Parallels between Grozny and Aleppo

Author : Mykola Siruk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Aleppo events are very direct analogy with Grozny during the two Chechen campaigns, when the capital of Chechnya was virtually destroyed, regardless of civilian casualties
10:45, 26 September 2016

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On Sunday, the UN Security Council will hold an urgent meeting on events in Aleppo. London, Paris, and Washington demanded gathering an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The international community harshly criticized the bloody bombing of Syrian cities.

According to the Syrian Center for monitoring human rights, since the end of a week-long ceasefire, which expired at night on September 19, due to air strikes on Aleppo, Syrian aircraft supported by Russia, killed 173 people, among them were 26 children. Only on Friday, September 23, about 100 people died from massive air strikes.

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EU leaders strongly condemned the air strikes on civilians in Aleppo. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has also condemned the massive bombing.

Syrian army Saturday announced its intention to return control of parts of Aleppo, which are currently controlled by the rebels.

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Intense attacks in Aleppo left about two million people without water, said the UN. "Aleppo is slowly dying, and the world looks, cutting off the water and bombing are the latest of inhumane acts," said deputy head of UNICEF Justin Forsyth.

Institute of World History (National Academy of Ukraine), Head of the Department of Asia and Africa, Vyacheslav Shved.

Why the situation in Syria is so tensed? Why the agreement on a ceasefire between the US and Russia are always failed?

I think the Syrian revolution, the uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad is now experiencing the most dramatic period in its history. Actually, the wave of revolutions that began in the spring of 2011 may result in a temporary defeat, as for example the uprising in Syria.

Why? What are the main factors for this?

First, the current US president Barack Obama is actually withdrawing from the Syrian problem. Three years ago in the most crucial moment when the advantage was on the side of the rebels who were better organized, he did not cross, as he called it, 'red line' and did not inflict a decisive military blow to Assad, who used chemical weapons against civilians and rebels.

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Thus, the White House actually untied the hands of Assad, Iran, and Russia that have switched to the direct military intervention and sent to the aid of the current Assad regime.

Iran sent its first qualifying parts, including body Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, Al-Kood, and actually began direct military intervention a year ago.

In early September this year, it was the second attempt for the last year to reach a peace agreement regarding a ceasefire and start peace talks. But it ended with shooting of peaceful humanitarian convoy conducted by Russian or Syrian aircraft.


In a cruel way Russian invaders and their vassal Bashar Assad are trying to influence psychologically on unbowed Aleppo. It is the second largest city in Syria. At one time, it was largest economic center of Syria, which today is a stronghold of Syrian rebel forces.

Putin and his Syrian puppet Bashar Assad decided it was an appropriate moment to force capture of Aleppo, without regard to cost. Bashar Assad brazenly declared that he unilaterally comes out of the ceasefire. Here I would like to draw attention to the comments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the subject. Bashar al-Assad and his owners, especially the Russian Federation, are  not seeking for negotiations on ceasefire. Moscow is trying to undermine efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis and to impose a military solution.

Putin and Assad is trying to end the rebel Aleppo even if they need to completely destruct the city. It is very direct analogy with Grozny during the two Chechen campaigns, when the capital of Chechnya was virtually destroyed, regardless of civilian casualties. Unfortunately, Aleppo can expect such a sad fate.

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You can see that Obama actually withdrew from the Syrian problem after the failure of negotiations. There are some forty days left until November 8.

Putin reasonably believes that he can put an end to the Syrian opposition before the inauguration of the new US President. Be it Clinton or Trump, but it is equally important to clean Syria and put end to the anti-Bashar forces. And when the new president would come, Putin would just propose him a new stage of negotiations regarding the future of Syria.

What does this situation mean for Ukraine?

I think, again, it was very clearly demonstrated that in the face of the current Russian President Vladimir Putin, we have the enemy without any moral principles. Putin skillfully uses the features of the current political moment when the Western world actually entered a period of "reset" of its political leadership.

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While on the other hand, the current position of Turkey is very critical, it has clearly declared that it would not betray the Crimean Tatars and considers the chosen State Duma of Russia illegitimate.

I think that today, it is especially important to intensify our relations with the Islamic world and rely on the members of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf States. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Turkey.

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Although Erdogan is very skillfully maneuvering and has agreed on the peaceful talks with Putin, but so it is significant that he did not retreat from his principled position on Crimea and Crimean Tatars.

Of course, we should also intensify relations with countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

We need to convince the Islamic masses, the most remote corners of the Islamic world that the true situation of Muslims in Ukraine and our problem of the Crimean Tatars are really threatening. We need to enhance the level of talks with the Islamic world. We have no time just to stand still, but we need to work.

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What do you expect from the meeting of the Security Council on the Syrian issue?

I think that nothing will change. A serious political pause has begun today, I mean the process of "reset" in the leading Western countries. Secretary of State John Kerry always said that something must be done, because it will be getting worse. Of course, it will be worse, but the US and the West cannot do anything. Maybe two months later the situation change dramatically. So Putin and Assad will do everything to effectively use this period to transfer the situation in Syria in their favor. As we know, Russia will block any decision in the UN Security Council. And any talk or condemn of the actions of the Assad regime do not even matter. To day we can see that the scenario as the capture of Grozny is actually repeating. Intensive artillery training, aerial bombardment of the city and offensive with ground troops backed by tanks. They will do everything to storm Aleppo.

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Sometimes, some experts have suggested that Assad was elected as the president has the right to deal with the opposition, including military means. Does he have some legal grounds to do what he does now?

The root of the problem lies in the fact that Assad and his father have illegally come to power through military coups. Just they removed the legitimate authority. Therefore, they can not be considered legitimate presidents. Especially since they do not represent the majority. Therefore these arguments about their legitimate power just cannot stand criticism.

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