National treasure: Ukraine gets back its Scythian gold

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Scythian gold, which has "stuck" in the Netherlands for almost 3 years, would return to Ukraine
21:47, 15 December 2016

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A story, that has become a matter of pride and a matter of principle for our country, seems to have a happy ending. However, in order to remove all doubts once and for all, you need to wait for the appeal.

In February 2014, a collection of Scythian gold was moved to Amsterdam, where it was displayed at the exhibition "Crimea: Gold and mystery of the Black Sea" at the Allard Pierson Museum. This collection consists of five collections, four of them belong to Crimean museums and to the museum of Kyiv.

The exhibition "Crimea: Golden island in the Black Sea" was completed May 31, 2014, but by the end of February 2014 Crimea was annexed by Russia, and the Dutch were confused whom to return Scythian gold. Crimean museums, including the collection in February was taken to Holland, insisted that the Scythian gold has come back to them.

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Four Crimean museums sued Amsterdam collective action to Allard Pierson Museum, in which they demanded to fulfill obligations under the contract and return the collection of Scythian gold from the Netherlands to Crimea.

"The agreements are signed between museums. Naturally, Kyiv coordinated transmission. But nothing was passed to Kyiv, everything was taken directly from "Chersonese" in Bonn. The museum practice, this has not been to museums take the exhibits and then did not return. The owner of the collection, according to the documents, is "Chersonese" reserve. Now lawyers from the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation work on this issue," explains the spokesman of "Chersonese" reserve Olexander Skrypnychenko.

Dutch chosen the only path of conflict resolution, to resolve the issue in court, arguing that someone had not been returned values, a party will be denied. As a result, the museum decided to hold objects until all appeals would be resolved. Kyiv’s part of gold, consisting of 19 objects worth 11.4 million euros, returned to Ukraine in September 2014. In the Netherlands also left 565 exhibits (2111 exhibits) for a total sum insured of 1 million 438 thousand euro. They were packed and carried in the store.

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The trial began in January 2015, and in April Ukraine recognized party process. Not everything went smoothly, for example, Ministry of Culture complained that the Ukrainian side participation in hearings was blocked, thanks to Russia’s involvement.

In December 2016, Pechersk District Court in Kyiv just in case seized museum exhibits and gave Interpol documents for ads in their search. Crimea declared that the decision is legally insignificant and insisted that the artifacts belong to museums, which are kept on the territory of the annexed peninsula.

And now "the ice was broken." The Amsterdam court decided to transfer exhibits to Ukraine. The court ruled that Crimea is not a sovereign state, and it cannot claim the treasure as cultural heritage. However, Ukraine will have to pay for storage of artifacts about 100-110 thousand euro. Dissatisfied with the verdict, Crimean museums have said they would appeal the decision, and the appeal for review may take "a year or even more." All this time the gold will be in the Netherlands.

Dutch decision caused considerable moral upsurge in Ukrainian society: President Petro Poroshenko said that therefore European country reaffirmed Ukraine Crimea belongs.

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"The decision of the District Court of Amsterdam means that not only the "Scythian Gold" is Ukrainian. Ukrainian is Crimea. This follows from the judgment of the European countries," wrote the president on Facebook.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin expressed hope that the artifacts would return to Crimea, but only when it again becomes Ukrainian territory.

Pavlo Klimkin: Scythian Gold comes back to Ukraine. I am sure, it would also come back to Crimea, but a little bit later. I am grateful to the whole team for this victory.

Olena Yahno: Meanwhile, Scythian gold, which was given us back by Amsterdam,- is the main news of the day. This is victory! Hooray, junta!!!

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Borislav Bereza: Court of Amsterdam decided to return to Ukraine Scythian gold, which was exhibited in the Netherlands. Now we wait for the screams, groans, and curses from our eastern neighbor. And predictable statements like "who needs it at all." In any case, the property of Ukraine returns home. We have seized and returned it.

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