Life in Donbas: Drug addiction and alcoholism spreads among low-ranking militants

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In one town, disgruntled fishermen tried to drown a seperatist with their nets
10:36, 12 May 2016


Main Intelligence Department of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense is preparing daily reports from the zone of anti-terrorist operation, which are not inferior to action-packed novels. We have tried to recreate the picture of what is happening in Donbas over the past month according to Intelligence reports.

These times are not the best ones for the militants (majority of them are Russian military personnel), apparently, they are massively deserting and drinking. To avoid this, the psychologists are sent to help them.

Intelligence reports that drunkenness and drug addiction lead to non-combat losses. Militants break technique in an accident and injure themselves with weapons. The Russian military pointedly were drinking alcohol in order to return to Russia.

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"In order to speed up the consideration of dismissal reports and further return to Russia, Russian soldiers have resorted to demonstrative abuse of alcohol, while being on duty with a gun."

This behavior comes up against resistance of local residents. From time to time, they rebel and fight against the militants.

For example, citizens of occupied Sverdlovsk have beaten the militants, who, "was in a state of intoxication, attempted to inflict fire towards heavily populated areas of the city in honor of May Day."

In Novoazovsk, disgruntled fishermen rolled up separatist with their nets and tried to drown them.

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Two militatants of mortar platoon (Novoazovsk), "following the instructions of Regiment Commander Dmitry Bondarev on the extending the Easter menu, shelled a private pond with mortars in order to catch the fish." In response, local angry fishermen Novoazovsk" rolled up the Russian military marauders in fishing nets and tried to drown them."

In Kominternovo people protested against the impunity of gunmen, who broke the arm of a local teacher, when she tried to stop them stealing her property.

On the territory Perevalsk gymnasium №1 Russian-backed militants equipped a warehouse for tanks, armored combat vehicles, ammunition. At the same time, the learning process continues in one of the school buildings.

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According to the General Director for Intelligence Vadim Skibitsky, some of the militants were serving time in prison, and some of them are mentally unbalanced. One of such people is the commander of 7th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade Alexander Bushuyev. He makes the personnel wear gas masks on the parade ground at night and sing Russian anthem.

HIV/AIDS spreads in the ranks of militants. In April, three cases were diagnosed.

Also, militants cut factory equipment. The equipment of Alchevsk metallurgical plant is exported to Russia, as well as equipment of former Nikitovsky mercury plant.

"If the pumping water on the specified objects stops, the aqueduct "Seversky Donets – Donbas," may collapse. It in turn, will stop the drinking water supply to most of the Donetsk region. The water would be contaminated with mercury."

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Besides looting and drinking, the rebels periodically conduct exercises.

May 6, in the area of ​​Sedovo they trained to land on unequipped coast. There were 20 troops and four ships of the so-called "Azov flotilla": 7 dhows and boats, taken from the local residents and equipped with 12.7-mm machine guns and 82-mm mortars.

Near Dzhankoy aerodrome, militants trained to capture the most important military/civilian targets in the south of Ukraine.

Every day the trains with equipment and fuel are arriving to Donbas, it is constantly mentioned in the reports. The technique is moved in Khartsyzsk, Krasnodon, Rovenki, Debaltsevo. Tanks, artillery systems with caliber over 100 mm and 122-mm ("Grad" system) were noticed near Zaytsevo, Horlivka, Stakhanov, Yasynuvata, and Donetsk.

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