New Ukrainian myth or “gold of Hetman Polubotok–2”

Author : Mykyta Sinitsyn

Source : 112 Ukraine

"Yanukovych's gold" becomes a new Ukraine's myth, just like a legend about the gold of Polubotok in 1990s
23:19, 5 September 2017

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The most prominent episode from life of law enforcers and politicians of 2014 year were myths about former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. Among them are legend about a golden loaf of bread, golden toilet bowl, and carrying out billions of dollars by lorries.

Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Eevgen Yenin has created a new myth about the gold of Yanukovych; according to the official, more than half a ton of gold, stolen and carried out from Ukraine by Yanukovych’s milieu, was arrested abroad.

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In total, the prosecutor's office states that the former president has embezzled $ 40 billion. Although having successful experience of returning stolen assets and exacting amounts of theft, Ukraine judges him for treason, and not for embezzlement for tens of billions of dollars. According to Yenin, Yanukovych's half a ton of gold would cost some $ 21 million (or more than half a billion hryvnia).

Famous legend comes to my mind, which was populae at beginning of Ukraine's independence. This is about the gold Ukrainian Hetman Pavlo Polubotok. In 1723, Hetman has deposited 2 barrels of gold with some 200 thousand gold coins (or even a million of golden coins, according to another legend) in the banks of England. In May 1990, poet Volodymyr Tsybulko has counted the interest from the whole years, so if gold is returned, every citizen of independent Ukraine will obtain 38 kg.

At that time (in 90s), the gold was not found, and it could not be found, because the promised 38 kilograms of gold for 50 million Ukrainians exceed to about 2 million tons of gold, while the maximum gold reserves of the world never exceeded several tens of thousands tons. However, the apparent absurdity of figures and legends did not embarrass anyone, because 90s were a time of high hopes.

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Of course, miracles do not happen, but we want to  be optimistic. We would like to get all our precious kilograms of gold and do nothing, enjoying wealth and luxury. The very story of the gold of Polubotok appeared in the 19th century. Since then the people have been tricking themselves with hopes of a rich and gorgeous life in independence.

Actually, the history tend to repeat. Just like 27 years ago, Ukrainians are again offered a path to prosperity: let us return 40 billion dollars stolen by Yanukovych and then we will live like true kings.

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But the most difficult challenge here is that it would be difficult to divide 500 thousand grams of "Yanukovych's gold" between several tens of millions of people (0.5 carat), so it will be easier to divide them between needy Ukrainian oligarchs. It is easier to divide by several people than between the millions.

Long live new Ukrainian mythmaking, in which people receive nothing but the hope for punishing the guilty and for returning of stolen money. Of course, the people would receive nothing from this gold, because our politicians are quite humane people: they cannot deprive people of hope for justice.


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