Marinka residents: "Some shoot at us, while others stifle us with prices"

Author : Mykhailo Ukhman

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Ukrainian volunteer Mykhailo Ukhman talked to residents of Marinka who are suffering from the militants' shelling
17:36, 27 April 2017

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"Look, they burnt my kitchen. It's good that at least I am alive, - says Yakov Lukich, a resident of Marinka, who lives nearly on the forefront, 250 meters from the positions of the separatists.

"The shed was burned last year. The mortar shell got into my yard. When our soldiers extinguished the flames, the separatists fired at them all from the rifles. One bullet hit my cow, when we took her out of the crib. This year, shells from a grenade launcher fell into my yard three times. One of it got into the roof of the kitchen. Kitchen caught fire. Thanks to the Ukrainian soldiers who helped to localize the flame.”

77-year-old man lives in a house shelled by separatists together with his disabled daughter. He has nowhere to go. The Marinka administration hardly cares about the inhabitants of private houses. And physically, he cannot move on unfamiliar territory. Several years ago, Yakov Lukich lost his sight. Now he sees only silhouettes. In his yard he knows every centimeter of the land, every stone, so he can move more or less. When he’s going out, he would be lost.

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- I have worked at the Trudovska mine for decades, which is now seized by bandits and from where they are firing us. Then I had the apiary and did not think that the time would come when my land would be under the invader. And I'll be weak sitting in the cellar during the shelling. And I’ll be thinking whether my daughter is alive, because she can’t seat here with me. And now lies in the house.

Another inhabitant of Marinka, Anna, lives on the street further. However, she often comes to the old man, angrily accuses the Ukrainian authorities and special services of inaction.

- I stand for Ukraine. This is my country. But the current authorities are the real separatists. Some shoot us from Donetsk. And others stifle us with prices and their worthlessness from Kyiv. Tell me, why could not the old man be evacuated to some other place? He lives in the hell, on the line of fire. Everything that bypasses our guys falls into the yard of Lukich. Why couldn’t authorities find a place in the neighboring Kurakhovo for those people who voted for the referendum? They also receive money from our government. And many separatists come from Donetsk to Kurakhovo to get social benefits. They openly mock Kyiv. They say that stupid fools rule there. Where are our Security Service and the police? They sit ten kilometers from the front, in comfort and receive money. And nobody wants to work. There are only traitors among them.

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The life of old woman Antonina is also difficult. She is very weak. Barely walks. The mines hit the house of her son. The premises of the latter can’t be repaired. During the bombardment, he was shell-shocked. They live on one grandmother's pension.

- I moved here in the 80s from Kyiv region. I fully support Ukraine. But this countrey does not want to know about me. In 2014, I was wounded during the shelling. Have not received any compensation. The house is almost completely destroyed. During the last attack, I barely managed to escape to the basement. Social services do not come to us. Local authorities say that private sector homes cannot be restored at administration’s expense. The help will be provided only for apartment houses. I feel pain in my heart. How long should I endure this?

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