Notorious shootout in Kniazhychi: versions and details

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The official version of the incident leaves more questions than answers
15:15, 5 December 2016

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According to the release of the National Police, members of Kyiv Criminal Investigation Department with the support of special forces soldiers of National Police KORD planned special operation to detain a dangerous gang of burglars who committed a series of robberies in Kyiv and region.

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The next robbery was going to happen in the village Kniazhychi, Kyiv region. A group of law enforcement officers also came there. All this happened at night, after 4 hours of the morning. In one of the neighboring houses tripped burglar alarm and police arrived at the scene a group of guards. Employees of the group, said another police took them for robbers and tried to arrest. At the same time, investigators took police protection for the hitters and come to the aid of their colleagues. As a result, there was a skirmish between them, during which five people were killed: two police guards, two investigators and one commando from KORD, who was part of the group:

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- Head of KORD National Police Department in Kyiv Police Major Vitaly Valetsky

- Chief Operations Officer, National Police Department in Kyiv Senior Police Lieutenant Julian Rud'ko

- Chief Operations Officer, National Police Department in Kyiv police lieutenant Olexander Manitsa

- Junior Inspector of Brovary inter-district Police department Sergeant Eugen Kurtev

- Junior Inspector of Brovary inter-district Police department Sergeant Serhiy Orlov.

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A spokesman for the Kyiv region explained that four law enforcement officers died on the way to hospital and another in a health facility. According to him, the dead employees of civil service protection and intelligence were shot directly in the marked car of State Service of Security, which was also attacked with a stun grenades.

The kind of weapons used during the conflict has not yet been announced. According to the official report of the prosecutor's office, KORD employees were the first who opened fire.

The media also wrote that the civil service protection opened fire and fatally wounded KORD soldier; KORD opened fire in response. At the same time, as you know, the police guard arrived on two cars marked with identification marks, they also had body armor.

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MP Anton Gerashchenko clarifies the course of the operation. According to him, in one of the private houses police spy were placed, the task of which was to give a command to arrest the robbers. A civil service protection just noticed and detained two police-spies, suggesting that they might be involved in triggering the alarm.

A group of investigators and KORD soldiers decided to come to help the detained spies. They arrived in a van on the street, where the shooting occurred. After the release of this version fell numerous comments that the story contains a lot of inconsistencies. In particular, the deputy head of the Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement Vitaly Kupriy believes that Gerashchenko’s version is absurd.

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Ex-adviser to Interior Minister Konstantin Stogniy wrote that Kniazhychi residents told of cases of robberies by people in police uniform, and said journalists that the KORD arrived on the scene, to "discourage" the detained police officers who hunted thefts in homes.

As is known, after a shootout, the police arrested a gang of robbers. According to the Internal Ministry, the gangs were detained, when attackers from Kniazhychi came to the two previously prepared SUVs. Head of the National Police Vadym Troyan said that in the group consisted of a few people who have worked or were related to law enforcement authorities.

This statement seems to be a bit inconsistent. Media reported that the Kyiv police recently recorded numerous cases of "leakage" of information, so it might be decided not to warn the State Security Service of the special operation to capture the gang of robbers.

But if there was fear of information leakage, then there would a number of other factors that remain unknown: why after the arrest of "scouts" they showed no identification.

Colleagues two dead employees Serhiy Orlov and Eugene Kurtev told that they do not believe in the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "We do not believe in the version of Interior Ministry. Gangs that would robbed Kniazhychi were just imagined," they claimed.

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It should be noted that MPs, judges, and prosecutors have real estate in Kniazhychi, and hence, the village has video surveillance, and many homes use the services of police protection. Video record might shed light on the tragedy.

Online users began to sharply criticize police reform and even demanded the resignation of Arsen Avakov. One of the active participants of the reform of the Interior Ministry, MP Mustafa Nayem believes that in this case is difficult to defend the national police.

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MP from the Radical Party, Igor Mosiychuk called gunfight a consequence of non-professional reforms. But MP Sergei Kaplin believes that Avakov should be removed from office.

The head of the Zakarpattya Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal, who for many years worked in the Interior Ministry, said that the tragedy occurred due to lack of coordination of actions of law enforcement officers from different agencies.

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