Kyiv - most dangerous capital in Europe. Is it true?

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Mercer reviewed 450 cities, and the list of 12 most dangerous capitals in Europe also includes Paris, London, Riga, Madrid and Rome
21:05, 28 December 2016

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Kyiv topped the list of Europe's most dangerous capitals according to Mercer index. This title the capital of Ukraine received due to confrontation with Russia, an abundance of theft, vandalism and endless actions of protest, writes Business Insider.

Quality of Life Index of Mercer, an international consulting company, is based on the personal safety indicators. The ranking was made to inform the international corporations on risk level for their employees. Relations with other countries, internal stability, crime rates and quality of work of law enforcement agencies are the subjects to accounting.

At first glance it seems that Kyiv absolutely deserved the leader’s title in this list. Our relations with other countries are bad, and note the war with Russia. Our country has no internal stability, our economic and political situation leaves far from satisfactory. As for crime rate - during the year number of crimes in Kyiv increased by 52% (data for October 2016 - Ed.). As for quality of work of law enforcement bodies - the police is in process of reforming, and we should thank them for all their work despite the staff shortages.

Indeed, if at the beginning of 2016 there was a sharp increase in car thefts and thefts from cars, near the end of the year we are witnessing rampant street crimes and robberies in Kyiv. At the same time, often with the use of firearms. And often money changers and people who intend to make a major purchase become the victims of crimes. Stolen bag with fabulous sums of cash right in the street – it’s not the hot news for us now. Stolen one or two million UAH. And so literal every week. And brawls in the street with gunfire or grenades - have become a kind of "rules".

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But this is only at first glance; on closer inspection you can see positive trends. Of course, the issue of relations with Russia is in a slightly different area, and, unfortunately, we should not wait for a speedy end of the conflict. And now not only the mayor, the head of the Kyiv police Kryschenko, but also the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman are concerned about the issue of Kyivans’ security.

In late autumn Groysman criticized the work of the capital’s police chief: "The number of announcements of suspicion – here is the question I must ask. You have a drop of nearly 20%. And at the same time the weight of solved crimes - is 12% of the amount of committed. I believe that this is a serious problem that requires immediate analysis and taking measures ", said Groysman.

"I understand that there is a serious influx of criminal elements to Ukrainian capital. Identify what kind of support you need ", added prime minister. Groysman has promised to provide criminal investigation with all the necessary and raise wages. Salaries were really raised. Now investigators and detectives receive 10 thousand UAH, instead of 4 thousand.

Carrot and stick have done their job and by the assurance of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the trend of the mad growth of criminality was broken: "It seems that we are able to reverse the trend, and the effectiveness of actions of National Police has acquired a strong tendency to increase. The statistics on prevention and solving of crimes last month is encouraging, "- wrote Avakov on his page on Facebook.

Kyiv National police agreed with Avakov, that they have some good results, "namely - the slowdown of criminal activities rate. In 2015, the growth rate of criminality in Kyiv was 200%, and now - only 15%". It is indeed reassuring...

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And of course the open recruitments of police officers will eventually improve the situation. In 2016, the moratorium on recruitment of civilian persons to the police was lifted, and since then additional recruitments to the patrol police have taken place several times.

At the same time, living in the capital, we can say - the city lives a full life. People walk on Christmas fairs; visit numerous cafes, restaurants, exhibitions. And the inhabitants of the capital are more interested in the question of architectural compliance of the new theater at Andriivsky Uzviz. And Kyiv has all the chances to leave its championship in the ranking next year, but with best of circumstances.

Instead of an epilogue. In total, Mercer reviewed 450 cities, and the list of 12 most dangerous capitals in Europe also includes Paris, London, Riga, Madrid and Rome.

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