Lethal photo: Ukrainians joined the list of selfie-killers

Author : Arthur Rodivilov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Selfiemania continues to progress throughout the world, with the number of accidents and deaths happened while trying to make an interesting photo
16:30, 5 October 2015

The word "selfie", which has received the formal approval of the Oxford Dictionary in 2013, quickly penetrated into our daily lives. However, in the pursuit of an interesting perspective and likes in social networks, photographers continue to forget the danger that lies behind the spectacular scenery and tries to become popular on the Internet.

According to the Mashable, drawn up on the basis of reports of major news agencies, only in 2015 12 people became victims of selfies around the world, while only eight deaths were caused by shark attacks. According to other sources, 50 people died because of selfies.


Ukraine is not an exception to this epidemic, only in September 4 people died here when trying to make a selfie, several Ukrainians were seriously injured.

In May, in the village of Lviv region, 13-year-old schoolgirl climbed onto the roof of the train and asked girlfriends to take pictures of her. Instead of beautiful shots the girl received a powerful electric shock. The child suffered burns of I-II degree for 70% of her body.

According to statistics, most often death in attempts to take a bright picture occurs as a result of falling from a variety of high buildings. One such incident occurred in Kyiv.

21-year-old boy fell from the window of the fourth floor after an unsuccessful attempt to make a selfie. According to doctors, the young man was drunk, in result of which he misstepped and fell out the window. Selfiest got closed craniocerebral injury, contusion of the left tibia, closed injury to his right ankle, and numerous abrasions on the face.

Photo at the cost of life ruined a young man in the Carpathian Mountains. In Yaremche, 20-year-old Oleksandr was killed. Trying to make a selfie against the backdrop of rapid falls, the guy could not resist and fell into the water. The body of the deceased was found only in a day. Locals say it's no wonder - where the water falls from the rocks, very deep hole and powerful whirlpools appears.

A couple of years ago with beginning of September, we were able to observe a huge number of pictures on the background of the autumn landscape in the social networks . This year, some Ukrainians have decided to depart from tradition and make extreme photos instead of usual autumn leaves.

In Kyiv region, 18-year-old boy received a fatal electric shock, trying to make the selfie upon a tank wagon. The tragedy occurred on September 13 at the territory of  Pereyaslavska railway station.

It turned out that the boy was resting with his close friend and decided to take a picture on the train. When he climbed to roof of the tank-wagon, he was fatally electrocuted.

In Kyiv, two boys died in one day from an electric shock while trying to make a selfie on the trains.  September 19, 24 year-old resident of the capital city climbed onto the roof of electric train at  a railway station. But he did not have time to take a picture, because touching the wires of high voltage, he received a powerful discharge.

On the same day at another railway station, 18-year-old resident of Kyiv rose to train tank to make a selfie. The boy died on the spot from electric shock.

September 27, desire to make a selfie ended tragically for a 12-year old boy  - he was struck by an electric train. A child with 95% of skin burned died in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

As Pivenno-Zakhidna Railway reports, from the beginning of this year, 29 people were injured because of electrocution, among them - nine deaths (six deaths occurred in the Kyiv region). Almost all of them suffered when trying to make a selfie. Those who survived, as the Railway's press service noted , informed later that they wanted to take a picture to show it to friends; and others - that they seeked for adrenaline.

In a series of accidents related to the hunt for interesting shots, we can recall the death of Viktor Yanukovych, the younger son of late president of Ukraine.

Yanukovych took part in sporting activities on the Baikal Lake when the minibus Volkswagen, with 5 more passengers, fell through the ice.

According to official information, in violation of the prohibition they left on the ice to take some pictures. As result, car fell into a crevasse whose depth is over 20 meters.

As psychologist Andriy Chumak explains, fashion for selfies, mainly among the younger generation, it is not only a way of expression. Some of them risk their lives for a spectacular shot, want to climb the social elevator in this way , get not only a lot of social networks and likes to praise the responses, but also to gain in popularity, which may be a consequence of a stable income on the Internet or on television.

The fashion for extreme selfies did not spare Russia too, and the extent of the problem appeared to be so great that the Interior Ministry even issued a special reminder on this subject this year .

This memo, first of all, to take note of potential parents of selfie-killers, who worry about their children. Judging from that, what the scope of deadly self gets in Ukraine, it is possible that such a reminder of safe selfies will soon appear in our country, says the psychologist.

In the meantime, the world has received a modified selfie-stick. Recently, the American brand cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch introduced selfie-spoon - selfie stick with a spoon on one end and a mount for a gadget on another.

The makers claim that the device is necessary to solve the thrilling problem met by residents of the most developed countries - inability to choose between food and photography. Perhaps selfie-spoon is a good alternative choice between a spectacular shot and its own life.

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