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Corruption League special investigation on Ivan Vinnyk, Kostiantyn Zhevago, Denys Dzenzersky, Leonid Klimov, and Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn
23:38, 4 December 2018

They took huge loans and are not going to pay them back! And do not care about any criminal proceedings or even court decisions! Find out how the rich and powerful Ukraine’s officials cheat on banks and the state and go unpunished

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November 20, 2018th. Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko asks deputies to vote for the removal of immunity from Ukraine’s MP Stanislav Berezkin. According to the prosecutor's office, the MP was involved in the embezzlement of $ 20 million from Oschadbank. In 2014, allegedly, the group of companies of the Berezkin’s family used fake documents, took a huge loan, and did not returned it.

Berezkin’s lawyer said that the prosecutors did not provide any evidence of the illegal activities of his client. The MP himself called the case fraudulent.

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The MPs voted against lifting immunity from Berezkin. Stanislav Berezkin is not the only Ukrainian politician, involved in the scandal with the huge debts.

Ivan Vinnyk is one of the most famous Ukrainian MPs. Vinnyk holds a serious post of secretary of the committee on national security and defense of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada. He tries to create an image of a fighter against corruption.

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However, the MP himself became involved in the case of multi-million frauds.

May 2015. The workers of Novokakhovsky aerated concrete plant hold a rally near the Verkhovna Rada. This gas concrete plant is Vinnyk’s creation. Before working in parliament, he was its official owner and director.

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The workers assure that the MP did not pay them owes them 18,000 USD. However, this is just nothing if we compare it with the sums that the parliamentarian should pay back to the banks. The story began in 2007. Then Vinnyk decided to build a gas-concrete plant in his native Kherson region. However, he did not have the required sum. So he was forced to take a loan. Formally, the loan was obtained by Vinnyk’s enterprise, and he acted as a guarantor.

The bank gave him 13,4 million USD. The years have passed. The company has become one of the largest in Europe, Vinnyk has become an MP but did not return the loan.

Vinnyk refused to pay the loan back, because back in 2013, a Cypriot company became the owner of the aerated concrete plant. The deputy himself assured that the company did not withdraw to the offshore. He said that this bank had invented such a cunning raider scheme. In 2014, the court decided to forcibly collect the debt, but it turned out that the deputy is extremely poor.

According to his electronic declaration, he does not even have a car, an apartment; any savings at all.

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One more enchasing persona is Kostiantyn Zhevago. First time he entered the Verkhovna Rada for at his 24, and by the age of 30, he became a billionaire! In 2015, Zhevago’s bank Finance and Credit had some financial difficulties. In order to prevent collapse, the National Bank refinanced Finance and Credit (214 million USD). However, in September 2017, the National Bank declared Finance and Credit insolvent. Multi-million debts of Zhevago’s bank shifted on the shoulders of the state.

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According to the law, the Deposit Guarantee Fund has paid compensation to all affected investors. But not more than 200 thousand hryvnia (with the course rate of 9 UAH per USD). If the deposit was higher than 22,000 USD, the depositors could not get them back, so now they are forced to sue Zhevago. Finance and Credit Bank has left debts worth billions of dollars.

Now the Prosecutor General’s Office, National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), and Security Service (SBU) are investigating several criminal cases about the illegal withdrawal of money from the Finance and Credit Bank. The investigation already has suspects; these are 5 former top-managers of Zhevago’s bank. And the MP himself still has the status of a witness. Zhevago has a huge apartment near Independence Square in Kyiv, but he has not been seen here for a long time.

According to our information, the oligarch mostly lives in London.

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This parliamentarian has been in the Verkhovna Rada since 2012. Previously, he was a member of the Blok of Yulia Tymoshenko, and now he joined the National Front. Denys Dzenzersky’s name might be almost unknown to the ordinary voter, but his lenders know him very well.

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In general, enterprises associated with Dzenzersky owe Ukrainian and foreign financial institutions approximately 250 million USD.

Before working in parliament, Dzenzensky was one of the leaders of the huge machine-building Vesta company, which belongs to his family.

Dzenzersky has initiated one of the most scandalous bills “On the recalculation of loans at the rate of 2008.” It means that the borrowers who took loans in dollars before 2008 should repay debts at the rate of 5.05 UAH per one USD. When lobbying for this bill, Dzenzensky thought about himself, not about the other borrowers. After all, he owed billions. In 2015, the Verkhovna Rada has adopted this populist bill, but the president vetoed it.

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Back in 2012, the Forbes publication added Dzenzersky to the list of the hundred richest Ukrainians. But now the people's representative declares that his only income is his salary, while he himself lives for the money of his wife Tetiana Donets, millionaire and Ukrainian MP. According to the declaration, Dzenzersky borrowed almost 400,000 UAH (14,ooo USD) and a half million dollars from his wife. And since Denis Dzenzersky has almost nothing (legally), he gives back the financial institution only 20% of the salary.

He owns hotels, shopping centers, many companies and the Chornomorets football club. That is why MP Leonid Klimov is called the owner of almost half of Odesa.

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Officially, Klimov is a millionaire. At the same time, he is one of the largest bank debtors. And the National Bank blames the oligarch for fraud with loans. In 2008, Focus magazine estimated Klimov’s belongings at nearly half a billion dollars. One of the flagships of his empire was the influential Imexbank. Back in 2015, the National Bank recognized Klimov’s bank as insolvent. The cause of bankruptcy was not the financial crisis, but the owner’s greed. It turned out that he gave out loans himself. However, in the beginning of 2015, a fire broke out in the Odesa office of Imexbank, the documents confirming the pledge were burned. In 2016, Klimov's lawyers appealed, and the court lifted the arrest. In September 2018, SBU and other agencies for the search for corrupt assets conducted searches in the premises belonging to Mr. Klimov. The court imposed arrest on 5 objects of the deputy and transferred to the state administration.

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One of the largest debtors of Ukrainian banks is the Russian oligarch Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn. He owes our banks more than 178 million USD! In addition, his business assets re huge debtors are too. Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn is a native of Zaporizhia, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he has received a Russian passport. His wealth is estimated at one and a half billion dollars. In fact, his entire business is concentrated in Ukraine. According to police and State Fiscal Service, people of Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn have deceived the state for 170 million USD. However, Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn does not even have the status of a witness in all these criminal proceedings now. In 2015, it became known that Ukrenergo state enterprise, which belongs to Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn, supplies electricity to annexed Crimea. Moreover, electricity was sold at significantly reduced prices in Crimea. It turned out that the Kremlin helped Hryhoryshyn.

And this is not the only fact of cooperation of the oligarch with Ukraine’s enemies. The most scandalous Hryhoryshyn’s asset is Luhansk Energy Association. This company provides electricity for the entire Luhansk region. Ukraine pays for the occupied territories. In 2017, Hryhoryshyn’s company demanded 178 million USD for the supply of energy to occupied Donbas. The entity has blackmailed the state by cutting off the power at military facilities in the hostilities zone in eastern Ukraine. However, oligarch’s company did not show the documents for the verification of indicators.

It turns out, the head office company of Kostiantyn Hryhoryshyn is situated in occupied Luhansk. In 2016, the odious oligarch was granted Ukrainian citizenship.

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