisions all the perpetrators were brought to justice.

During a half-hour break a fight occurred on the sidelines. Radical Party claims that the former assistant head of the Presidential Administration, the representative of Ukraine in the subgroup of Humanitarian Affairs Trilateral contact group to resolve the conflict in the Donbas, Viktor Medvedchuk attacked MP Igor Mosiychuk. Lyashko quickly ran.

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The video does not show the whole happening, except the words of Mosiychuk.

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Lyashko later said that the representative of Medvedchuk was trying to use Shukhevych to implement "Moscow's plans."

Deputy of Lyashko’s faction Andriy Lozovyi later wrote that there was a scuffle with a security guard of Medvedchuk Olexander Bilyk, who allegedly entered the building of Verkhovna Rada thanks to Tymoshenko.

"Some people tried to use Yuriy Shukhevych in destabilizing the situation in the country and in Parliament in particular. Shukhevych had to speak and read a document that would embitter society and then ... there is reliable information – there was planned liquidation of Mr.Shukhevych. When and where was supposed to happen this murder should clarify intelligence, but the provocation controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk’s guardian - Alexander Bilyk, who entered Parliament building by a special document ordered by Yulia Tymoshenko ..." says Mosiychuk.

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"I appeal to the President and SBU. Political prisoner and a hero of Ukraine Yuriy Shukhevych has been subjected to a cynical provocation. From reliable sources it became known that the life Shukhevych was in danger. Our colleague can be killed to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, to implement Moscow's plan to undermine Ukraine from within. The enemies of Ukraine want to use Shukhevych as a sacred victim, as in the case of Gongadze's murder. I formally appeal to the president and head of the SBU, our colleague Shukhevych is in danger, I ask to give him state protection," said Lyashko.

MPs from the Radical Party Dmytro Linko said Shukhevych was given the draft resolution on Poroshenko’s impeachment.

"After this speech Yuriy Shukhevych was to be attacked, possibly murdered. So Shukhevych would be sacred sacrifice that would have triggered a wave of protests," he wrote.

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The whole situation is very strange. Still it is not clear why the "Fatherland" decided to give the word to Shukhevych, who represents another faction. “Fatherland” did not respond to accusations from Lyashko, while the Radical Party voiced a lot of statement about the "hand" of the Kremlin. There are some rumors about oppositional attack against President Poroshenko - the active phase of the attack is seen on the streets of Kyiv.


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