October 14: Ukraine’s far-right Intercession

Author : Stanislav Kozlyuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

This year's Intercession celebration probably be remembered for a long years. For the first time, two different far-right columns march along the center of Kyiv
10:08, 17 October 2016

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Morning, the center of Kyiv. At the intricate structures mounted are risen the names of units fighting in eastern Ukraine. Below are the portraits of soldiers and their short history. The military orchestra is marching through the Independence Square.

Meanwhile, guys in clothing with symbols "Azov" are stepping near the Post Office. They climb down the Grinchenko street the House of Architects. The leader of the regiment will present his party "National body."


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Unlike the major parliamentary parties until does not organize any receptions. Only mineral water and coffee.

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Then the guests come to the stage. Dissident, Levko Lukyanenko politician, writer Shkliar. Both speeches talk about "true nationalists" who gathered in the hall. Shkliar simultaneously gives delegates gifts - drives with his own audio books. After them comes spokesman from the Right Sector. He says shortly. The main message of the speech is that nationalists should unite in rejecting "their selfish ambitions."

Warranty national security "Azov" called main function of the state. As for relations with Russia - the party declared recognition of the state-aggressor at all levels of global politics and international diplomacy, insisted on a unilateral denunciation of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation from 1997. The program also declared that Ukraine should be the part of the Baltic-Black Sea Union.

Hall applauds. Andriy Biletskyy, who called himself the White Chief, appears on the scene.

"We have become the party of action. No words, no billboards or TV show. We do not make promotion. Do not promise to be easy. We will only work and work," said the leader of Azov.

Biletskyy elected Chairman of the party.

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While "Azov" announced the creation of the party in the Shevchenko park, far-right Svoboda began to gather. At the monument to the writer it unfold banners set microphones raise the flags of the party. The woman with a homemade banner "Jews killed my husband."

The orchestra, which fell nearby, began to play patriotic tunes. Protesters are floating park. They say police seized one of their guys. The incident really was.. The situation threatened to escalate into a local battle, but both sides failed to agree on a "peaceful" settlement of the conflict.

“Dear residents and guests! Freedom traditionally, as every year, invites you to join the march of Intercession of the Theotokos!”

Columns are heterogeneous. There's the banner "Freedom to Zaveruha" and "Crimea. Sevastopol" and "No to a police state." They proclaim different: "Glory to the nation, the death of the Russian Federation," "Intercession - our holiday Bandera - our hero!", "Avakov, a bad dog, we should kill him." They are also chanting "Sieg Heil, Rudolf Hess, Hitler Jugend, SS!" However, it seems, they have become accustomed. Along the way, participants smoke flares and smoke bombs.

Members of their march were mixed. Here and military and civil units, and football hooligans, far-rights C14, and "Freedom".

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"Azov will come and bring the order!"

Near the monument to Khmelnitsky is short, 20-minute meeting. They talk about the war and the front against Russian invaders, the value of the Protection for nationalists, remember times when  Yanukovych with the tricolor passed around Kyiv. Glad that everything has changed dramatically. Call to continue the fight. But stress that nationalists except fight, we should be educated to bring changes through. Mention of those killed in the fighting in Donbas. Rounding prayer nationalist, lit the fires.

The march different from the inside, but the same by the essence, ends.

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