New "Crimean saboteurs": Ukraine’s intelligence experts targeted by FSB

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In occupied Crimea, Russian FSB detained a group of people, calling them "Ukrainian saboteurs"; later it became known that at least two of them were analysts dealing with Crimean issues
10:30, 11 November 2016

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The Russian FSB this morning announced about the arrest in Sevastopol Ukrainian intelligence officers who were planning to sabotage strategic sites annexed Crimea. Ukrainian security officials deny getting to Crimea any subversive groups and the actions of the FSB called an attempt to discredit Ukraine. We collected all the information about the new "Crimean saboteurs", recalling at the same time, what happens to those who had been arrested in August.

What is known about "saboteurs" arrested November 9

Russian FSB this morning announced the arrest of participants in "sabotage and terrorist group of the Main Control Ministry of Defense intelligence of Ukraine", who allegedly planned to "commit acts of sabotage on the objects of military infrastructure and life support of the peninsula of Crimea".

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"Detainees seized explosive devices high power weapons and ammunition, means of special communications and other physical evidence of their criminal activities, including the outline map of objects suspected of sabotage," stated the FSB Public Relations Center.

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"Interfax" referring to some sources reports during the search, a map with the designation of military facilities and infrastructure of Crimea was found. It allows us to say that they prepared, according to preliminary data, the sabotage of power stations, water treatment plants and distribution networks of Crimea.

At the same time the source of "Kommersant" says that the goal of "Crimean saboteurs" was the Black Sea Fleet facilities.

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ATO Speaker Andriy Lysenko denied allegations of FSB of the Russian Federation: "In reality, FSB has not detained any saboteurs, because there are no such people in Crimea and Sevastopol. Russian special services try to show their effectiveness by misleading its highest Russian leadership, the people, and the international community. "

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also denied the statement of the FSB of the Russian Federation:

"This is another fake of the Russian secret services aimed at concealing personal repressive actions against the inhabitants of the peninsula, as well as to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of the international community."

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Later it became known the names of the detainees: Bessarabov Alexey, Shtyblikov Dmitry, Dudko Vladimir.

Brother of Shtyblikov said that Dmitry has no relation to the Ukrainian intelligence. He told that Dmitry is a former military man, but has long been engaged in analytics.

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He believes that attention to his brother can be explained by the fact that he was an analyst of the Center facilitating the study of geopolitical issues and Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Black Sea Region "Nomos" in Sevastopol. As well as Bessarabov.

About Shtyblikov it is known that he studied at the Kyiv Higher Military Command School named after Frunze, and while working in the "Nomos" regularly appeared in the media expert and scientific conferences, published his articles in the journal "The Black Sea Security". According to the journalist Anton Naumlyuk, in spring 2014 "Nomos" and the magazine, which was published Shtyblikov were closed.

Naumlyuk writes that a second detainee, Bessarabov Alexey, 40 years, in 2013 took part in the Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy, met with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland. Academy - a two-week seminar in Warsaw for analysts, journalists and experts - was organized and funded by the College of Europe, the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the German Marshall Fund. Bessarabov also was an expert at "Nomos", was published.

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The former head of energy programs center "Nomos" Michael Honchar told "Radio Liberty" that Shtyblikov and Bessarabov are public figures, well-known experts, who until 2014 worked directly in Sevastopol on the Black Sea issues.

According to him, the work of "Nomos" center of expertise was public and transparent. Customers of their research have been including the European Commission and "Revival" fund. Potter added that in public events "Nomos" is often attended by representatives of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

On the latest detainee Vladimir Dudko, there is no information.

Leninsky District Court in annexed Sevastopol today arrested for two months all the detainees. It was also reported that they admitted their guilt.

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Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup Irina Gerashchenko said the detention of "saboteurs" is part of Russia's policy of seizing new hostages, which subsequently blackmailing Ukraine.

Case of Panov and Zahtey

Today's arrest "of the Crimean saboteurs" was the "second series": in August, the FSB has accused several Ukrainians in the preparation of acts of terrorism and took them to the Russian Federation.

August 10, FSB reported on the prevention of terrorist attacks in Crimea. Three hours later, President Vladimir Putin said that in Kyiv "moved from practice to terror."

The FSB published on its website the text stating that the service prevented "terrorist acts" on the peninsula, which were prepared by Ukrainian Intelligence.

"The purpose of sabotage and terrorist attacks - to destabilize the social and political situation in the region during the preparation and conduct of elections of the federal and regional authorities," claimed the FSB.

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The General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine refuted the statement of the Federal Service of Russia on the Elimination of Ukrainian intelligence reconnaissance network. Defense Ministry noted that the detainees are "Ukrainians and patriots", but not the intelligence officials.

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that this is another element of a hybrid war and an attempt to exacerbate the situation in the occupied territory. President Petro Poroshenko instructed to strengthen combat readiness near administrative border between occupied Crimea and Donbas and Russian Federation.

The FSB claimed that the group was led by Evgeny Panov, born in 1977, resident of Zaporizhia region, a member of the Defense Intelligence. Later they began to know the names of two other detainees - a foreman from Yevpatoriya Andriy Zahtey and Redvan Suleymanov, who were arrested three weeks before the application of the FSB of the terrorist attacks. It was reported that 9 people were detained and two arrested (Panov and Zahtey).

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Friends of Evgeny Panov said that he had no friends or working businesses in Crimea, worked as a driver at Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Prior to that, he served in a separate motorized infantry battalion and in August 2015 was demobilized. Brother of Evgeny Panov said that Eugene was kidnapped in Zaporizhia region and taken to Crimea.

Human rights activists reported that Panov was tortured: his hands were handcuffed behind the knees, then lifted up on a stick and hit on the shins with a metal pipe, and tortured with electricity. As a result of tortures, Panov was forced to incriminate himself and to sign the protocols drawn up security forces. During the interrogation, which distributed the video of the FSB, he answered the questions prepared in advance.

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Irina Gerashchenko said that Evgeny Panov was another Russian hostage who was kidnapped, and that Ukraine should and will be exempt.

Now Panov and Zahtey are in Moscow jail "Lefortovo", they arrest was extended until 10 December.

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