Lessons of Brussels: how to prevent new attacks

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The attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2016 demonstrated serious security flaws in Europe
15:40, 24 March 2016


The attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2016 demonstrated security flaws in Europe. Despite the fact that the EU police office (Europol) warned about the likelihood of new attacks, security forces were not ready to confront the threat. According to the department, the Paris attacks (November 13, 2015) showed a shift in the activities of ISIS, that acquired an international dimension, and aimed at carrying out attacks in the style of Special Forces in the international sphere.

"Europe has faced with the most serious terrorist threat in the past 10 years," states Europol.

The detention is the organizer of the terrorist attacks in Paris on March 18 was called "a success in the fight against terrorism", but the events that took place 4 days later showed Europe's vulnerability to such attacks.

Security measures in Europe

Immediately after the explosions at the airport and the subway of Brussels, which took lives of three dozen people, European countries stepped up security measures.

France has decided to involve 1,600 additional police officers to strengthen security on its borders and in public transport.

Dutch security officials serving at the borders and areas of high risk, have got the heavy weapons. We are talking about those who guard the ministries, parliament and Jewish institutions, as well as border crossings and key transit points.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière called on European security services to establish a more efficient data exchange. According to him, after the attacks on Brussels, "the security situation, the situation on terror forced to take into account data protection arguments."

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Ukraine has also responded to the attack in Brussels, strengthened control over the border, the security measures in the capital's subway, as well as in Kyiv and Lviv airports.

Passengers under the hood?

In connection with the terrorist attacks, the issue of passenger's names record became actual. EU Home Affairs Council agreed on the relevant directive the European Parliament but so far has not voted for it in December last year.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called to consider and adopt the act in April.

PNR system helps to centralize personal information about passengers. The project of the European Commission provides that the airline will transmit 19 different data on each passenger flight outside Europe (from one third of the EU countries and vice versa): ID number, phone number, email, ticket number, location, etc. The systematic recording of such data, according to supporters of the project, will help to monitor the movements of suspected terrorists. Opponents of the idea say that the real terrorists usually avoid traveling by planes and travel under fictitious names. Those who committed the murder, in particular in Paris, came to Europe by land, by way of migrants.

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The European Commission also wondered about the possibility of checking all passengers at airports. "That makes sense, because all passengers can be checked before the entrance to the terminal," said the source. This practice has been used successfully in a Russian airport "Domodedovo" after the terrorist attack in 2011, and it had a positive impact on safety.

CNN called the Israeli security at airports "gold standard". Except numerous control procedures, which passengers cannot see, there is a security check on the highway to the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport. In addition, passengers are checked in front of the terminal, and then inspect before the flight, as it is common in airports around the world.

March 24, in Brussels, the Council of Justice Ministers and the security of the European Union to gather in connection with the terrorist attacks in the capital of Belgium.

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