Month before Eurovision-2017: Main events, locations, and tips

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Find out what, where, and when is happening on the eve of Eurovision in the Ukrainian capital
17:10, 5 April 2017

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It is a  month to the unofficial opening of the Eurovision Song Contest-2017 in Kyiv. Euroclub (in the Congress and Exhibition Complex "Parkovy") would be opened on May 1, and the official opening ceremony is on May 7. Accordingly, the final would be held on May 13. Let us understand what, where, and when is happening on the eve of Eurovision in the Ukrainian capital.

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 The traditional and important event in the hierarchy of Eurovision is the RED CARPET. It would officially deployed in Kyiv in the area of the Mariinsky Park, on the 7th of May everyone would be able to see the delegation of the European competition from different countries.

It is expected that the red carpet would have 265 meters! Representatives of 12 countries would stand on it at the same time. In the Mariinsky Park area they would give interviews and autographs. Meanwhile, the Mariinsky Palace is not yet ready for hosting European elite. Its opening (after reconstruction) is expected only in 2019. But the arrival of foreign delegations (for Eurovision) is promised to bring the façade of this architectural pearl to a perfect view.

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The most important location in the infrastructure of the future Eurovision is Euroclub. Let us remind you once again that it will be located in the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Complex at 16-a Parkova Road. Parkovy itself can accommodate about 3,500 guests and participants.

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According to Eurovision standards, Euroclub is one of the most important locations: for parties and active dialogue of participants. Seven thousand square meters of Parkovy should be enough for the club life. The building is equipped with elevators, ramps, and parking. On the ground floor, there are souvenirs with logos. The screens would broadcast the show, show regular meetings and autograph sessions. And also lectures and other events. A Euro-café opens here. The third floor of Parkovy will host a press room, where the accredited press will be able to accommodate. A special game zone is also planned. In addition to the contestants, accredited media representatives and accredited fans would be able to get to Euroclub.

The opening ceremony on May 7 will be accompanied by the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments, performing a medley of Eurovision hits of different years.

Everyday AFTEPARTIES (in Euroclub). Here, the festival of Ukrainian DJs, as well as musicians from other countries, will be held.

 KARAOKE (for the glory of Eurovision) to take place on Poshtova Square. Within the framework of this location, the organizers will offer a music program based on the history of Eurovision. Anyone wishing would have an opportunity to sing the Eurovision repertoire of ABBA, Dima Bilan, Ruslana, Verka Serdyuchka, Lorak, Karol and even Alla Pugacheva. From 4 to 14 May in the center of Kyiv Eurovision Village will operate, the official fan zone of Eurovision (along Khreshchatyk from Prorizna Street to Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street).

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 Every day the Eurovision Village will be open from 12.00 to 22.00. In the days of the semifinals and finals, the official fan zone will work until the show is over. Four screens will convey to fans everything that happens on the main arena of Eurovision - that is, on the Left Bank, that is, in the International Exhibition Center. The entrance is free in Eurovision Village.

The main stage of the Eurovision Song Contest-2017 is the International Exhibition Center at Brovarsky Avenue, 15. It is the heart of the Eurovision; it would host the rehearsals, the first and second semi-finals, and, of course, the final on May 13.

The Eurovision stage at the International Exhibition Center suggests an interesting concept. The venue, according to show producer Stuart Barlow, will symbolize the canvas on which the artist will be able to give birth to different-different images. That is, a new original world appears on this canvas. The world of the song, the world of the country.

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TICKETS on the Eurovision Song Contest began to be sold since the middle of February. According to some sources, the organizers of the contest expect to sell about 70,000 tickets, earning about 70 million UAH for them. The cost of tickets is from 8 to 500 euros. The official operator is Concert.UA. The largest DEMAND is for the final show of May 13. The tickets for rehearsals and for the semi-finals are also available.

 According to some reports, 52% of the sold tickets were purchased by Ukrainians, and 48% by residents of other countries. In total, tickets for 9 shows are available: final, two semi-finals and six rehearsals. The organizers say that the rehearsals do not differ from the evening television shows, except for the final voting on the air.

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GUESTS: organizers of the Eurovision contest expect more than 20 thousand tourists from 50 countries; At least 10 thousand people from different regions of Ukraine can also come to the show in Kyiv.1,5 thousand representatives of the media would participate.

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 Kyiv has additionally purchased an important TRANSPORT: 20 trams and 100 buses. To relieve the metro and other transport lines, a river communications will be used. Tickets for this transport would be from 100 UAH.

At the same time, 47 ambulances will be equipped with GPS navigation systems. Additional 4 thousand CCTV cameras and a data center would be instaleld.

 The main HOTELS of the contest were selected by the National Technical University (together with the company "Pilot", the official tourist operator of the contest). The criteria for such selection are the level of security, convenience of placement, price policy. The list of official hotels includes 12 (four- and five-star): Premier Hotel Rus, Cosmopolite, President Hotel, Holiday Inn Kiev, Alfavito, Khreschatyk, Fairmont Grand Hotel, Hilton, Hyatt Regency, InterContinental, Premier Palace Hotel, Opera.

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RIDERS of the arriving contestants would contain no sensations. None of the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest has any grounds to put forward special requirements, as, for example, it happens at concerts and tours of world superstars.

BOOKMAKERS called Italian singer Francesco Gabbani with the song Occidentali's Karma the main contender for the victory. According to the coefficients, Swedish singer Robin Bengtsson with the song I Can not Go On is in second place. The third place is for the representative of Bulgaria Christian Kostov and his song Beautiful Mess. The top ten winners, according to the bookmakers, may include Russia (if it participates in the competition). Ukraine, unfortunately, is still supposedly on the 26th place.  

Recall that in the final of the Eurovision participants from 26 countries will perform: 10 from each semifinal; Representatives of the Big Five (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain) and Ukraine as the host country.

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As is known, the Russian Federation refused to broadcast Eurovision-2017. At the same time, journalists from this country actively apply for accredited to the competition. Representatives of Montenegro, Finland, Georgia, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Albania, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Slovenia, Armenia, Moldova, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Greece will take part in the first SEMIFINAL (May 9). The second semifinal - (May 11) is for performers from Malta, Macedonia, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Estonia, Israel, Bulgaria, San Marino, Lithuania, Croatia, Norway, Belarus...

On the eve of the final competitive race, Jamala will sing her song "1944", which brought her a victory a year ago.


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