Marriage rings a bell

Author : Mariya Kapinos

Source : 112 Ukraine

Every country has its proper time to create a family
16:00, 10 January 2016

Environment dictates it`s rules. And usually people have to follow it. But last decade brought changes to the points of views of young people. They see the world from the other side. And very often put work on the first place.

Of course the situation is pretty different all over Ukraine. Ib small town women usually are getting married at the age of 18. The number goes up in bigger cities.

Sonya is still a student. She is 22. She is getting her Master dDgree, already has a job and don`t even think of having a family:

“For what? I`m still too young. And how would I explain my employer, for example, that I`m going on a maternity leave? For nine months or something? Not now. And by the way, I still have to live with my parents. Until I`m not getting my own apartment this question is out of table”.

Where to leave is also on the agenda. It makes sense young people go to big cities and rent an apartment there. But in Ukraine it can`t work for long.

Here is the difference between Ukraine and Europe. Ukrainians are aiming to buy their place. It can be not so god, but their own. Reason is simple. In comparison to average salary renting takes away about 40% of the money. It is huge when for European renting an apartment is usually simply easier.  

There are three ways fix the situation:

1)  To work harder and earn enough to rent or to buy an apartment.

2)  To go back to parent`s house.

3)  Forget about everything and just have a child.

The third way is optional only for not very responsible people. Other ones consider other ways.

On the average, women are getting married at the age of 21-25, men – 23-28. Exceptions are everywhere.  

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Denis says he wants to earn enough at first.

“I cannot imagine my children not having proper education of all the best stuff. I`d prefer to wait. It sounds silly for some people but I have my own reasons and I stick to it.

And for Yulia everything is just the opposite.

“It you don`t have a family, what are you living for? I am twenty five. I`m not married but I`l like to very much. And I will as soon as I find the right guy. Something tells me I already did. We are pretty serious about each other. I don`t crave to have a ring. But I want to be protected by the low and to know my children are safe”.

At the end, no matter how hard it is. No matter how hard the situation in the country is. We all want to be loved and respected.

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