Need for vehicles: Does Ukrainian army have enough automotive equipment?

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80% of the Ukrainian Army military vehicles are obsolete. This is recognized by the Ministry of Defense itself. Every year equipment is updated, it is repaired, and some new units are purchased. However, the army is drowning in bureaucracy, and the commander must fill many papers in order to get a technique or spare parts for it
21:47, 30 October 2017

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The Ukrainian army is a non-unique place where one can observe how common sense fights bureaucracy, and where the satisfaction of the bureaucratic needs of the army takes all the time to do some practical things, for example, conducting military operations somewhere on the front line. And all the state structures are built in the same way. First, paperwork, and then - candies.

But there’s a war in the country, you will say, what kind of papers do you need, if at first you need to shoot, move, deliver things right now at this second. But no: first one should write acts, statements, reports, investigations, and then go and fight. We notice such things in all that concerns the provision of troops, however, now we’ll talk about the car supply.

80% of the automotive equipment of Ukrainian armed Forces is obsolete. This is recognized by the Ministry of Defense itself. Annually it is renewed, it is repaired and purchased. The staffing of the units which fight today in Donbas conflict, with automobile equipment, is 82%. This is also official data. So where do the new vehicles come from?

As the chief of the Central Automobile Department of Armed Forces of Ukraine Major-General Olexander Sergiy said, from 2014 to 2017 there were and still are several sources of supply of military vehicles:

  • supplying of equipment from the national economy - more than 5,000 units
  • purchasing under state order - 1300 units
  • international technical assistance - 124 units
  • charitable aid - more than 1700 units
  • overhaul - 1200 units
  • vehicles, which until 2010 were transferred to the Accounting Center, returned, updated and sent to combat units for additional equipment - 3600 units

Up to 1000 units of equipment are planned to be purchased the next year, as a rule these are all trucks. Also, for example, according to Olexander Sergiy, all the equipment that was purchased under the state order (tractors for artillery, ammunition and military equipment supplies) was sent to combat units that are in Donbas conflict zone.

More than 1,700 vehicles are charitable volunteer aid, of which 131 units have passed through the Ministry of Social Policy and now there are 500 more of them in the project.

By the way, about volunteer cars. If the volunteers want to transfer a car to some subdivision, then it is necessary to pass the procedure through the Ministry of Social Policy. In July 2015, amendments were made to the current legislation, including the Law of Ukraine "On Humanitarian Aid," according to which cars that are provided to military units in Donbas and delivered during the period of carrying out the antiterrorist operation are recognized as humanitarian aid. Such volunteer cars are registered in the Main Military Inspectorate in amount of 1,733 units. The procedure is long, but necessary. How does this happen?

  1. Charitable organizations or volunteers submit documents to the Ministry of Social Policy with information about the car they want to transfer to the unit in Donbas conflict zone.
  2. The Ministry of Social Policy issues an order "On the Recognition of Cargoes as a Humanitarian Aid." The Ministry of Internal Affairs should confirm at the same time that these cars do not have any "tails" (search, arrest, etc.), and that they are not from the Shyrokine garages.
  3. The commander of the military unit takes this car into account in the Central Automobile Office of Ukrainian Armed Forces, receives the vehicle's passport (form) and provides the necessary documents to the Main Military Road Safety Inspectorate to grant them permission for the first registration of the vehicle in the Military Inspectorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Military law enforcement services.
  4. The car is included in the military unit, now it is possible to drive through the Donbas conflict zone, repair and fill the fuel not at one's own expense.

Head of the Central Automobile Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major-General Olexander Sergiy told that he knows about the problems with the bureaucracy and asked to contact the Direction Department directly via e-mail ([email protected]).

Who should bring additional components?

We bring the components to the warehouses. In each operational-tactical grouping there is a warehouse, we deliver components to this warehouse, from the warehouse military received spare parts, in accordance with the sector in which they are located.

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Sanitary transport. Evacuation of the wounded.

The Military Medical Department of the Ministry of Defense reported that during 2016-2017, 100 sanitary vehicles Bogdan 2251 and 30 units of armored sanitary equipment on the basis of the MT-LB were purchased. The colonel of the medical service Petro Mekh assured that they were immediately sent to military units, which perform tasks in the Donbas conflict area. In addition, we purchased a mobile surgical room and an X-ray room based on KrAZ vehicles. Now they are being tested.

How many such mobile medical cabinets are there?

I will not say this information, but we have them. I would also like to note the medical equipment that was provided to us by public and volunteer organizations and international partners. To date, 33 units of such sanitary-automotive equipment have been transferred to the Armed Forces. Also we received as a charitable humanitarian aid 5 units of ambulances based on the Hummer M1152.

From my own experience I know that, in particular, in the Mariupol direction, a separate BMP was on duty to remove the wounded, transported them to the collection points of the wounded, and then they were picked up by the Hospitallers on their cars and taken to hospitals.

These 30 MT-LBs, of which you said, should perform this function.

They perform this function, it's just that in a combat situation, not every armored car can do this in connection with the tactical and technical characteristics: it is the noise of the engine and the convenience in movement, so there is specificity in usу of such cars.
In the Donbas conflict zone, volunteer medical battalions continue to operate - these are the ASAP, the Hospitallers, and others. In 2015, there were big problems with coordination of their actions: who should go to the wounded, why those people, and not others, who would deliver the wounded to the stabilization point and other. Who is coordinating this today?

These organizations are very helpful to us, so today we consider the possibility of creating a separate evacuation unit to attract the forces and resources of public, volunteer organizations so that personnel, and technical means, and sanitary automotive equipment do such a function within the Armed Forces. Such projects are now being discussed. Under whose management these volunteer battalions will be, it is not yet known.

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