Nadia Savchenko: Ukrainian Joan of Arc

Author : Illya Lukash

Source : 112 Ukraine

Political analysts have expressed their predictions on the further political fate famous Kremlin's prisoner
18:10, 1 August 2016

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July 22, 2016 Ukrainian MP Nadia Savchenko became a TV star. The most famous captive of the Kremlin has stated that Ukraine needs to apologize to the mothers of victims of both sides of Donbas conflict. She also repeated the thesis about her readiness for direct talks with the leaders of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. Savchenko claimed that she has already been near the demarcation line, but they did not come to negotiate with her.

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Last week, Savchenko became involved into another scandal after her interview with Deutsche Welle. She said that she did not want to become the president, but she had do it. The politician added that Ukraine needs a dictatorship to restore order.

Savchenko’s statements gave birth to numerous negative reactions. Political analyst Taras Berezovets said someone must be controlling her like a puppet, and that she “directly affects the national security of the country.”

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Another political analyst Taras Zagorodny is convinced that Nadia cis voicing the crucial ideas of the Kremlin. "All these statements might seem illogical; in fact, they clearly form the outline of the support of the Russian Federation's foreign policy," reminds the analyst. Zagorodny believes that Savchenko’s resonant statements in the media are only the beginning of the long-term strategy that can be aimed at the seizure of power.

Political consultant Serhiy Gaidai believes that Savchenko can be manipulated due to a “lack of political literacy.” "We were waiting for Joan of Arc, and got an ordinary girl from Troyeshchyna (one of the Kyiv districts – Ed.). While being in captivity, she behaved with courage, and many people have created illusions around her. She is an ordinary woman, who makes mistakes," he said. World fame is not the main guarantee of the political success, notes the expert and cites the example of Vitali Klitschko, the current mayor of the Ukraine’s capital.

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Well-known dissident, human rights activist and political prisoner Semen Gluzman also predicts the near end of Savchenko’s career. He also stressed that Savchenko became a politicians only because of her patron Yulia Tymoshenko. Someone could influence on Savchenko during her detention, assures the expert.

Further support of Savchenko among the Ukrainians would fall, states political expert Oleksiy Golobutsky. Her popularity falls extremely rapidly; the electorate of the opposition bloc would always perceive her "the Punisher in a skirt." For the liberals, she died soon after his return, and for the nationalists she is dying almost every week because of his statements," said Golobutsky.

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