Murder in Cherkassy: What is known about killed City Council member Mykhailo Binusov?

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Cherkassy City Council deputy was shot at night in the uptown of the city. All the personnel of criminal police are involved to the search actions
21:36, 29 September 2017

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The whole Cherkassy city is shocked by a resonant event. On the night of 28 to 29 September, a deputy of the Cherkassy City Council, Mykhailo Binusov, was killed in the uptown.

According to preliminary information, a man was shot at about 11:00 p.m. from a Kalashnikov assault rifle near the garages in the Lunacharsky district. More than 20 shots were made. That time, the deputy, parked his car, was going to the car of acquaintances, who was waiting for him near the entrance to the complex. Death came instantly. The attackers escaped.

Crime scene

The leadership of the regional police, the prosecutor's office and the Security Service came to the scene. Now law enforcement officers are conducting initial investigative actions: they interrogate witnesses, seize material evidence, establish the circumstances of the incident and the identity of the perpetrators. In particular, for the search of the latter, the plan Sirena was announced on the territory of the region. All the personnel of the criminal police are involved to the search actions. The event itself is qualified on the basis of Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Intentional homicide").

Possible motives for murder

According to the mayor of Cherkassy Anatoly Bondarenko, the reason for the murder of Mykhailo Binusov may be his open speech against one criminal group that is ‘working’ in the city. After all, the deputy was shot after a live broadcast on the Ros television channel, where he talked about corruption schemes of criminals.

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Cherkassy city head Anatoly Bondarenko

"Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko 3 years ago promised a complete sweep of the well-known organized criminal group in the city, but beyond the words, actions did not go any further." Mykhailo Binusov, after a new appointment (three days ago he became the acting director of the Housing and Communal Services Department) for these three days he could not physically get into his office. Once he got into it yesterday, he prevented payments to a firm controlled by a well-known criminal group in the city, after which such an event occurred, "Anatoly Bondarenko said in the air of 112 Ukraine. However he did not specify about what exactly criminal group he was talking about.

Also, according to him, Binusov earlier reported about a possible attempt on his life. "He left after TV broadcasting at 22:00, I talked to him on the phone. And the police, prosecutors, and Security Service ... I reported a month ago about the situation, in particular Mykhailo Binusov reported that the murder was ordered," he said.

Bondarenko stressed that Binusov was a principled man. At the next plenary session he was to become the secretary of the Cherkassy City Council and had a great support of the deputy corps.

At the same time, the journalists of the Ros television channel are not sure that the murder of a deputy is connected with what he said on the air on the eve of the event. In particular, Anna Vasilyeva, anchorwoman of that TV channel, on the air of 112 Ukraine said that the program was about the beginning of the heating season, and Binusov did not make a single statement in it that could serve as the last straw.

"There are two versions: one that it was done by those to whom he interfered, another - perhaps it was done by people he cooperated with to mislead others and use a very unpleasant reason to deal with the other side, since we have there two warring political clans, "she added.

It is noteworthy that the law enforcers also consider two versions of what happened, but so far the alleged reasons for the murder of the deputy have not been disclosed.

Today, during the session, the Cherkassy City Council approved a unanimous decision to appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, so that he could personally monitor the investigation of the murder of Binusov.

It is suggested that the farewell ceremony to the deputy will be held in the city on Sunday, October 1.

Brief biography

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Mykhailo Binusov was born on July 3, 1979 in Cherkassy. He graduated from the Economic Faculty of the Cherkasy State Technological University and the Faculty of Law of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

In 2015 he was elected to the Cherkassy City Council. He worked as an adviser to the mayor Anatoly Bondarenko, before that he headed the State inspection in Cherkassy region.

On August 18, 2017 during the XIII conference of the Cherkassy regional organization of the party "Ukrainian Union of Patriots - UKROP" he was appointed chairman of "UKROP" in the egion. He was elected on an alternative basis and received unanimous support.

It is worth noting, the political forces are also convinced that Binusov was killed because of his anti-corruption activities. "Among his main tasks, he immediately identified the fight against corruption and the closure of all illegal cash flows." UKROP "connects this crime with the uncompromising position of the deputy," the party said in a statement.

As already noted, in September this year Binusov was appointed acting head of the Department of Housing of the Cherkassy City Council.

Three days before the murder, the former head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Mikheil Saakashvili, saw Binusov during meeting with the leaders of the Cherkassy factions. In particular, Saakashvili stressed that during the meeting the deputy complained that the bandits were seizing Cherkassy, and said that "we must all unite against them, otherwise situation will be bad."

Ukrainian photo

Mikheil Saakashvili wrote about this meeting on his Facebook page.

Three days ago I had a very interesting meeting with the leaders of Cherkassy City Council political factions. At the meeting, there was my namesake, Mykhailo Binusov from UKROP. He complained that Cherkassy city is being seized by the bandits and said that we should all unite against them, otherwise situation will be bad. Last night I found out that he had been shot by unknown people with guns near his house. Mykhailo had a little child. I want to express solidarity to the mayor, the city council of Cherkassy and all Cherkassians. We must do what Binusov called for - unite against lawlessness, chaos and for the human life.

But Binusov's reputation was not so pure. He owned shops in the Yunist Park, because of what was previously involved in the criminal case. As noted by InfoMist, before this objects belonged to the family of a local ex-official Vitaly Dyadchenko. In the autumn of last year, the premises were "handed over" to Binusov. Dyadchenko argued that the deputy took possession of the shops illegally, and Binusov, in turn, said that his documents were in proper condition. This case was heared in the Sosnovsky District Court of the city.

According to Channel 24, in April suspicion in this matter was handed to the deputy right during the meeting of the City Council. Binusov was charged at once with two articles: deliberate non-execution of the court's decision and counteraction to legitimate economic activity. He said that he did not know about the court's decision, and during the handing of suspicion he had not a lawyer.

According to the electronic declaration for 2016, the deputy owns part of the non-residential premises of the Yunist store with a total area of 706.2 square meters. Such premises Binusov received as a gift from Roman Aylarov in November 2016. He has no other properties in possession. Also no vehicles of his possession mentioned in the declaration.

The total amount of Binusov's income for the last year was 274.5 thousand UAH (excluding donated premises, the cost of which was estimated at 148.1 thousand UAH). Sources of income - salary, pension and income from the property for rent.

In addition, in his declaration Binusov indicated the receipt of a loan in the amount of 9.1 million UAH and obligations under the mortgage agreement for the same amount.

In social networks he covered his social and political activities. So, the last posts of Binusov on Facebook were reports on the overhaul of pre-school educational institution, on the rallies for affordable customs clearance of cars with European numbers, as well as on the political force in which he was included.

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