Living on a powder keg: Do Europeans feel safe?

Author : Daria Vakhovska

If you feel fear and danger, it is necessary to defend yourself and not show your feelings, because it is the main task of the terrorists - to frighten and subjugate the entire civilized world. Many Europeans believe this, continuing their regular life even after a series of bloody terrorist attacks
22:55, 10 August 2016

Despite increased security measures, a series of terrorist attacks in Europe continues. They hadn’t enough time to recover from the terrorist attack in Nice, as a week later the terrorist opened fire in shopping center in Munich, a week later - another terrorist attack, and again in France. And that's just from the recent events. The cynicism and frequency of attacks is alarming usually calm Europeans.

Leisure has not been canceled

Europe isn’t a safe place. Such a conclusion following the news release can make every tourist who was planning a long-awaited vacation or business trip to any European city. Nevertheless, no one has canceled holidays in Europe. For example, on 21 July in Brussels, which has already suffered a terrible terrorist attack, was successfully celebrated the National Day of Belgium, and the city was attended by tourists from different countries.

In small cities of Belgium it seemed like there were even more tourists, than in capital. "We were all frightened here when heard about the terrorist attack at the airport" – shares her emotions Mariyana from Ukraine, who lives in Belgium. - "But in the small towns it’s always safer, it's probably not as significant to organize attacks here. So there are always lots of people in our town.”

And there’s no lack of tourists in Paris: on weekdays the city is full of tourists, the traffic is complicated by traffic jams, and queue to the Louvre is still very long. The only thing that catches the eye - unprecedented security measures in the European capitals. Public places, which often become the popular places for terrorist attacks, are strongly guarded by the patrol police. At railway stations, airports, museums, each visitor shows his luggage, each person is being carefully inspected.

However, no matter how carefully the law enforcers provide security, Europe does not become less serene. On the contrary, the degree of danger only increases.


"No one can scare French people"

Whatever it was, the people of Belgium and France, who had survived more than one terrorist attack, continue their usual life, which includes trips to the neighboring countries and visiting social events. "After the terrorist attacks in 2015 the youth continued their usual lifestyle, although at first we felt ourselves under the gun", - says a resident of France Camille Sierra. She confirmed that after the terrorist attack in Nice, many people really were afraid to attend public events. But it’s wrong to blame them for this, she believes.

"But I do not think you can stop Frenchmen if they want to take to the streets when needed. It's in their blood. The only thing that would be necessary to be afraid of - it's the pressure of situation that may be provoked by the media and the government "- sums up Camille. Frenchman Jean Vincent shares the view of Camille that it’s really not safe on the streets, but this doesn’t mean you should hide and adjust your life to the desire of terrorists. "I do not feel safe after all these attacks, such tragedies may occur at any time, in any place, but, nevertheless, I attend public events and will continue to do so because the terrorists  want to feel our fear. But they won’t get it. "

Speaking about the French government's reaction to what happened in Nice and earlier in Paris, Jean notes that the public statements of top officials - it's certainly the good things, but the further policy of France does not promote peace and, consequently, elimination of the causes of these mass attacks. "The government, of course, is afraid of what is happening now, and it states that is doing its best to reduce the violence. We have declared a state of emergency for 9 months. And they also announced increasing the attacks in Syria and Iraq. I believe that this is not the best way to solve the problem. France and other countries are not at war against a particular country, they just do not agree with this ideology. And the increase in the attacks will only increase violence. Nobody is born a terrorist, there people have become terrorists. "


Having police but not the guarantees

Brussels, as well as Paris, is also trying to ensure the safety on the streets and public places for tourists and residents. A crowd of 20 people in hijabs arranges a mini-rally near the monument of Queen Elizabeth near the central square of Brussels. Here they brought photos of compatriots and posters calling to stop destroying the Islamists.

A few meters from a mini-rally is patrol car. Policemen are closely watching what is happening. They are not trying to approach to the protesters or to find out the purpose of the meeting. "Not allowed" - briefly respond the police. Provocation does not occur, the rally ends. In the morning there are no posters, no photos at the monument, as if nothing was going on yesterday.

Airport "Zaventem" - the victim of terrorist attack in March 2016, continues to be the main airport of the capital on a daily basis and takes a huge number of passengers. At the entrance situated the promised items of luggage control, which often create huge queues. Armed policemen stroll along the gates; it seems like everything can attract their attention: from quickly running man to loud sound of something falling on the floor. When a large and noisy group of people with backpacks or packages appears, patrol around the group insensibly increases six times. And just quietly disappears after the people disperse.

The airport employee confirms that the security here reaches the highest level. But no one still can guarantee that 100% there won’t be other attempts, threats, and provocations in public places.

There’s no safe place "with guarantees" in the world today. Europe cannot be considered the most dangerous area when within the same continent can occur the escalation of the conflict both in countries that only yesterday were peaceful, and in areas where such conflicts last for decades. But we can learn from the French people. If you feel fear and danger, you need to defend yourself and in any case do not show it, because it is the main task of the terrorists - to scare and subjugate the entire civilized world.

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