Naval Forces of Ukraine: numbers and main perspectives

Author : Bohdan Danylyshyn

Source : 112 Ukraine

Russians cannibalize Ukrainian ships left in annexed Crimea
13:01, 6 July 2016

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Ukraine managed to save 10 warships. Another 16 have left in annexed Crimea. Almost all of 40 supply vessels were saved too. Speaking about the combat ships, less than a half went back to Ukraine. In addition, our flagship frigate Hetman Sahaidachny needs to go to the docks for repairs. Definitely there is a need of some new ships.

Recently, Ukraine has assigned names to two brand new armored gunboats: Ackermann and Berdyansk. Currently, they continue to undergo tests, and if they pass them successfully, they will l go into service. In parallel, the Leninska kuznia plant builds four more landing crafts, and two crafts of Centaur type.

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The Black Sea Shipyard (CSY) in Mykolaiv continues to build a corvette project 58250 Volodymyr Velykyi. Readiness corvette is 20%. Seven countries are involved into the project. Italians prepare guns, the Germans produce radars, and the Dutch are responsible for the navigation. According to the contract with the Ministry of Defense, four corvettes should be built.

In Mykolaiv, another unfinished cruiser Ukraine stands at 61 Communards plant. This is the same project as the notorious Russian cruiser Moskva. According to my information, the Defense Ministry is not interested in this project. This is an oceanic ship, and Ukraine just simply has no place for it.  Therefore, the cruiser just dulls rust, and millions are spent on its conservation.

With regard to the topic "the West will help Ukraine," 7 American Willard type boats have come here. Five 7- meter boats and another two have 11 meters each. They cost $300 and $800 thousand per unit, including preparation of the crew and rigging equipment. The US Foreign Military Financing Fund has financed the purchase. Willard is a standard combat boat of the US Navy. Soon we would receive two more boats of Iland project. In the United States it is used for the coast guard.

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Ukraine has troubles with the mine-sweeping forces. Cherkassy and ​​Chernigiv have stayed in Crimea. Actually, mine-sweeping ship of the corvette class costs at least $ 250 million. As an alternative, we can purchase a mine-sweeping platform, even a used one, for example Swedish SAM-3. Especially we have a shallow area and the platforms work at a depth of 60 meters, which in this case is sufficient.

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The issue of naval aviation is also painful. It was produced and serviced in Russia and Sevastopol. So here comes the question of extending the life of the machinery and replacement of its main units. But there is light at the end of the tunnel; Motor Sich plant is carrying out appropriate procedures to switch to domestic sites.

One more encouraging thing is a coastal missile system Neptune. It is a secret project, so I cannot say much about it.

I wrote about the future of our fleet, and didn’t mention the possibility of the return of the remaining ships in Crimea, - just because no one believes in it. According to my sources, all our vehicles are concentrated at a single location. There are signs on them "Foreign State Machinery." And the saddest is that the Russians simply dismantle Ukrainian ships into separate parts. In particular, our landing ship Konstantin Olshansky. Olshansky is maintained by the Russian ships that to go to Syria. 

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