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Military parade took place on Khreschatyk, the main street of Ukrainian capital, on August 24 – on the Independence Day, one of the biggest holidays in Ukraine. Military men are satisfies, they say they performed everything they planned: military units got their new honorary names assigned, new ceremonial uniform was presented, For the first time ever the head of Pentagon attended parade in Ukraine. Defense Ministers of eight countries were there as well. The parade squads of allied countries marched the Khreschatyk. However, “zrada” (one of the Euromaidan slogans, literary translated from Ukrainian as “betray”, “treason”): many people lost plenty of time in lines near metal frames to get on the venue after the traffic jams, rain and cold weather.
14:43, 25 August 2017

The traffic in the downtown of Kyiv was blocked on the eve of the parade, dedicated to the 26th anniversary of Ukrainian independence. The entrances to two central metro stations Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti was closed, which made it difficult to get to the parade. Besides the weather got nasty. But, leaping ahead, two thousand people did have the opportunity to watch the ceremonial festivities.

Before the festivities kicked off the Presidential Administration reported that the journalists will be let inside the venue in a single place near Hrinchenko street, so the journalists had to walk several kilometers on foot.

First police cordons were a dozen of blocks away from Maidan, and the whole Maidan itself was entirely encircled. Tow metal frames were installed there, gathering people in long cues. specially trained. Men in civilian business suits with organizer badges were checking the visitors’ bags. A specially trained dog was near every frame.

The impression was that not all the police officers were properly instructed on the exact scheme of the checkpoints and their categories. Thus policemen repeatedly persuaded a reporter that he “won’t be let in without a special security card”. But as it turned out later, the other checkpoint had a list of press, formed by the Administration of President. Those, standing in line at the “journalists” checkpoint (specifically several militarymen and a foreigner with a special invitation letter), were not let in, and were sent to another checkpoint on the opposite part of the venue.

Note that the social media users also wrote about long cues at the metal frames.

National Police addressed Kyiv residents on their official website – they called to respect the enhanced security mode with favor.

“These measures are a necessity and an imperative of our time in the period of aggravation of terrorist threat,” Andit Kryshchenko, the Head of the Chief Department of National Police in Kyiv, said.

4.4 thousand police officers and military men were involved into security measures during parade.

The journalists’ zone was quite small. The number of men in business suits with badges was bigger than that of journalists. It was also impossible to get on the opposite side of the street.

Two wooden platforms for journalists, photographers and cameramen were constructed on both sides of orchestra and choir. The VIP-square with the platform for the Supreme Commander, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, were situated on the opposite side of Khreschatyk. It was quite a complicated task to distinguish those in the VIP sector. The journalists with good eyesight would recognize a person there and gladly shared the information with their colleagues: “Lyashko! Yuschenko arrived!”

There were three presidents of Ukraine, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, Health Minister Ulana Suprun, Viktoria Syumar, head of the Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy, Oleh Lyashko, the head of the Radical Party, together with his party fellow members, the Security Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and other famous people on the VIP platform. The U.S. special representative Kurt Voker was also there. 

It should be noted that all the events of the parade, including the military marches, were perfectly seen from the media platform, despite it was quite tight. The ordinary spectators were not so lucky in this term, many of them complained they сouldn’t see anything.

It should be noted that all the events of the parade, including the military marches, were perfectly seen from the media platform, despite it was quite tight. The ordinary spectators were not so lucky in this term, many of them complained they сouldn’t see anything.

“An extremely unexpected pleasure on Prorizna street.” Roman Kulyk, commander of the 39th separate armored infantry battalion wrote that on his Facebook page. Indeed, the “boxes” with the allies marched towards their buses via Prorizna street. One of the most emotional moments of the parade was reaction of people on the street – they applauded to every column, filmed the military men with their cell phones.

General Romanenko stressed on the importance of foreign parade squads participating it the parade.

“It’s very important that nine defense ministers of other countries participated. This demonstrates extensive support and our unity with allies. We absolutely need this support,” he said to

Interesting, that Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, was energetically speaking and gesticulating to the head of Pentagon. He continued talking even while the President was speaking. Lutsenko kept silent only in the minute of silence. And the Security Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov remained cool. Lutsenko’s press secretary Larysa Sargan later explained the reason for the Prosecutor’s sociability – Lutsenko had to translate for Mattis.

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