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Tragic consequences of Kerch shooter's aggression - two dozen dead and more than fifty injured
22:42, 18 October 2018

Two dozen dead and more than fifty injured. Most of them are college students. These are the tragic consequences of the attack at Kerch Polytechnic College of the National University of Food Technologies in occupied Crimea. What really happened there and who is to blame?

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Blood was everywhere: How the Kerch college attack was committed

According to the Emergencies Ministry, an extraordinary event in Kerch college occurred around 12:00 on October 17. About then, the responsible services have received a message about the explosion.

Initially, it was assumed that the reason of the explosion was a gas cylinder, but everything turned out to be much worse. At about 2:00 pm, the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation stated that an unidentified explosive device filled with metal objects was detonated in the college canteen, and an hour later it became known that a shooter was also involved.

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Eyewitnesses assure that the killer organized an explosion only in order to sow panic and shoot more people.

"We walked outside of the college, and a minute later everything exploded. Window glasses were knocked off and the shooting began. I ran and saw the boys falling, and there was blood everywhere. My friend Dasha ... I did not see her anymore," one of the college students said to Business FM.


To be frank, I had a sleepless night, so at the end of the lesson, I fell asleep. And it saved me. I was woken up by the rumble. I looked out of the classroom and say a guy with a gun walking and shooting everyone. Then I closed the door hoping that he would not hear me. In some 10 minutes, the police with machine guns arrived... When the security officers began evacuating the students and the teachers, I also went out of the classroom. The windows were knocked out in the corridor, where the explosion occurred. The bodies of the dead were lying right on the floor. All the walls were charred,” a student told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"We were waiting at the door of the classroom. An explosion occurred in five meters from us; our ears were immediately plugged up. Teachers ran and said that it was a fire. Everyone tried to escape through the fences. When they ran, explosions and shots were heard. It was not a gas cylinder. There were five explosions. A second passed, and we heard the shot, another seven seconds passed – a shot again... When trying to escape, we saw an unconscious girl, she was bleeding... I could barely breath," another college student said in a comment for Govorit.Moskva.


What is known about the victims

According to the latest data, 21 people died (including 16 students and five teachers) as a result of an explosion and a shooting in Kerch college.
The bodies of all the dead are currently identified. The list of the victims’ names is published on the website of the Crimean "government."

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It is important to note that the text of the message lists 20 victims, but there are only 19 names in the list. Actually, one of the dead is the attacker himself. For some reason, his name was not included in the list by the local authorities. Also, it did not include the name of another student, as soon as she died in a hospital few time ago.

According to the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova, most of the fatalities of the attack succumbed to gunshot wounds, while the victims – according to the latest data, these are 68 people – suffered injuries in the blast.


The doctors discover numerous metal objects in their bodies, as an explosive device has been stuffed with numerous metal objects.

Skvortsova noted that currently, 44 victims are hospitalized in occupied Crimea and Krasnodar (Russia). The condition of 34 of them is called as moderate, three patients are in a serious, and another seven are in extremely serious condition. The minister adds that 12 people in a state of moderate severity would be transferred to hospitals of Moscow and Krasnodar Krai.

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The victims, as well as the dead, have already been identified, but the full list of their names has not been officially published yet. The names of 47 victims, who were in hospitals of occupied Crimea, are made public.

He was quite, hated college: Suspect of attack in Kerch

Russia’s Investigation Committee believes that an 18-year-old student of the fourth year of college Vladyslav Roslyakov conducted mass murder in Kerch. The footage shows him right before the incident with a rifle in hands.


The investigation reports that Roslyakov shot people in the college and then he committed a suicide. He was found with gunshot wound in college premises.

Having analyzed unofficial messages appearing in the media with reference to his neighbours, fellow students, teachers and other people who knew Roslyakov, we could say that:

  1. Vladislav Roslyakov was 18 years old, he lived in Kerch. He entered the college in 2015. He was learning installation, technical set-up and maintenance of electrical installations and civilian buildings. The teachers said that there was nothing special about this student, he had bad marks, he was receiving scholarship, he was also polite and quite, never behaved aggressively. He never had problems with law, never had police records.
  2. Students who knew Roslyakov stated that he hated the college because of “angry teachers” and hinted that “he would punish them.” His groupmates noted that he was reserved, not really sociable, he deleted his accounts in the social media. Roslyakov was also interested in maniacs.
  3. His family was described as “troubled,” his parents were divorced. His father is disabled, Vladislav lived with his mother, who was working in Kerch oncological dispensary as a nurse. Recently, she was a member of Jehovah's Witness organization. Parents were questioned. His father told that it was hard for him to communicate with his son. He was reserved and rarely told anything. He did not have friends, he had one earlier but then they stopped communicating. According to the father, the teenager was into computer games and arms.
  1. Neighbors described him as a violent person, who abused animals, saying “he was very violent. He used to catch cats, choked them with a rope. We always chased him off. And then when they (his parents, - ed.) got divorced, he moved to another apartment,” one of the neighbors said.

An ordinary conflict or extremism: About the motives of attack

It should be noted that Russian law enforcers initially opened a criminal proceeding with a pre-qualification - terrorist attack.

Later, investigation bodies of the Central Investigation Department of Russia on Crimea reclassified the case on a Crimean blast from a terrorist attack to mass murder.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Crimea which is a part of General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine also opened a criminal case with qualification terrorist attack.

Russian law enforcers have already conducted searches in living premises of Roslyakov’s relatives, as well as the rented apartment where he lived together with mother. The law enforcers report that during the searches they have found evidence essential for investigation, however they refused to say what that was.

The forensic medical examinations, ballistic tests, as well as posthumous psychiatric examination of Roslyakov were appointed.

The questioning of teachers of the college, witnesses and victims continue.

The investigators are gathering information about a young man to find out what made him commit this terrible thing.

A number of media sources with reference to law enforcers report that the movive could be a conflict with college teachers or students or unrequited love.

In addition, Russia's investigation unit strenuously checks student Vladyslav Roslyakov, suspected in the organization of the massacre at Kerch college, for ties with the Ukrainian far-right organizations "Right Sector" and far-right Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People's Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO) which are considered extremist in Russia.

It is noted that at the moment there is no clear evidence of the ties of the shooter with the extremist organizations.

It is supposed that the attack was prepared during a few months. In August Roslyakov became 18-year-old, and in September he passed the medical examination and got the license for buying the hunting weapons. A student bought six-shot "Bekas" of 12 caliber and 250 patrons in the local "Sokol" shop. Part of the ammunition was used by him during the training at Kerch shooting club. He took away the powder from other patrons, thus making self-maid grenades and putting the buckshot and small screws in them.

According to the task force, a mother of a shooter, who worked as a nurse at the oncological hospital and was a member of the Crimean sect Jehovah's Witnesses, put on the extremist list by Russian Justice Ministry in August 2017.

The task force headed by Major General who was responsible for investigation of Kemerovo tragedy figures out the motives of the terrorist action.

Common tragedy: Reaction to an assault on Kerch college

An emergency was introduced in Kerch a few hours after the bombing and shooting in the Polytechnic College.


The so-called head of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov promised to help the relatives of the victims as much as possible.

Today it became known that it is planned to allocate 15,000 dollars for the families of those killed in an attack on Kerch College and 7,500 dollars – to the families of wounded from the budget of Crimea.

In addition, it is supposed that some funds for the families of the victims will be allocated from the federal budget of the Russian Federation.

Today Crimea is in grief: a three-day mourning was announced on the peninsula. Flags at the administrative buildings are lowered and the places where Crimeans can put flowers and commemorate the dead are equipped in towns.

Mainland Ukraine shares pain from the tragedy in the occupied Crimea. The heads of both the Ukrainian and Russian states expressed their condolences to the families of the victims of the attack and promised to do their utmost to investigate the incident and help the Crimeans.

The Ukrainian side strengthened protection of the administrative border with the peninsula and the presence of doctors on it in case of citizens' address. The hospitals on the mainland of the country promised to provide free assistance to all those injured as a result of the attack on Kerch college.

The farewell ceremony to the victims of the tragedy is scheduled for 10:00 on October 19, and it will take place at the Kerch Polytechnic College. The funeral will take place on the same day.

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