Lots of charm, few specifics: How world reacts to meeting between Trump and Kim

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The historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took place in Singapore. Now the world is trying to understand how to react to this all
21:37, 13 June 2018

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The media, politicians, experts, diplomats - all are still discussing the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, which was held in Singapore.

At the meeting, a document was signed, immediately described by the US president as "very important and sufficiently comprehensive."

"We decided to leave the past behind, the world will see major changes," Kim Jong-un said after the meeting.

At the same time, both Kim and Trump stressed the friendly nature of the meeting several times.

"We have learned a lot about each other and about our countries, all our relations with North Korea and the Korean Peninsula will now be completely different," Trump said.

The US president also called Kim "a very talented person who loves his country."

The meeting is already over. Now let's see how the world appreciated what happened in Singapore.

"The abyss of charm and not a word about progress"

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So initially characterized the meeting Reuters agency. In fact, there was indeed enough charm.

Trump tried to joke with photographers. Although Kim, judging by the expression on his face, didn’t appreciate Trump's joke.

In general, Reuters spoke about the final document. Which, in the opinion of many people, was not concrete.

For example, Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Busan University, is not impressed by the uncertainty and limited coverage of the agreement.

"It's depressing ...", Kelly wrote on Twitter.

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Journalist of the Guardian Julian Borger writes that the statements "have been vaguely formulated and do not constitute progress with regard to similar agreements between countries over the past decades."

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Beatrice Fihn, the head of the Nobel Group on Disarmament, notes the absence of an agreement on nuclear disarmament.

"It all looks more like a big welcoming party to the nuclear armed club," she wrote.

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Something from the party in this meeting really had some features of a party. For example, the moment when the participants started to talk, went out for a walk and Trump decided to show Kim his armored car.

The media are trying to cover literally all aspects of the meeting.

For example, the menu. The BBC writes that the menu "had many words that Trump probably did not know." There are examples of Daegu yorim - stewed cod with radish and Oisjon - Korean stuffed cucumber.

In addition, the names of Kerabu - a salad containing lime juice, sugar and chili, as well as fried rice Yangzhou were heard.

Other media drew attention to the body language of the two leaders.

So, The Straits Times cited several psychologists and body language experts.

"The first movements of the two leaders in relation to each other projected confidence, although there were also signs of a subtle energy game," they wrote in the publication.

Psychologist Praveen Nair in the comments to the publication drew attention to the fact that, despite the difference in height of about 20 cm between Trump and Kim, this difference was not noticeable in the photo.

In his opinion, this could mean that Kim was shod in the height-increasing shoes.

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In the comments, experts noted that the handshake was stable, "signaling on trust, professionalism and self-confidence."

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Although Trump tried not to be hostile to Kim, for example, The Telegraph noted that "Trump threats against Kim Jong-un has shown that this is the real way to achieve nuclear disarmament".

The absence of visible hostility is one of the main signs of the meeting that ended. As a result, in the ABC comment, Trump said of Kim:

"He trusts me, I trust him."

Further events will show how big this confidence is. Despite all apparent friendliness, Trump still retained sanctions against the DPRK.


Fake Kim Jong-un on the streets of Singapore on the eve of the summit. Many people reacted very emotionally.

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