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Here is the reaction of social networks users (politicians, MPs, former ministers, bloggers, and political scientists) on Berlin's Norman Quartet meeting
23:17, 20 October 2016

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In Berlin, the leaders of "Norman Quartet" - the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, for five hours have been discussing the situation in Donbas. They spoke on implementation of the Minsk agreements. Merkel noted that the negotiations were not easy. No documents were signed after the talks. We have gathered the reaction of the social networks users on the yesterday's meeting of "Norman Four."

Volodymyr Ariev, MP of Ukraine, Chair of Ukrainian delegation to PACE, President of PACE Committee for Culture/Media

The results of any negotiations in any format will be totally useless until Russia begins to fulfill its obligations. Putin agrees to accept some things that were previously rejected (police mission or roadmap creation), it shows that things in Russia are bad. Therefore the main task for the West is to continue sanctions against the Russian regime. Otherwise, the words would not become deeds, because the true KGB bearer Putin is a pathological liar.

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Larysa Sargan, Press Secretary of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko

Difficult and long negotiations. And the results. Of course, someone would not be satisfied with them. "If I were him..." Calm down, lying on the couch with the gadget is easier than being at that place.

Vasyl Vovk, former Head of the Main Investigation Department of Security Service of Ukraine

October 20б meeting of the leaders of the participating countries "Norman Quartet" ended in Berlin. Allegedly agreed.

  1. On creating the roadmap of implementation of the Minsk agreements - by the end of November.
  2. The extension of the OSCE Mission to get access to uncontrolled Ukraine border area with Russia.
  3. I personally do not believe it, but refer to the information of TSN: “...the President of Ukraine said that they would attempt to establish OSCE armed police mission, which will provide security for local elections in Donbas and during transitional period. Poroshenko is convinced that the Russian side also supported the idea of OSCE police mission.”

The first point is agony of dying "Norman format." Second point is a fiction. The third one is a fiction, causing great concern.

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Anatoliy Hrytsenko, former Minister of Defense


1) We talked. Agreed to talk and negotiate further. Looking feeds, Ukrainian, Russian, and international: each of the four representatives commented meeting on his own, making emphasis on what they want to hear. The same mantra of special status, rapid elections, a police mission, new points of dilution troops... I have compiled their comments - no meaningful solution. Maybe it was good. At least, Ukraine is not completely cornered.

2) Two of the four are waiting for the election and re-election dreams. All four are waiting for the elections in the United States. So pause until the end of November. However, none of the breakthroughs were not expected. As well as from Minsk II, and the Normandy format in general. Although their mantra of "no alternative" was again repeated by all four together.

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3) Poroshenko was said to get out at midnight. And the other three representatives, together with Putin, discussed Syria. One of the key problems of global security is discussed openly without Ukraine ?! Ukraine is a state-founder of the United Nations. Ukraine is a member of the UN Security Council and is authorized to participate in all key voting on Syria.

Bacho Korchilava, former press attache of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine

While backstage information from Normandy format meeting has not spread, it can be said the main conclusions from the words of the leaders that were made after the meeting.

First - finally it became clear (though no one doubted) that the Minsk agreement is a framework solution to the conflict in Donbas. That is all to be done in the spirit and letter of these agreements.

Secondly - there are no new agreements and it is said that Ukraine does not concede its position despite pressure. That is, first the safety and control, then the choices.

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Third - still remain discrepancies between the sides of a document, one sees in its implementation of the mechanism of most of the Minsk agreements.

And fourth, and most important - like all agree that the mandate of the OSCE Mission and the number should be changed and enlarged and peacekeepers should appear - but it is already clear that Russia means by that of their military, and we are the European police.

In general, the only positive aspect of this meeting - as they say diplomats - is the continuation of the dialogue between the parties.

Alyona Iakhno, MP’s assistant

Briefing of Poroshenko. The parties have agreed to negotiate. The ministers will prepare the "Roadmap."

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The main issue discussed four hours is security. Something like this…

Oleksandr Bryhinets, Freelance Advisor to the Minister in ATO

As I predicted, in Berlin, the parties agreed on correct and useful for Ukraine things.

Too bad it will be implemented very slowly, or even would not be implemented at all ((((

At least the cocktail 'neither peace nor war' contains more peace and less war. And this is something...

Kyrylo Sazonov, political scientist

The process is very difficult. Russia has not abandoned its plans to formalize its puppet enclave within Ukraine, the problem is the cessation of the process of European integration and Euro-Atlantic integration of our country. Ukraine, in turn, is ready to reasonable concessions that do not call into question our civilizational choice. That is the principal question - Ukraine will become a part of Europe, or remain in the Russian world, there is no unanimous decision. The Kremlin, as before, considers Ukraine as a priority area of its interests.

As for tactical agreements, a compromise step was really made. It is a cautious step. With the ability at any time to play back. The parties made a number of concessions - Putin agreed on the introduction of a Police Mission in Donbas, and Poroshenko – on the preparations for the elections in Donbas (formula of Steinmeier).

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Debaltsevo goes under the OSCE monitoring; this is a concession of Kremlin. But in preparing for the elections in uncontrolled territories announced disengagement, not to disarm militants. This is concession to Ukraine. However, no documents in the process were signed, during October and November a detailed roadmap will be developed at the level of experts and foreign ministers.

Yesterday's agreement is very vague and relative. Ukraine agreed to adopt a law on elections in Donbas, but there are still opened questions. Here we have a decent freedom to maneuver. On the other hand, Putin's consent to the introduction of the OSCE police mission may at any time be revoked by militants, who are formally independent and has already announced that the police mission contradicts the Minsk agreements.

With regard to the behavior of participants in the negotiations, Putin's sudden acquiescence is striking. He was obviously frightened and knocked out of the rut tough Western reaction to the bombing of Russian aviation in Syria and tough resolution OSCE to recognize Russia's aggression in Ukraine. It seems that the prospect of strengthening the sanctions is really crucial for the Kremlin.

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Poroshenko has a trump card in the form of a rigid position of the majority in the Verkhovna Rada. The deputies did not agree to the surrender of Ukrainian independence on the Kremlin's scenario of "special status of Donbas". It was stated in advance. This gives the ability to hold the position of Poroshenko with the phrase "The parliament would not support me."

Yuriy Romanenko, Ukrainian Institute for the Future

No documents. No road maps (the roadmap will be adopted in November, that is, after the US elections). No other format will be adopted. Debalcevo demilitarization looks like a sweet pill, but certainly as a background for concessions, such as the exchange according to the "all for all," armed OSCE mission. But in general, everything looks as usual.

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