"Militants are shelling us from spoil tip, but without heavy artillery we can't reach them": Report from Marinka frontline:

Author : Mykhailo Ukhman

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Ukrainian volunteer visited Marinka after the shelling. There he saw the positions of pro-Russian militants and talked with the Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers
11:22, 26 April 2017

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- It was quiet last night in Marinka. Separatists are silent. And they are under a curse from people who were fired on the night of April 20 (the conversation was recorded on April 22, - author), - says the soldier of the 92nd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the call sign Volynyak.

- From where and how militants shelled the city?

- As always, their favorite point is the spoil tip. The tank approaches, shoots and disappears. It is impossible to get it with simple small arms. Heavy artillery is withdrawn. The OSCE mission is monitoring whether everything is in place. But they simply do not notice the prohibited equipment of Russian terrorists. From there, we are also fired by their mortars. They hit even the center of the city, although there are no military there.

Looking from behind the hill, I noticed the positions of the separatists, who approach to Marinka from the left. The first is the 10th landmark. Former horse stable. Broken, but still dangerous. Local people say that before the war unknown people came here driving expensive jeeps. All armed with submachine guns and ordinary citizens were kept at a distance of up to 300 meters. The shepherds, who grazed the cows in the valleys in front of the stables, suffered mostly. They were all kicked out. Someone says that it was Yanukovych who came to boast of thoroughbred horces before the foreigners. Others say that it was Rinat Akhmetov. Now this premise serves as a protection for terrorists. It is interesting that it was built in the 90s by workers from Western Ukraine. They put all their skills into this work. Marinka residents are sadly ironic about this: "They once built it qualitatively, and now they regret that they made it".

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It’s 200 meters from our nearest position to the stables. Once there was a separatist flag on it, but our grenade launchers completely cut their rag and the pole to which it was attached.

Eleventh and twelfth landmarks. There we see trenches and some buildings, disguised among forest trees. Without special equipment, only the dugout windows are visible. However, experienced soldiers know that somewhere there, in thickets of bushes and concrete, there can be a sniper. Our nearest positions are 200-250 meters away.

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Looking onward, one can see the same ill-fated spoil tip, mentioned by Volynyak. Soldiers call it the "crocodile". Then I recalled the words of one of the Donbas battalion commanders with the call sign Batya. He said: "We can seize a stable, a spoil tip, make a stronghold there, but it will not give us anything. Standing on the edge of the village, we are protected from heavy artillery, they do not use it as much as they would like, because civilians can suffer. This will cause a resonance, especially if there are many relatives of terrorists. If we are located on the spoil tip, then we will be covered by Grad and Buk missile systems. The only way out is to deploy our military in the suburbs of Donetsk, but no one gives such a command. "

To the right of the "crocodile" is the Trudovska mine, and behind it lays the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. From there also work snipers, machine gunners. This place was chosen as favorite by enemy’s APCs. Given the hilly terrain of the area, the terrorists approach us to throw a grenade. And moving through the swamped territory they usually come to Marinka to conduct reconnaissance.

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On the right side, on the outskirts of the city, we can see the former collective farm stables and storage facilities. They are destroyed from above, but strengthened from the inside. According to our intelligence, there are dug trenches, deep in human growth. Concreted and reinforced. Therefore, you cannot seize them with a simple mortar. From these positions they attack on our guys using all kinds of weapons. Such a panorama opens from the front edge of Marinka.

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Moving into the depths of the city, near the store I see a large crowd of soldiers. Each of them seems to be strong and smart, all such Cossacks. A girl came out of the store, and then I understand the reason for their behavior. In her pocket she holds a microphone with the logo of one of central channels. The guys try to look noble in the eyes of the journalist.

I walk down the street. I look at houses that were hit by shelling. Local people gathered near one of it and were actively discussing something.

"When will Renatka (Rinat Akhmetov, - author) bring us help?" - says one lady, dressing in a stained gown and shabby galoshes. Her strict look makes other people listen to her. "Another German fund promised to help, my sister used to say this. She works in Krasnoarmeysk (now Pokrovsk, - autor.) and there she heard it."

"Akhmetov is not interested in us now, he builds a palace near Kyiv for himself, money is needed there," some thin woman answers her in Ukrainian.

She is dressed like others in this group. The old jacket, the old jeans. Having reached locals, I greeted them in Ukrainian. The whole company nodded to me and said: "Hello." Not listening attentively to their further conversation, I headed toward the center.

I met a soldier who was cleaning his shoes. I greeted him. We talked. He said that he has been serving since 2014. That everyone is tired of this waiting. Each of his fellows wants to go forward, and not to stumble on the spot. However, the command does not hear them.

After talking with me, he went to the headquarters. And I moved to the center of the city, where my friends were waiting for me.

Suddenly, I heard the shots of the APC. Separatists attacked the spoil tip on which our soldiers were located. Just about 15 o'clock in the afternoon they opened fire. The locals who were near me even paid no attention to this. In ten minutes it was over, and I left the city with my friends. A typical day in Marinka.

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